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The original 2D classic Mega Man returns in Mega Man 9 for WiiWare.

This latest Mega Man title brings the series back to its old school roots with retro action platforming gameplay and classic 8-bit NES-style graphics and sound. Relive the Mega Man experience with classically inspired bosses, each with their own unique weapons and weaknesses.

The story of Mega Man begins in the year 200X, as the advanced science of the era has created industrial robots that co-exist with humans. However, an evil genius, Dr. Wily, plots for world domination and creates his own robot army to take over mankind. Luckily for humanity, Dr. Light outfits one of his domestic robots "Rock" to fight Dr. Wily's creations. Mega Man is born.

Set after the events of Mega Man 8, multiple riots have sprung up all over the world. Whilst many people suspect that this is another plot from Dr. Wily, Dr. Light is stunned to recognize that some of the robots rioting on the TV screen are his own creations. Even more stunning, Dr. Wily appears on television to proclaim that Dr. Light is the evil mastermind behind these latest catastrophic incidents and it's up to Mega Man to clear his creator's name!

There are 8 new Robot Masters for Mega Man to fight: Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, Tornado Man and Splash Woman.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

The Blue Bomber is back - but has this trip down memory lane been worth the wait?

There's no denying that the NES Mega Man series was a huge hit for Capcom during the 8-bit era. The games enjoyed mammoth success for Capcom and probably single-handedly sold many an NES console in the process. Although the series and its spinoffs have...

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User Comments (154)



AlexSays said:

I'm way excited, this has easily become my most anticipated WiiWare title.



andy836 said:

i agree this is going to be the best game on wiiware instant download for me.



Dazza said:

Now this is more like it! Retro remakes are such an awesome idea - how can this fail?



KeeperBvK said:

This games nearly makes me cry!! It's gonna be an instant download even though that means I'll have to say goodbye to my Freeloader and thus to SSBB.



Ness012345 said:

Capcom learned the hard way that the traditional 2D Mega Man games do not adapt well into 3D. And a console downloadable game would have been very iffy if it had indeed been 3D, as their budgets and size limitations are much more strict than a traditional game's release.

Mega Man Legends was the only Mega Man game to function amazingly well in 3D, and Capcom has not been able to re reproduce that. So 2D would be the best bet for Mega Man Classic or X.



CanisWolfred said:

G-D! That looks amazing! I hope this leads to other new Mega Man games, such as a new Legends, or perhaps a retro Mega Man X. That would be totally awesome! Especially Legeds, since, oddly enough, that was the game that got me into Mega Man in the first place! They at least should release Mega Man 64(the N64 Legeds) on the VC. I already have the Aniversary collection, so I don't really care whether the original Mega Man games make it to the VC, plus there are remakes out anyways( that didn't sell well, I could easily find them cheap).

Mega Man X could really go for the retro sequel, now that I think about it. MMX7 was awful, and MMX8 would've made up for it, had it not been for Capcom insisting that 2 levels be in 3D. 2 awful stinking levels...



CanisWolfred said:

Okay I looked at the screenshots now, and I'm trying really hard to fight back tears of joy right now, and it's not working!



Objection said:

OMG. If Megaman 64 went onto VC...f%^$ SMRPG. Maybe even forget Earthbound...well, only for amoment but you get the picture! I think this is a good purchase if it has some difficulty levels or something for wimps like me, and a good price point. I'm just happy to see CAPCOM supporting.



Dbc said:

The day that megaman comes out i probably wont be making beats for my peeps ..at least for a while ....Big up 2 Capcom..
1 luv Cap!! This splif right here ..I'm smoking for Ya'll..
Hssssz..kuch kuch..cap..com..hss..hssz!!



Marvel_Maniac said:

This is a dream come true! I never thought I would be able to play new, old games! If this sells well, we may see more! I don't just mean more Mega Man, I mean possibly more from other companies. How cool would it be to get a Super Mario 4, Contra, Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania, NES style?



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Exactly, Mavel Maniac! Though someone on a different forum corrected me when I wished for SMB4, the japaneese Mario World cover has "Super Mario Bros 4" printed on it.

But still, a Super Mario Bros.5, Castlevania 4 or Kid Icarus 3 would be pretty awesome... Follow Capcoms lead, great softwarecompanies of the NES era! SUNSOFT- RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!



