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Mega Man 9 Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

The Blue Bomber is back - but has this trip down memory lane been worth the wait?

There's no denying that the NES Mega Man series was a huge hit for Capcom during the 8-bit era. The games enjoyed mammoth success for Capcom and probably single-handedly sold many an NES console in the process. Although the series and its spinoffs have continued to prosper over the years, many Mega Man faithful still consider the original 8-bit releases the best the series has to offer. Capcom obviously sensed this when they made the decision to develop a brand new Mega Man title and model it so closely after the original NES titles. Not only does Mega Man 9 look, sound, and play just like the original 8-bit offerings, it comes jam-packed with the same controller-tossing difficulty as well.

It goes without saying that anyone who has ever played a Mega Man title before will quickly feel right at home with the gameplay in this offering; the entire package is pretty much a carbon-copy of the 8-bit Mega Man games from start to finish. You're faced with 8 robots that you can randomly choose at the level select screen. You are then required to play through the level until you reach the robot boss at the end. There are generally two checkpoints throughout each level; one at the midpoint and one at the entrance to the robot's lair. Once you defeat the robot boss you are given the robot's main weapon; this makes choosing the order of the levels that you play important as certain weapons will make beating many of the tougher robots more manageable.

You start the game with your standard arm cannon -- the weapon you'll most likely find yourself using most of the time. One button fires the cannon and the other makes Mega Man jump: how high depends on how long you hold the button down. As you gain various special weapons you can access them by selecting them on the game's sub-menu. You'll then see the special weapon's gauge appear next to your life gauge. You can continue to use the special weapons as long as you have energy left in your gauge, but as a rule it's best to save these special weapons for the tougher sections of the game, such as the boss fights at the end of each level. As you defeat enemies they'll drop various power-ups such as energy pods to refill Mega Man's life gauge.

While there are plenty of action sequences that require use of the arm cannon and special weapons, the majority of your time will be spent jumping from platform to platform. Everything from rotating platforms to platforms that disappear and reappear will challenge each and every step you take. Of course you'll have to deal with the constant barrage of enemies and their fire on top of everything else. If this sounds overly difficult, that's because it is. Mega Man 9 is pretty steep as far as challenge goes, going even beyond the high level of difficulty found in the original 8-bit releases, if you can believe such a thing. Having said that, it's worth noting that while there is a high degree of difficulty, it never feels cheap.

The gameplay control is smooth and responsive, providing you with all the tools necessary to play through the game successfully. Of course it takes a lot of repetition during each level in order to do so, as you learn enemy patterns and map out the best route through each screen. The levels might not be terribly long but you certainly won't blow through them in any hurry either, at least not without shedding countless lives in the process. It's worth stating that if you're easily frustrated, Mega Man 9 is not a game you'll want to spend much time with, but those who can appreciate a real challenge will get more than their money's worth.

Mega Man 9 does offer a few new twists not found in the classic titles. The "Time Attack Mode" allows you to play to earn the fastest level time possible and displays your current time in the upper-right corner of the screen. You have access to every special weapon in the game, regardless of whether or not you've earned the weapon during the regular game mode. If you achieve a good enough time your name is added to the rankings, which are tallied via wi-fi for each level. You can choose to view the rankings at any time from the main menu.

The game also features 50 "Challenges" that resemble the achievements found on many Xbox Live Arcade titles. These range from completing the game in a set amount of time to playing through the game multiple times and beyond. Some of these challenges seem readily attainable while others seem downright twisted in their difficulty. These features obviously add some replay value to the game as they give you something to shoot for once you've beaten the regular game. Couple that with the host of bonus downloadable content and you have quite the well-rounded package - not too shabby for a game that only takes up a mere 66 blocks of storage space.

Anyone who's seen screenshots of Mega Man 9 in action knows that Capcom wanted to give it a classic 8-bit look and feel. It's safe to say that they've not only come through with flying colours, but the game could easily pass as an NES release without any trouble whatsoever, right down to the 4:3 aspect ratio. All of the vibrant colours and pixelated sprites that came to be such a huge part of the early Mega Man series are intact and looking as blissfully nostalgic as ever.

As has been mentioned before, Capcom has included something called a "Legacy Mode" that adds a bit of flicker and slowdown to further authenticate the classic look of the game. While it's extremely minor, and certainly not of a scope as that found on the original NES releases, it's still a nice touch nonetheless. As with other Mega Man titles, each level gets its own unique theme that closely resembles that of the robot that inhabits it. While there will inevitably be those who will criticize the game for its dumbed-down visuals and lack of modern visual conveniences, classic Mega Man fans will undoubtedly enjoy the visual trip down memory lane. It's so convincing that if you didn't know better, you'd swear you were playing on an NES system.

In keeping with the 8-bit theme of the presentation, Capcom has also served up an NES-style soundtrack to go along with the visuals. The very same upbeat musical stylings found in the classic Mega Man titles have been faithfully recreated and you won't find a bad tune in the entire game. Each stage features its own unique musical track and most of the tunes are long enough to avoid becoming overly repetitive during repeated trips through each level. Even the sound effects come off like they were taken directly from an NES title. Capcom should really be commended for the job they did in keeping with the classic Mega Man theme both from a visual and musical standpoint.


You have to appreciate what Capcom has pulled off with the release of Mega Man 9. Not many companies would be willing to take a chance on making an 8-bit game in an era where video games tend to look more like motion pictures than the pixelated affairs of the '80s. Sure, the game isn't much to look at and it's still odd to hear the NES-style music blaring through a Dolby Surround Sound system, but when you get right down to it, there's just something incredibly satisfying and unique about playing a completely original 8-bit Mega Man title almost 15 years since the last NES release. About the only thing that might be construed as a negative aspect might be the rather brutal difficulty of the game; this is definitely not a title for the faint of heart. If you're a classic Mega Man fan, then this is without a shadow of a doubt the game you've been waiting all these years for. And for those who never got the chance to experience the outstanding early releases, here's your chance.

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User Comments (164)



Chunky_Droid said:

Sounds absolutely awesome

Is it in actual surround, or comes out like VC NES games through your stereo?

Sorry to the two guys below me! Totally got the first post by accident



Falk_Sturmfels said:

Yeah, first man here - just stupid, as a german I can´t get it yet.

It sounds good, that the game is heavily to beat - I made all 12 Levels from Wild West Guns within 3 hours. This one will be a harder test, I guess. And good to see, that Capcom did their best.

Oh, the other guy was quicker ... nevermind, great game.



Corbs said:

It doesn't sound Pro Logic to me. Sounds about like the other VC games.



Link79 said:

Oh come on. It's not that hard. Your gonna scare people away with all that extremely difficult talk. Ninja Gaiden 1 on NES is harder than this.
I had been practicing with the older Mega man games before I played this one so that might be why I'm so used to it but It's not quite on the same difficulty level as Contra. Mega man games can be difficult but I've never thrown a controller across the room playing one.



Dazza said:

@Link79 - I just played through Mega Man 2 in anticipation of this and it certainly is a lot harder than that. The most important thing is the difficulty never feels unfair, and with practice you can find a route through eventually.

Younger gamers who might be new to the series are going to find this punishing, there is no denying that. This is a old skool run n' gun for those who don't need checkpoints every 2 seconds.

Great review Corbie, you really summed it all up nicely as always. I am pretty hopeless at this so far, but loving it. An essential download in my eyes for everyone.



Corbs said:

I find Contra much easier than Mega Man 9. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that the game had a high degree of difficulty, especially those who were not familiar with the 8-bit Mega Man titles. And since I spend the majority of my free time playing Ikaruga, I know a tough game when I see it.



Twilight_Crow said:

Great review Corbie, very complete , I also gave MM9 a 9/10. This is the retro game I wanted, an instant classic with great music and gameplay, man, as hard as it is, this thing is just so much fun.

Are you kidding? I can finish Ninja Gaiden in about an hour, but I've played this for hours and I still get killed by some traps and bosses, you must be very good, but don't forget the challenges, some of those are hard indeed.



Dbc said:

Yes ..Can't wait for this one anymore now that i've seen the review.
Hope that gradius will be another classic on wiiware ,cause this one is a 8-bit classic in a era of next-gen consoles and computers..
We want more classics on wiiware ..Bring it on!!!



Kirk said:

The one thing this game does prove is the old adage of gameplay over graphics.

I think based on this we may see a lot of games in the future that focus far less on pushing the very boundaries of current graphics technology and instead really focus on creating solid fun gameplay experiences.

Now as long as that doesn't mean we end up getting poo graphics then I'm all for that.

Keep the graphics relevant and up-to-date but also make sure the underlying gameplay is there to match.



Mayhem said:

A review so early? I hope you've completed the game Corbie

But I'm really enjoying it so far, even though the bloody platforms on Tornado Man keep annoying me so. It IS hard, and this coming from someone who's played all six NES Mega Man titles and the SNES Mega Man 7 and the three SNES MMX titles. A lot. It's awakening parts of my skill set and tactics that had become rusty over time, practice makes perfect! I can almost get to the end of the Tornado level now most times. Once I get there, I think I should be able to complete it consistantly...



Supermarioman said:

Great Review as usual Corbie. I knew it wouldn't be a 10. No game will reach that. Did you realize that Nintendo Power has only given out 2 perfects: Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metroid Prime 3. I doubt any wiiware game will get a perfect ever. Hey wiiware-worls and corbie haw would ou feel about letting Corbie have a chance of reviewing it? For some reason I can trust his reviews more then anyone elses. Please crobie your the best reviewier, no offense to anone else...



AlexSays said:

Personally, I'd give it a 10.
I can't see any WiiWare game offering more than this one does.

Hopefully this stays #1 on the Shop Channel for a while.
It might inspire other developers to take the same route.

@ supermarioman- I don't think a game needs to be perfect to be given a 10.
If that was the case, what's the point in having a 1-10 review scale if you'll never use?
And I think Corbie is more active on the site than most reviewers, so he's a little bit more popular.



Chunky_Droid said:

I guess it depends on the individual, I find Mega Man games to be not so difficult, I finished Mega Man 2 overnight when I was 9 years old. Though I played it A LOT as it was rented from the video store! I had trouble finishing Ninja Gaiden 5 months ago and I'm now 25!

Then again, I may have just had better reflexes back then too



AlexSays said:

@ chunky_droid- Mega Man 9 is about ten times harder than Mega Man 2.
After playing this, you won't think you're as good as you claim you are.



Boringman54 said:

Once I get my next paycheck, I'm so getting this. Also, Mega Man 2 and some downloadable content for this!



slangman said:

Fantastic review. I hope i get my Wii back from repairs in time for this. I have never been excited about getting a game since Brawl came out.



Objection said:

Good review. I think it is crucial to note the game's difficulty, as it can be a factor in one's enjoyment of the title. I am undecided about whether or not to get it since difficult games usualy piss me off, but I might just get MM9 with my next card. I'll letcha know if I do



worrybomb said:

It's true. This game isn't for the faint at heart and while to me this game is really pretty, I can understand why people would dismiss its retro graphics. Nevertheless, if you are the slightest video game aficionado that's looking for something different, look no further. It's really a great title not just for retro gamers but for new gamers alike as well. Welcome back Mega!