Iggy said:

wow im happy this is happening but i dont
feel like waiting:P i love megaman



bosshog said:

i never played the nes MM games im mainly a fan of X through X4 ..hopefully this will reveal the true storyline between the original megaman and megaman x.



Final_Starman said:

Capcom just digs the quote, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." So a decade from then they release the same game with the same graphics and people will buy it. Well, I think it's time to move on. And for a retro experience, why not get the originals on VC (as soon as they come out in America (which they probably won't, along with all the other games everybody wants (Earthbound, Super Smash Bros., Kirby Super Star...(which they will definitely not release because of the impending DS remake (which is pretty much the same game with some added features (so it will cost more money (when we could just get it for eight bucks))))))).

But I hope they at least update the sound quality (which I am positive they will not (crying face (I forget how to type a crying face.))). The awesome original music was both awesome and awesome! It would have been even more awesome had it had more awesome sound quality.



Link79 said:

All right! I'm gonna party like it's 1987. I feel sorry for the Kiddies who think 8-bit sucks.



CanisWolfred said:


Trust me, Mega Man's been so bad lately that we're just begging to have the Blue Bomber returned to his roots.

I know what you mean though - Nintendo, Square Enix, and others are simply rereleasing remaking their old games instead of releasing them on the Virtual Console, all because they want to make a quick buck, and it's seriously ticking me off! It was okay before VC, but not now!!

I'll still get this though, as I haven't played a good Mega Man game in years(actually, I enjoyed ZX, but it was far too much of a Castlevania game to be honest, and the sequel was just plain bad).



Jolted85 said:

I noticed something in this video, when Mega Man gets hit it has the sound effects from Mega Man 2, also his shooting sounds like Mega Man 2 as well, but this game is gonna be awesome and I'll download this as soon as it gets released, can't wait!



lordsmoke said:

wow, totally badass. I love the 8 bit graphics and sounds, someone has finally heard my cry to release new NES games. I hope that Nintendo realises there is still a market for 8 bit gaming and will use the virtial console to release more New Nes games. Could you Imagine Super Mario, Zelda, Blaster Master, or Metroid given the same treatment. Now youre playing with power. Retro Power.



Steviis_Father said:

Does anyone know if this is an old track with the trailer? Or is this one of the new songs in the game?



Forsooth_and_Pi said:

This is the first WiiWare game I'm actually anticipating before its release. I've only played the original Mega Man titles through the Anniversary Collection, but I've grown to love the series. Personally, I don't see what's wrong with the updated 16 or 32 bit Mega Man sprites, but the mere fact that Capcom is willing to go retro for a completely new game, and not just a rehash, foreshadows future greatness. Long live Mega Man 9!

If only one of Dueling Analog's "Rejected Mega Man Villains" robot masters were included. Then this game would not only be retro, but have insider jokes and references too.



Clayfrd said:

Things like Contra 4, Yoshi's Island DS, and this make me very happy. Bringing back classic 2d games is fantastic.



Matt_Walker said:

Although I have no interest in Mega Man (I always like Metroid better. ) this is a great, fantastic idea on the developer's part. 8-bit graphics and music!? Super cheap to make! 8-bit graphics and Music? Super fun to play, and appeals to all the classic gamers, which, is a majority.

I predict this game will make a super amount of money; much more then was spent to make it.

As for Mega Man... I just never really liked it. Maybe becuase I was traumatized by Mega Man 64; the first title of the series I played.



Modern_Legend said:

LOL dont remind me i had that too lol and metroid ftw no doubt but dang...i dunno bout this im still tied until the review comes out with a hopeful comparison to sum metroid elements to know wat is the advantage of each. And altho is a great idea i still think a lot of games that shud comeout like a good racer, epic adventure, and maybe even a first person shooter wiiware game still needs to come out



TheWiiMan said:

I need this game and the saga will be complete!!! (I have mm anniversary collection )



Saisinkolimonadin said:

1000 points is a lot, but I don't care. I'd buy a second Wii for this game (don't ask me why I should, but if I'd have to, I would).



searchman_exe said:

This game is going to be so cool, i don't care if it's in 8-bit it will be a great game that shows developer's that great graphics aren't the only thing, if game play is solid and its fun, its probably going to be a success.



Will said:

Finaly, FINALY! Something actualy worth downloading comes to wiiware. This idea is so brilliant it cant possibly fail.
Predicting: Most downloaded wiiware game of 2008: megaman9.



stowrag said:

I always dreamed big companies would start putting out retro games on wiiware, but I never thought it would happen. It'd be cool if we got Sonic 4 or a new NES/SNES SMB platformer eventually. Also, will there be 8-bit Bass?



Rockman_90 said:

U.S. have now got a release date for megaman 9 which is september i hope it gets out somewhere around september to in europe capcom is the best they never let me down. keep up the good work capcom



GillianSeed said:

How many blocks will this take up? NES games normally do not take any more than 30 blocks, but since this is a Wi-Ware title, it has me curious?



beastboy11 said:

Cool!!! If I I the old music only listen I find the retro play of Megamen anyhow better fully cool with the old style remain Hopefully it also soon comes to us.



Clayfrd said:

I just beat Mega Man 1, and I'm moving on to Mega Man 2 on the old Anniversary Collection. I'm trying to avoid saving when I can to keep the play as pure as possible... Here's hoping I can beat all of them before MM9 comes to WiiWare! I don't know why everyone hates the disappearing block puzzles. I found them easy, at least in MM1. I hated those platforms that fly and shoot out of the sides (in Iceman's stage and Dr. Wily's Castle). GAH!!! Without the magnet beam, they're highly irritating. They're more irritating to get past only to realize you lack the magnet beam in Wily's Castle. Grrr...



I'm so impatient for this! It'll be here any time now! I feel sad for those poor fools who somehow aren't interested in this, but I've been waiting for a real Mega Man game for far too long to care (aside from the awesome PSP games, of course)...



Alpo said:

It looks like in the video that the game has two people playing the game at one time. Ones a dark color mega man and the other is the orginal color. I might be wrong though



Super_Sonic said:

I really need the game to come out soon! What a great idea Capcom came up with! Nintendo, Konami, and especily Sega should make games go retro too! And to top it off DLC! This is my 3rd most anticapated Wiiware title below Alien Crush Returns and Bomberman Blast. (I'll be getting the Wii version thought.) Lets hope Megaman 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (My most wanted VC title), and 8 (If Sega Saturn becomes one of the Virtual Console console being supported.) come to the Virtual Console too!



mailanbr said:

Probably gonna be 1000 if Nintendo keeps us its usual Wii Ware price. Of course like DYC it was 500, but thats simple, Megaman is very complex, meaning more money. Ahhh... Nintendo and your evil ways.



tantrumario said:

plz plz i hope u can use bass as a character for mega man 9. I'd still want it if it was dowloadable content.



Foamyfan231 said:

ITS SO WONDERFUL T_T!!!! finally capcom will stop abusing Mega Man and finally treat him with respect by making us relive the glory days of NES. I hope they make Mega Man X games too!!!



MegaRockman_1990 said:

I have a theory that maybe megaman 9 will be released septemer 17th in japan and 19th in europe and in 22nd in USA. this is if nintendo want a head start for the rumored release 24 on xbox live arcade. and on one site they could not release the review before 22nd of september so its possible.



Corbs said:

It would be cool if it was a real NES cart. But this would still be a heck of a nice keepsake. I'm playing through all the NES Mega Man games right now in preparation for a possible Mega Man 9 release next Monday.



Terra said:

This will end up as the second legal version of Mega Man i have. I Can't wait for this. Only problem i have is that Capcom are seriously Over-hyping the game and telling us far too much. The only Other game i own is MM1 and when i said legal, i mean not through emulation, which the first 6 are easily found.

I Do try to stay away from Emulation, apart from translated versions of Japan Only Games and i still keep away from those generally, with the exception of Radiant Silvergun.



Wiiloveit said:

As I've never played a MM game before (shoot me if you wish), I must say that I am still really excited for this, here's hoping for a EU release on the 26th!



cr00mz said:

how much memory space will it take up? i assume somewhere between a wiiware game and a snes games? i mean it has that very simple graphics but there are leaderboards (or whatever they mentioned in the ign interview) i cant imagine it begin 250 + block



Adam said:

Any word on if this game will have difficulty options like MM2?