In other news, whether you think VGChartz.com is a reliable source or not, they are reporting that Mega Man 9 sales reached 60,000 in one day...outselling all but six WiiWare games in lifetime sales. The link can be found below:


How many downloads will Mega Man 9 receive by the end of the week? Will it be more than Capcom's other recent retro game? We'll have to wait and see. =)



blackknight77 said:

Beating Mega Man 2 is not a good gauge of the series. Its the easiest of the Mega Man Series.(but its still challenging)
I know people will not like this comment, but how about adding an easier difficulty mode as DLC. Just a thought as it would still give players the option to select difficulty.



AlexSays said:

@ Tony- I think that's a great idea.
My girlfriend was watching me embarrass myself before she left for school this morning.
It'd be pretty cool if I could download the easy difficulty, and look like I've mastered the game for when she gets back.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Corbie was jocking in the past i never took that comment myself as a serious comment .

Great review & i love reading every bit off it even without ant intention of downloading it .

66 blocks it must be the smalles WiiWare game ever .
Well if a real NES game takes only a few blocks there is no need for a fake NES game to blout out to a few hundred blocks .



thewiirocks said:

9/10? Come on Corbie, you should have just given it a 10. We wouldn't have minded!

One thing I do disagree with is that MM9 looks exactly like an NES game. The developers definitely did a good job of evoking that sense (especially if you leave the flicker and tearing on), but there are several aspects the NES simply wasn't capable of. Two that stand out immediately are the colors and minimal flicker.

The palette on stages like Jewel Man and Plug Man are far too rich in blues and purples to come from the NES's ruddy palette. Similarly, there are areas where the NES would run out of sprites and make characters flicker like mad or become invisible until they move up or down.

These graphics look GREAT and I doubt many players would notice the difference. But the differences are there, so don't expect a cartridge any time soon.

Otherwise an excellent review, as usual!



Terra said:

I was sure this would be a 9. I will get this when released. I want it bad



ReaperJ21 said:

@ tony- I agree wth you, since most of us are starting school, we don't have much free time to play through a VERY hard game, an easier difficultywould be nice, but to be honest, i just wanna download it



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

A definite buy, I was hoping for a 9 too

The game as you describe it sounds real good, a tough challenge is just what I want. Only thing I worry about is that it could be Contra 4 (DS) hard! Contra 4 is a very good game, but unfortunatly too hard for almost everyone. I´ve never cleared the 2:nd level on Normal difficulty. But Mega Man 9 isn´t THAT hard, is it?



Lemmy_the_Koopa said:

WANT! I just played Rockman World / Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge as a kid, lend it from a friend. Found at for 5,00 € at a store (used) and picked it up. I constatly play it during Lunchbreak and managed to arrive at Wily Stage 2...

I guess I just pick up a Wii Points Card today, just to get sure, to have enough Wii Points for this gem to arrive. Guess I will get Protoman, too and spend the last Wii Points (I have some left, I guess...) for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.



CEW said:

Great game!! Got it yesterday. I loved playing Mega Man 1 and 2 back in the day. This game is just awesome. Hard but awesome. Great review. I'm playing all night tonight!!!



Gabbo said:

Here's the thing. If I had reviewed this game, we'd all still be waiting for me to successfully beat even one boss. So Corbie, thanks for throwing yourself on the grenade. In times like these we really need you!



deadly_by_design said:

Concrete Man is the only boss I've managed to beat. Tornado Man's stage was easy enough to finish without one death, but I proceeded to fail in his boss lair. Oh well.

Great game so far. Gloriously difficult, painstakingly thorough in its recreation, and lovingly tuned in 8-bit majesty.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I find this review to be very fair and thorough. I appreciate the lack of "fanboy fervor" that could have accompanied and even coloured the rating. This is really a great game. I've made it as far as one of the last battles with Wily and I've died many many times in getting there. I would however say that the levels do get easier as you find those little methods for exploiting the stages.

I won't ruin for anyone which weapons you should use on which bosses, but I will tell you that they aren't always easy to guess or anticipate. Mega Man 2, this is not. That Concrete Shot is amazing though. You'll use it throughout the game, espeically in Wily's Castle.



Serpent said:

Awesome review, i agree with everything said.

so far i have only beat Concrete man, Hornet man and splash woman in that order.



Drizzt said:

Just kidding .
Great review for a great game.



WiX said:

Awesome! This made me 200% sure of buying this (when before I was "only" 100% sure)! Good review and this sounds so good that I want to play it right now! Sadly, I have to wait three more days... But something good is worth waiting! And when I finally get my hands on Wiimote and the difficultiness of this game... Also, the challenges will keep me with this game for even more time and DLC is totally worth waiting too! Especially Proto Man and the new stage! How is Capcom able to do something like this? They're... awesome!

I really hope that this becomes a new fashion, because something like new old Sonic or Mario would be really cool! Old school rules (But the new one isn't bad either)! Hmm... Is Mega Man 10 possible? Maybe I should first play this one and that probably takes some time



AlexSays said:

I feel sorry for any casual gamers who saw this and thought, "Hm, looks like fun little game."

I've played for an hour and I've only beaten two levels. lol



Wiiloveit said:

I told myself that I wasn't going to check out WWW until Friday because of all of the Mega Man goings on (DAMN YOU AMERICA AND JAPAN), but I finally decided to check you guys out again. Damn my feeble mind.

I no can't wait for the game even more, and have several rifles ready* for if Capcom don't release it this Friday in the UK.

*Police/New Scotland Yard - this was a joke (looks around shiftily)



Corbs said:

As always I appreciate the kind words. I really enjoyed reviewing this game, probably more than any other WiiWare title so far. While it was a difficult game, I found it to be just the nostalgic Mega Man experience I was hoping it would be. I think Mega Man fans, and WiiWare fans in general, are going to enjoy the game and it doesn't surprise me in the least that this game has already broken WiiWare sales records. I'm excited for European gamers to get their hands on it now.



JoshZTP said:

Great review... way better than freaking IGN's!
Maybe somewhere in this WiiWareWorld review you should've mentioned/pointed out that the graphics don't matter and IGN was stupid enough to give it a low score in their review, hahahaha!



Loooca said:

Great review! Though, I still think the graphics are a tad "prettier" than I expected, or how NES-like everyone expected them to be. I really thought everything was going to be bulky and 8-bit; and while they are, I still find it pretty. Even prettier than Mega Man 2.

Glad you mentioned the difficulty. While yes, most claim to be "masters" in the Mega Man saga, this game doesn't really deal with masters. I haven't played a Mega Man game in ages, so I'm all kinds of rusty at the moment. I managed to finish and destroy my first boss on the first night of downloading it — after countless falls, game overs and much grunting. The game depends on a little bit of trial and error, lots of skills and hours of patience.

(I just pity the new gamers, or those that never played a Mega Man game before. They better get ready for a shock! Oh, and those Xbox user who are raving about their rankings list...? What's up with that, people.)

Again, a great ( fanboy-free! ) review and a well deserved score. Kudos!



Drizzt said:

I'm glad it's selling so well. Other game creators were tracking this as well, weren't they? I'm talking about Mr. Igarashi (Castlevania)! I hope to see Sega and Nintendo get in on the action with Sonic 4 and Super Metroid 2.



blackknight77 said:

I actually plan on downloading this after Bomberblast comes out.
I do hope they add a easier difficulty, but that will not deter me from downloading it. I was just thinking since the AC collection allowed for and easier difficulty and remixed music it would make for some cool DLC. Overall great review Corbie



MegaRockman_1990 said:

3 hours 31 minutes and 2 days left for a possible european release i am so hyped up for this game have been a huge megaman fan since the first megaman on nes was released and going back to the roots of megaman doing everything in 8-bit is like a dream coming true for me i know its sounds corny but it is for me Thanks Capcom and the staff especially you Keji Inafune you are the greatest .
I have listened for a long time on the megaman 9 soundtrack now in anticipation for it so i can imagine the stages and enemys in the game its enough for the moment (i don't wont to destroy the expirence by watching a bunch of videos on the web) the music is awesome i actually think its the best soundtrack of the megaman 1-9 games with megaman 2 and 3 on a tied 2nd.
what do you guys/girls in the Us say about the music in the game how would you compare it to other installments of the series?
PS: Great review Corbie



Yeah, I'm hoping for IGA to go through with WiiWare Castlevania, and I wouldn't mind a 2D Metroid on the service either.

But the series that needs it most is Sonic. We really need another good 16-bit Sonic.



Corbs said:

Those are three games I'd love to see on the WiiWare service. You never know now that Mega Man 9 has been so successful. Maybe other developers will get the hint.



DaVeMaN99 said:

Excellent review, and amazing game. I really want nintendo to release mother 3 on wiiware, even if its 2000 points, il still buy it, but thats after they release earthbound.



Objection said:

@Supermarkeyzombie-Hell yes. MML on VC and MML3 on Wiiware!
And I would totally buy a DLC that is an Easy Mode. After buying MM9. Which I DO plan to do. Hope I don't punch a wall or punt-kick my dog in frustration. Just kidding. Or am i?



i_am_error said:

I like this game very much so far, some stages are quite cool - some others I still can't get through. The music is very very good.



Chipmunk777 said:


Try Galaxy Man, he's easy. His stage is also probably the easiest of the 8.

@Objection Blaster

Ooooh! I'm glad you decided to buy it! You won't be disappointed (although you may make a few holes in your TV )

Anyway, great review Corbie! (as always ) This is the best wiiware game yet. Excellently executed by Capcom. Amazingly NESque. The game is definitely hard. It took me about 2 hours of play to beat one boss (because I tried Galaxy Man last )



Clayfrd said:

This game is maddening(ly fun). I love it.

@Dazza - Am I the exception to the rule? I'm a relatively young gamer (15), but I love maddening games! My colleagues, however, in general don't care for the classics to the extent that I do, although few do things to the extent that I do (I have an obsessive personality). Anyway, yay Mega Man 9.



MarkyVigoroth said:

SupermarketZombies-san, I know this is out of topic, yet I always liked you avatar! (What is its origin?)



Final_Starman said:

I was expecting a 10, but 9 is still off the charts. It sounds like a great game, but points come rarely for me and 8 games is enough classic Mega Man for me.



BlueRider said:

This game is so good i can't stop playing it am so addicted to it this was worth my ten bucks of course because am a Megaman die hard fan yes!
= )



Clayfrd said:

@shadows262(#73) - Those games are the two that I'm getting next too. You've got good taste, friend. They came out along with MM9, what a day!



lockelocke said:

Great review!
I was kind of shocked by the difficulty of MM9, I'll totally agree that its more challenging than any of the original 8-bit installments, and I played through them all. 9 is a totally fair score, but I'd just like to add that for any die hard Mega Man fan, this game is a total perfect 10, spend money now!

Oh, and by the way, for anyone who's played through the robot bosses, is there an additional Wiley's lab area?



Mario64DStyle said:

Also.. "now i want to get wario land for wii and kirby super star for DS"

I'm so mad I sold my DS =_=
I sold it over like 2 years ago.. when I felt like it was dying.. but it's been coming out with so many amazing games... almost enough to make me want to buy it again =|



lockelocke said:

Any word on the question marked modes, or are those for the DLC??

Got me there, =P
But there are obvious exceptions, especially with WiiWare



XCWarrior said:

Only getting a 9 because it is so difficult. That means its a sure fire 10/10 from me. Though I'm still on Mega Man 4 in the Mega Man Anv Coll, so it will be awhile before I pick this up. Gotta go in order!



Corbs said:

I never saw any of the original Mega Man titles get a perfect 10 in any magazine back in the day, and since this is basically the same thing for the most part, why should it get a 10?