This will be the first WW game I get since Dr. Mario and Lostwinds. Hooray!



Serpent said:

This game is going to be awesome.....there should be more hardcore games like this.



Olimar_91 said:

I caught my first Mega Man experience with Mega Man 2, and now I'm ready for Mega Man 9! =)



AlphaNerd01 said:

I'm sad to say it, but I'm considering downloading this on my 360, since my Wii has such a limited amount of space.



Kevin said:

66 blocks? That's gotta be the smallest wiiware game yet. I can't wait to download this tonight.



Dazza said:

Man is this hard! I just whizzed through Mega Man 2 in training for this, but it is as tough as old boots! I had better keep practising!



cangelo said:

I meant to put this comment here...

I've beaten two levels now...Concrete Man and Galaxy Man....(only two I've tried so far)

It's perfect!!! Feels like the old mega man games...I'm even getting a blister on my thumb just like the old days First game to give me a blister in years!!!

Online 'time attack' record board for each level.
Checklist for completing certain achievements (ie: finish game, beat a level with only mega buster, get through level without being damaged, beat the game with out dying, etc...around 50+ achievements).

Downloadable content on it's way for more challenges.
This game has mega replay all over it. Hopefully I can beat some of the time records, but some are good and I'm getting old

It's better than expected so far, but I've only played two levels and spent about 90 minutes on it. Perfect retro game!



cangelo said:

ADam...it doesn't have difficulty options, BUT there will soon be 'downloadable' content for Hero Mode (which is harder) and SuperHero Mode which is probably near impossible...not to mention other great downloadable content/modes (for a small price)



RadioShadow said:

Mega Man 9 is bloody hard but that's what Retro gaming is all about. ^^

But there a few issues with the WiiWare title (not game play wise):

  • The Gamecube Controller doesn't work despite the fact it mentions it should be compatible in the Wii Channel when you view the details of the game.
  • No widescreen mode. Not too fused as it's nice to play the game in it's original ratio but include an option to have widescreen.
  • WHY THE HECK WAS NO PROPER HD SUPPORT ADDED? I'm fed up having to drag my standard cable out because games don't fit the image in the centre correctly if I use a Component Lead?

Get an update made Capcom! Otherwise, great game!



yoda87960 said:

"WHY THE HECK WAS NO PROPER HD SUPPORT ADDED? I'm fed up having to drag my standard cable out because games don't fit the image in the centre correctly if I use a Component Lead?"

Can't you just change the picture formatting setting to 4:3 on your TV? That's what I always do to play classic games. Or just use the xbox 360, which I'm pretty sure readjusts for wide, at least it did on Symphony of the Night.



juice said:

i just started playing and have already used about every curse word imaginable.......its *%#&ing hard.......or maybe i just suck

but it's fun



cangelo said:

RadioShadow...check the setting on your tv or something...I have HD and use the component cables, and zero problems with 4:3 ration game centering etc...there' probably a setting on your television that isn't setup right.



Drizzt said:

Wow! This game is great! I beat Concrete Man and am now trying to conquer Jewel Man (I just go buy descending order starting from top left ).



cangelo said:

Concrete Man's level and character/weapon "rocks". Galaxy Man's level is awesome (although Galaxy Man is pretty easy). I usually do the descending order from top left, but my 4 year old son wanted me to do Galaxy Man next, so I gave in. I'll try more levels tomorrow.



Luigi said:

Should I get this or Mega Man 2? I know about the difficulty. I just want to know which has the better music, is more playable, and will last longer. Thanks!



AlexSays said:

@ Luigi- I think Mega Man 2 had better music, and was a little easier.
So if you're just getting into the series, Mega Man 2 is a little more user-friendly.

After you conquer that, feel free to tackle Mega Man 9.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I agree. Go for Mega Man 2 first. Its easier (IMO) and the music is STILL the BEST in the whole series.

I will say this for Mega Man 9 though, it does have good music. It has some really fun levels and some very inventive mechanics (just wait until you tackle Wily's first mode).

9 is also noticably harder than any game in the series. I say this not because its harder than Mega Man I, but because it's longer. Mega Man 1's saving grace is that it is mercifully short.