Corbs said:

I just couldn't see giving out a 10 this early in the game considering we still have a long way to go with the WiiWare service and in all honesty something much better could still come along. It's a bit like the person that brought up the 9 I gave Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. You see what giving that a 9 did. It set a precedent for future reviews and now every 9 I give will be compared back to all the games that received that score before it. Giving Mega Man 9 a perfect score would have done the very same thing. Not to mention the flood of people who would scream that I was crazy for giving a 2008 game that looks, sounds, and plays like a 15 year old NES game a perfect 10. It's lose/lose. I felt like a 9 was the right score and I went with it.



Technics1200s said:

Coming from an '84-born gamer whose childhood revolved around Mega Man, I can say that this game is absolutely flawless!! My generation of gamers will be so pleased with this "new-stalgic" game! In less than 24 hours, this game made the #1 rank for most popular Wii-ware download (I'm hardly surprised). So Capcom, I'm going to ask the million-dollar question: when are we going to see 16-bit SNES style Mega Man X9? I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for that big announcement!!



DjinnFighter said:

is it just me, or the game is kinda easier than the old megaman games ? I beat easily the eight bosses, now it's time for the long and last level. Maybe the difficulty is in that level ?

But the game is awesome ! I love it ! I bought Spore this month, but I prefer Mega Man 9 lol.

PS : Plug Man level is awesome.



blackknight77 said:

Even games that get a 10 are not perfect.
I can't wait for Mega Man 10 and some new robot masters like sawdust man, lemon juice man, the million dollar man, and shag carpet man. That game is gonna rock!



tasthomas said:

I'm a long-time fan of Mega Man. It was my favorite series on the NES. I agree with Corbie on his review 9 out of 10. This is also the score I give to Mega Man 2. I would give the only 10 in the series to Mega Man 3. I felt like that game focused more on "combat" than on "platforming". I loved Mega Man 2 and I LOVE Mega Man 9! Personally, I feel like it had too many tricky platforming areas with instant death possibility (i.e. holes, spikes, or magma) Those of you like this, then this game is a 10 for you. I loved all the giant mini-bosses in three, where shooting them was like hitting the broad side of a barn, but their attacks were powerful. Though a small thing, I prefer having the slide maneuver available; this also added to "combat" of MM3. However, I am glad that they stayed away from the charged shot with the mega buster that was introduced inMM4; I felt that this let you be too powerful without getting any weapons. I also would have like some sort of melee attack (i.e. the top spin from MM3 or charge slide from MM5). Again, if you like all the tricky platforming, then MM9 is a perfect 10. For me it would have been a 10 with more focus on combat, add the slide, and a melee attack.



Marvel_Maniac said:

Again, this debate relates back to my comments on the Metroid review on VC-reviews. If we're going to deal with "retro" reviews for retro games (and lets face it, Mega Man 9 might be new, but it is a retro game) then there should probably be two ratings. 1 official rating that gets published for comparison (and this should probably be consistantly aimed at either casual gamers or hardcore gamers) to other reviews and then a secondary set of comments resulting in a secondary review.

So, for example, one could say that for the casual gamer, one that isn't necessarily dedicated to difficult platforming, or someone who doesn't have any nostalia to bolster their opinion- this review could be give the causal gamer a 8/10.

No worries though, because the hardcore review should then be free to say 10/10 for you platform junkies. I think this style of reviewing is truely necessary. The point of reading a review is to see whether or not one should purchase the game. I mean, that's really the whole point, isn't it? So let's do what we can to make it more clear on what we mean when we give a final numerical rating.

Personally I think this particular review tries to do that, althought the points could have been hammered home a little more. This debate is pretty much unneccessary when you consider that.



Doogle said:

@Marvel_Maniac - Two reviews aimed at different types of readers? What an odd idea, how would anyone know which review applied to them?

I think this review is actually really well balanced and takes both sides of the argument into account. I haven't played MM9 yet, but I now have a clear idea of what to expect.

Some people just strike me as really lazy, they want the rating to tell them EVERYTHING. People need to read the whole review for themselves to decide if the game would suit them or not.

Two reviews and two ratings on the same site? Madness I say!



Objection said:

While I also kinda have the feeling that 10 is practically perfection, it also shouldn't be an unreachable number. What's the point of having a 1-10 scale if you don't use all the numbers? So, if a game comes along that deserves it, that's amazingly fun and bug/problem-free and you couldn't imagine it being any better, that's a 10, even if there are some minor, minor issues. But I agree with MM9's 9 score.



Mario64DStyle said:

Welp. After playing this a little longer.. I have a few questions..

What can easily be accepted at the easiest, and hardest stage (Not the final one, out of the 8 bosses)?
What exactly does sprite flicker do?
Whats is the most fun stage to play?



Corbs said:

The easiest stage is probably Galaxy Man. This is a good place to get your feet wet and get a special weapon. The hardest is debatable, but I found the Hornet Man stage the toughest overall. Jewel Man has a tough challenge, but the robot is a pushover. As for sprite flicker, I didn't find that it changed much at all, but I'm using an LCD HDTV with the component connection. Not sure if that makes any difference or not. Last but not least, the most fun stage to me was Plug Man's stage. I loved it!



Mario64DStyle said:

Haha, I was just playing on Plug man stage..
I got up to where the green blocks kept moving around... and when it tricked me by blocking off one of the paths to jump over.. I gave up on it haha.. for now.
I havn't tried many stages. I just defeated Galaxy man's stage.. and I've only tried Concrete and Plug mans stages.. which are both difficult >_>
I have a feeling im going to be putting a lot of hours into this just to finally complete it



andy836 said:

100 comment i have the game but havent gotten a chance to play it............. stupid school.



Chipmunk777 said:

I agree, Galaxy Man's stage is definitely where you want to start, it's the easiest. I think Tornado Man's stage is hardest. And I agree, I haven't noticed much difference in the sprite flicker mode. And the most fun? I'd have to say Plug Man's as well. I like the look of it, and I'm always a sucker for a good disappearing block puzzle



tasthomas said:

IMO, best music goes to the Jewel Man stage. I doubt that the Crash Man music will ever be beaten.



Mario64DStyle said:

this game is hard.. I got to a part on Plug Man's stage where there is a row of three green blocks that appear.. and if you don't jump up at the exact right time.. you get stuck and fall into the spikes >_<



NESgamer said:

The wait was worth!, this Mega Man has the best level design since MM III it's so fun to play, i've been playing it all day.

It has high difficulty, somewhat like MM I if you prefer.



Yasume said:

A 9 is good, but after hearing that this game will have lots of DLC and 50 great challenges it should have gotten a 10 IMO. I mean compare this to LostWinds....



lockelocke said:

you guys don't see the sprite flicker? It usually happens when Mega Man gets damaged and there are a few other enemies on the screen. It looks dead-on.



Mayhem said:

I found Hornet Man stage a pushover... Tornado Man was infuriating, so I probably vote that as most tricky to get through. It's the most "platformy" of the eight levels for starters. At least the patterns for Plug Man's disappearing blocks were not that hard to figure out. Just got Concrete Man left, figuring out the best tactic for the blimming elephants...

Best music? Hmmm I like Tornado Man as well here.



lockelocke said:

I just got to Dr. Wiley's lab. "IT WAS WILEY ALL ALONG!" hahaha. I can't bring myself to stop playing, this game is too awesome to describe. Hardest level? I definitely wouldn't say Tornado Man, I mean the platforms take a little getting used to, but there isn't even a mini-boss so getting to the half-way point of the level is cake. Hornet Man was tougher for me, though the boss fight wasn't much to write home about, and the level was a bit short; still, that one ate some serious lives. Best music? Galaxy man is great, but wait til you get to the lab, there's some great tunes to be heard.

First elephant is easy, for the 2nd elephant you gotta stand right next to it so the ball bounces over you, for the 3rd you need to get on that middle platform ASAP.

ALSO, does anyone know what the Roll costume does, or how to use it, I spent like all my screws and, well, nothing happened.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Corbie-san:I just couldn't see giving out a 10 this early in the game considering we still have a long way to go with the WiiWare service and in all honesty something much better could still come along. It's a bit like the person that brought up the 9 I gave Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. You see what giving that a 9 did. It set a precedent for future reviews and now every 9 I give will be compared back to all the games that received that score before it. Giving Mega Man 9 a perfect score would have done the very same thing. Not to mention the flood of people who would scream that I was crazy for giving a 2008 game that looks, sounds, and plays like a 15 year old NES game a perfect 10. It's lose/lose. I felt like a 9 was the right score and I went with it.

So, this one gets a 9 because, though this game is really good, Rockman 9 did not truly display the capabilities of WiiWare (as in graphics and music)?
Thankfully, I managed to understand that.



Ricardo91 said:

^I understand that too. I knew this game would score high, but I never thought that it would get a 10. For a game to earn that score it has to fire off on all fronts. Not just gameplay and control, but graphics and sounds as well. And since MM9 has graphics and sound like an NES game, it's not winning any awards in those 2 categories.



Rabspat said:

A lot of people say this game is super hard, but honestly I'd say it's only on par with Mega Man 2. On my third play through, I beat the all the robot masters in only 25 minutes. I could've done it on my second run through, but I was going for the Double Trouble challenge. I can't wait for the extra difficulty settings, so that it really can become the hardest Mega Man game. o:



Bensei said:

I'm glad you changed your avatr back Corbie, it suits you more, or at least I already associate you with Greg



Julius_Belmont said:


People arent used to difficult games anymore they get bombarded with games of lesser quality (not always...) that simply do not have the difficulty that Megaman had back in the days.

I am glad Megaman 9 has the difficulty mostly on par with Megaman 2 so it can atleast provide me with a challenge.



Golgo said:

I'm ashamed to say I've never played a Megaman game. Would the connoisseurs on this site recommend this new one as the best, or should I pop my cherry with 2 instead?



Dazza said:

@Golgo - You will probably find Mega Man 2 a lot easier to pick up so I think it would make a good starting point for you. For 500 points you can't lose.

When you have nailed that, then you will be ready for the ultimate Mega Man 9 challenge!



Golgo said:

Cheers mate, didnt realize mm2 was only 500 points either! Will break my duck at bargain price!



Final_Starman said:

I'm starting to think I should get this game. I mean it is probably the same as all the others, but…
……………………………………………………oh who am I kidding; I want this game!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

This feels just like when I was eleven and borrowed Mega Man 1 from my best friend. I get killed a lot, but it´s so fun I keep trying again and again. I´d almost forgotten how fun good level design can be. There are tons of fresh experiences here. Mega Man 9 is nothing like the tired old sequels, it´s way better. (Right after the original three!)

If you like action games: BUY!
If you like plattformers: BUY!
If you like NES games at all: BUY



worrybomb said:

Okay as much I don't want to admit this, I found one fault with Mega Man 9. You still don't have full control of the Rush Jet. Come on, one of the reasons why I liked Mega Man 3 is because you can fully control the Rush Jet to go anywhere you feel like going. After MM3, Rush Jet was completely downgraded Rush Jet in moving two directions: up and down because wherever you pointed Rush it's going to go that direction only. I was hoping this will be fixed in Mega Man 9 but now I know why it received a score of "9". =P

In all seriousness, I missed fully controlling Rush Jet.



evilralfwiggum said:

Mega Man 9 isn't that hard...you just have to get used to the weapons. :0 I still hate that gamecube controllers don't work...I was going to use my NES controller ;_; I can't wait to play as Protoman. That'll be a little bit more challenging.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Yeah, pity Gamecube ports aren´t supported, I wanted to use my retroport for this too.