For $10 MM9 is a fantastic buy however. We were paying $60 for these same types of games back in the day, so for anyone who is a fan of platforming, I whole-heartedly recommend this game!



Kirk said:

I think Mega Man actually looked best in Mega Man 7 (he got a bit too skinny in 8).

I would like to see them make a new Mega Man game with the same level of graphics as Mega Man 7.



Objection said:

Next-up- SNES level Megaman revival! Hell yeah! (This is my wish, not an announcement)



Outrunner said:

Does anyone else get an error message when they try to go online to purchase downloadable content in this game?



crashnutter said:

Yeah, so I remember this - being handed my arse on a plate 30 seconds into loading up the game. Now this is more like it!!! None of this namby-pamby walking around on spiked floor. One hit kills is the way foward! Ow. Ow. F***ing hell. Ow. It doesn't half hurt.

I LOVE this game - nice false sense of security... "You've been playing games for the best part of 23 years, this is old skool, you know this like the back of your hand" ... and then... "you really haven't been practicing as much as you should have been have you?"

The music is spot on, takes me right back; controls are nigh on perfect (sometimes seems a bit of a delay, but I think thats the Bluetooth remote, rather than anything to do with the game - maybe my batteries are low - I should check); premise is pretty much where my brain is at right now, IE: run, jump, shoot, die, rinse, repeat

I got the error on the downloadable content page too, but its because the download stuff isn't available yet.

Yay, 1,000 points well spent. I'm living in the 80's again



pikmin95 said:

Are you able to replay a robot master's stage after you beat it? Because that would be awesome.



ICEknight said:

Great game, but it shows some awful scroll tearing when in 16:9 mode.

Nothing that can't be fixed by going to the Wii options and selecting 4:3, but it's still an annoying bug for widescreen users, that should be fixed in an update.

(Note: I don't know if this also happens in the NTSC version)



MegaRockman_1990 said:

I have now cleared 70% of the challenges i am now having problem with the quick draw G challenge has anybody completed galxy man in 10 seconds or less if so how did you do it?



deadly_by_design said:

Gahhh. Wasted an hour trying to finish off Wily. Guess my Wii will sit on the Home Button screen tonight until I can try again.

No idea how to kill Galaxy Man quickly, but he's the best one to fight for 10 minutes.



MegaRockman_1990 said:

I did the maraton fight on splash woman just shotting the lowest of the fishes and run around avoiding the trident laser shots and repeat.



Ptolemy said:

SInce this is a WiiWare game, this doesn't support being suspended, am I right? For instance, I feel that the save stations in Super Metroid are pointless now because I can just suspend the game anywhere. Is this something I can do in MM9? Is there any save at all, or do I have to play through the game in one sitting?



stinssd said:

There is no suspend state in MM9, sadly. There should be, though! I've kept my Wii up with MM9 up for about two weeks now.



Malachi said:

Megaman 9 is so hard. It's typical old-school timing and patterns but it could be more forgiving as that style isn't really that much fun.
For the price it should have had upgraded graphics option (like the flicker option) ans anytime saving. All of the additional Pay and play items should have been included for the 1000pts too.

A bit of a rip off IMHO....



WiiMan192 said:

Well, I'm confused.
I have never played a Mega Man title. Heck, the only hard old-school game I've ever played was on VC (Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts) and I'm only up to level 1! Should I consider downloading this? Help would be appreciated



^ Well, Mega Man is much easier that the Ghouls 'n' Ghosts series. It's also only hard if you're unable to perform fast movements with your fingers, memorize rooms, and assess the best course of action per situation. One play-through of a Mega Man game, and the difficulty pretty much dies. Well, unless you're not really an action gamer and pretty much muscled your way through with some luck.

Of course, it's a damn good game either way, and that's what the bonus stuff is for. I'm hoping that hard mode and super hard mode give me a run for my money (and for $1 each, it's not much money either). Mega Man 9 is not a game to be missed. Gaming has been needing this kick in the ass since at least 2001, which is about when the Game Boy Color died and took 8-bit gaming with it. I also think today's youth and the entire internet (my sworn enemy) have been needing a kick in the ass as well, but for now we have Mega Man 9.



Garrett said:

wow! I downloaded mega man 2 on VC and i SUC^ at it so mega man 9... not at the top of my list...