Compared to most games in the genre Mega Man 9 is hard, but not to extremes. With ot without weapons you still have to get through maliciously designed levels, but you can buy as many E-tanks you want. Since she shop provides averything from spike-proof boots to an item that makes you take half damage, difficulty can be ajusted.

Hopefully this allows everyone to have fun with MM9.



cr00mz said:

is it possible to get rid of the borders? none of my downloadable games have borders (the look stretched but no borders)



Ricardo91 said:

I'm not sure about diving into this game impromptu (as in, without experience with any of the other Mega Man games.), due to all the talk about it's fiendish difficulty, so I'll go DL MM2 (I'd get the collection, but I haven't had the chance to do so) and play that for a while first.



blackknight77 said:

@ MR. Cheez
The collection has an easier difficulty setting for each game. It basically removes certain enemies. I would easily reccomend the collection. The remixed music is great and you can try Mega Man 3-6 before they hit the VC. I like Mega Man 5



MarkyVigoroth said:

evilralfwiggum-san: "I still hate that gamecube controllers don't work...I was going to use my NES controller ;_;"

Is not using the Wii Remote good enough?



achillem said:

this game is just awesome in so many levels, this is a fine example of a good 2d sidescroller.



Clayfrd said:

@ Mr. Cheez (110) - Yes, but the 8-bit style was the point. The soundtrack is incredibly catchy too. I think the title screen music is great, and so is Tornado Man's stage's music. The fact that Capcom created such a genuine 8-bit experience means they reached their goal with epic success. Plus, there's Proto Man.



Ren said:

I don't get the big deal about scoring 9 or 10 or whatever. It's not the olympics. If you love a game and really feel totally satisfied give it a 10 already. If there are detractions for some reason give the reason. Not giving something a 10 just because there "might be something better coming" or whatever, is just silly. Of course theres always something better, or different rather, but in the moment (or couple days) if a game blows your mind just give a dang 10, it won't hurt anyone. Especially when a rare gem like this comes out now and again it deserves the notoriety of a 10.



Clayfrd said:

@Ren - Agreed

AAGGH! I've attempted to beat Wily about 10 times now to no avail! I finally quit and went back to the store to get 9 E-Tanks and 1 M-Tank and one of those 1/2 damage things. I'll destroy him. HAHAHA! Tomorrow. I'm far to frustrated tonight. I have a short break from escuela, so I can work all Friday to Whomp Wily!


I have a strange glitch to report. After I purchased Proto Man (any DLC would probably work), and I went back to look at the description, once I exited the description the game immediately froze. Could anyone else try this to see if it happens to them?



Villain said:

@leon/zombiekillr5000: That's exactly why you SHOULD get it! Don't think of it as a standard game, think of it as exercise, as practice. It'll make you tough and patient if you let it. This kind of difficulty level is what we '80s gamers were raised on. It's completely true when they say that they don't make them like they used to.



Clayfrd said:

w00t! I beat it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Finally. I used all of my E/M-Tanks plus 1 that I found en route to Wily. I don't care, though! I beat him. Now I have to do it with Proto Man... oh no... (Captain Falcon: YES!)



Cally said:

This game is hard but completely fair. There's a "Mr. Perfect" challenge, which is completed by not taking any damage ever, and just the fact that it's conceivably doable is a testament to the game's superior design. Any jerk can make a "hard" game, but to make one with total justice like this is a rare case and is the reason why it won't be anywhere NEAR as frustrating as many other games that are just as hard.

The only thing I have against it is the lack of pacing. They threw in so many original ideas into this game that I am flat-out amazed, but as a platformer (and not just a "shooter") it should have more "smelling the roses" moments where you're just enjoying the thing--just a few breathers here and there, enjoying the backgrounds and music without another world to conquer at times.

So yeah, this is definitely the most "intense" game in the series. I've played Mega Man 1-8 so many times that I might just be an expert on the genre, but I don't know how anyone who's beaten ANY shooter on the VC would consider it hard. I beat it a few times and got 40% of the challenges without too much trouble (up to 66% now).

Beyond that, the feeling I get with MM9 is this ambition to create an alternate successor to Mega Man 2 in many ways, evolving slightly, but differently, than MM3 did. The weapons are just fantastic this time around, with all of them easily put to good use regularly (unlike many entries in the series). Also, like the first two games, there aren't many easy-going segments--you're faced with a distinct challenge all the time, and the developers were arguably not as concerned with making the challenges of each stage relating to the name of the boss. (Like did anything in Galaxy Man or Tornado Man's stage feel like anything that would make one think of Galaxy's or Tornado's at all, aside from the backgrounds?) That's generally where the fun in lots of platformers are: stages with a theme, and MM9 has the challenges but not the escapism that others in the series and the genre had.

It is tough, but I think that report is incredibly overblown, and ought not be compared to many difficult games that, as aforementioned, are arguably unfair or mindless--the game design knows exactly how it is challenging the player with what. It is obvious the developers were thinking about every challenge, enemy placement, powerup placement, and so on. It's hard for me to compare this to the rest of the series because it's really so different--as an extreme fan of the series, I can feel the difference in times and developers, here, especially with the methodical nature of challenging the player and a quite a bit less player empowerment--playing as Mega Man in this game never really makes you feel like some awesome super-hero like the others, and rather constantly challenges his very limits; very seldom is ANY enemy just something to blast through for fun. On the whole, it's clear that Capcom took this unique effort very seriously with excellent results.




soniczelda_dude said:

Am I the only one who thinks that 1000 points is a rip-off when you can download mega man 1 or 2 for half the price?



Nintendude92 said:

You are indeed. You get a bit more bang for your buck in this one too. Time attack mode/Challenges/Leaderboards.

This one is new compared to the first two as well, so the tag is even more justified.



Ralph_vr said:

No you aren't. I mean you have the few extra features but i didn't get a chance to play the first mega man games. So it actually doesn't matter which 9 bosses i beat with the same graphics.



Clayfrd said:

@Cally- The alternate weapons are definitely used regularly in the game. Something I haven't seen quite as much in the other MM games I've played (1-3). Having beaten 1,2, and 9, I plan to go back to the rest and beat them. There's just nothing I dislike about classic Mega Man.

Has anyone tested the glitch I reported in comment 134?



Paper92 said:

Anybody try out the new new DLC?

I'm still wondering how Fakeman is and how hard Expert mode is, dont have any points to get it though!



Clayfrd said:

@pikmin95 - Thanks for letting me know. Oh, and are you the guy that used to have Olimar picking a blue pikmin as your avatar?

@all- I downloaded Fake Man, but I would also like anyone's input on Hero/Superhero modes.



Wiiloveit said:

Never mind hero mode, I've still only completed Galaxy Man after hours of play. Don't judge me.



soniczelda_dude said:

I said that from a perspective of some one who's never played a mega man title before. From that perspective, Mega Man 1 or 2 is the best bang for your buck because it not only has the great soundtrack and precise gameplay of Mega Man 9, but for someone who doesn't need all the additional content the Nes titles really are the best way to go. After all, isn't Mega Man 2 considered the best game in the series?

By the way, Mega Man 3 came out today in North America, so that serves as a viable alternative to Mega Man 2; all for the same low, low price of 500 points. I'm sure Mega Man 9's still a great game though.

Come on, who doesn't love Mega Man 2?



sicko said:

As a megaman fan, I must say that this one was a perfect back in time. Somebody asked... whats the point of playing a game that looks like a really old one? and say to him "Thats the point".

For me 10/10 (Althought I feel that the end credits where extremely dissapointing, not as good as mm2 and mm3 ends)



CanisWolfred said:

I actually didn't enjoy this game very much, and I'm not sure whether or not this game is too hard, or just plain cheap. personally, I'm going with the latter, because, honestly, this game frustrated me to no end.



RADE said:

either i must suck or everyone is wayyy too good for this.., I don't know about you guys but this game is hard as hell! haha my new years resolution was to beat this before the end of 2009 (gulp) I'll do it!!



kyleglor said:

i was reading comments i read one that said they didnt know what sprite flicker was and it was probally answered all ready but i dont feel like reading all these comments, what it is when you have 2 sprites overlapping ( such as the spinning pipe thingy in tornadomans stage ) were the sprite flashis between the two sprites. i think it was put in to truly capture the 8 bit graphics games like megaman was known for.



NESnes said:

I suppose that the slide and Mega Blast were taken out to increase the challenge, but the loss still baffles me, it is not even optional. Did Mega Man just decrease his abilities for no reason? MM9 is a great game, the difficulty is higher than MM 1-6 and the music, while an improvement from the laid-back nature of MM6, is not quite as 'intense rock' as can be found in MM 1-5. I was disappointed that there was only 1 castle. The graphics are beautiful. While the story was fine, it was overly present. Too many story sequences interrupt the 'choose-a-level-and-start-blasting' feel of the original NES games. Also, isn't the music at the item store ripped straight from the GBC Pokemon Trading Card Game???? One big difference I noticed is that most bosses are designed to make sure you get damaged, while in the originals, the patterns were easier to decipher and avoid. While I can imagine avoiding damage for the whole of the game in Mega Man 5, doing the same in MM9 seems extremely improbable. I was able to beat MM9 in 3 days. This game is almost (and a very close almost) as good as the NES games, with a wee bit more care, the next entry could be just a bit better to equal the originals. Definitely worth the purchase, and I want to see more new 'NES games' on the Wii. Bring on Mega Man 10! (I was wondering if I would see Zero in Mega Man 9, since he is in the 2nd 'Power Battle' game) The inclusion of Proto Man is nice, I always wanted to play a game starring Proto Man (perhaps detailing his solo adventures occurring while Mega Man fights Wily)



NESnes said:

@ 108. lockelocke

The Roll costume makes Roll spin around and appear in a different costume (while you are in the store) the first one has suspenders/buttons (kinda lame if you ask me)

Also Mega Man's hair looks different than the sprite in MM2 doesn't it?



Knux said:

I have bought Mega Man 1,2,3,and 9 on the Wii Shop Channel a few months ago. I have completed MM1 and it was DIFFICULT. I'm playing MM2 now, and so far it seems easier to me (I'm playing on Difficult mode). So,just HOW much harder is MM9 compared to MM1?



Noire said:

Absolutely love this game to death. The retro-ness of it just speaks to my soul, man. And I agree wholeheartedly with Coribe's review; for those of us who love classic Mega Man, this game is ace. I'm going to get all the DLC for this game someday when I have extra points. I only have Proto Man (love Proto), but I want to see the extra stage and try some harder difficulties for no reason other than that they would be insanely difficult. Well, after I beat Wily, that is.



allav866 said:

About the only thing that might be construed as a negative aspect might be the rather brutal difficulty of the game; this is definitely not a title for the faint of heart.
That is no excuse to give MM9 any less than a 10/10.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I've recently been playing Mega Man games in anticipation of Mega Man being in for Smash Bros 4. After playing through and beating MM 1 through 7, I tried 8 was was thoroughly frustrated with it. When I got to the snowboarding section in Wily's Castle, that was the time I decided to give it a rest and just stop playing... I then tried 9, and it is such a breath of fresh air compared to whatever the heck MM8 was. I give this a thumbs up.

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