Cally said:

90% of the challenges!!!!! (still haven't even cleared it 10X tho)

I'm actually going for Mr. Perfect. Gone through three stages so far without taking any damage (hey, at least you can save between the first eight stages). It's actually not as bad as you'd think as soon as you manage to get your first special weapon.

Edit: Got through all eight bosses without taking any damage! Now for Wily's castle O_o



Nath17 said:

Finally, a Wii Ware title that appeals to the hardcore gamer market, not the family friendly, vomit inducing casual gaming market. No doubt that the game's difficulty will cause a backlash because it involves actually playing games like the good old 8 bit era.

Nevertheless, Mega Man 9 is essential. It looks fantastic and makes me realise how ludicrously easy 80% of games released today are. Let's just hope that Nintendo follow Capcom's example and make Super Mario Bros. 4.



Nostalgia4Ever said:

Oh my gawd the soundtrack to this game is amazing. How they do so much with the nes era sounds is mind blowing.



Mange said:

Now is possibly the right time to release the Anniversary Collection in Europe.



Clayfrd said:

@Nath17- It'd be SMB5 (at least in Japan) because SMW was SMB4 in Japan. Still, it's a great idea.

@Cally- My God! You're devoted! I'm proud of my measly 36%! I was thinking of doing your method for Mr. Perfect, but I've got a lot of practicing to do.



Cally said:


Yeah. I'm taking a break after I beat the first eight stages perfectly so I won't make myself nuts. Like the 360's achievements, some of the challenges are cool while others are kinda stupid (beat the game five times in a day?)

I started with Galaxy Man, noticing the different way he looks when he jumps straight up or at you. This is a hard thing to do, but once you get his weapon, go for Jewel Man, who is weak to it and yields that really effective shield that will make the rest of life three times as easy from there on out. (notice Jewel Man mimics you--jumps when you jump, shoots when you shoot, so jump slightly and run under him). I get used to using the weapons a LOT, because they're so effective in this game. Use a file starting with lots of screws so you can get M-Tanks for refilling weapons.

It's hard as rocks but it's doable, thanks to some of the most scientific game design I've ever seen. Worthy challenge, therefore . . . except that you don't get anything for beating the challenges.

Edit: Only TWO challenges to go for me: Mr. Perfect, and beat it 30 times.



MegaRockman_1990 said:

Cally i have a qestion on galaxy man the challenge you have to beat him in 10 seconds or less how did you do it. Beacuse i have gone to wilys stage 4 when i have to fight the bosses again and tried him over and over again but he is never long enough down on the ground so i cannot reach him with concrete shot for to long. was it complete luck that he was at reach long enough or did you do it in another way?



Wiiloveit said:

(Sobs in corner of room, feeling as the the rest of the core gamers have disowned me)

@Cally: Beat Superhero mode yet?



pikmin95 said:

@MegaRockman 1990
I think I might be able to help you out. When Galaxy Man is on the ground, have your back turned to him. For example, if he is looking left, you look left. He will most likely follow you and land on the floor again. Repeat it with the concrete shot and you should beat him in 10 seconds.



Sebb630 said:

I have it since launch, and I'm only at the first Wily's stage...




MegaRockman_1990 said:

By the way i have read from an interview not sure if this is true but there supposed to be a secret in this game that nobody yet have found have anobody on this forum discovered anything special? maybe the black area on the sub screen is supposed to be some special weapon?



RoyOfTheRovers said:

Being a bit of a Sega boy in my youth, I have never played a Mega Man game - do you get lives/continues or just as many cracks as you need?

If I complete one of the stages and then snuff it on the next, do I have to go back and beat the previous stage again?

Thanks - will be downloading either MM2 or MM9 this evening, probably go for 2 as it is cheaper, although the time attack leaderboards of 9 do appeal!



Bass_X0 said:

Never heard of the Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Sega Boy? The first three NES Megaman games with better graphics and sound on the Genesis.



RoyOfTheRovers said:

I spent my console time with Sonic and Alex Kidd so Mega Man never got a look in.

Any comments on my other queries? Thanks.



Cally said:

Yes, continues are unlimited. You just have to start from the beginning of a stage (not a checkpoint). Mega Man is just awesome like that.



RoyOfTheRovers said:

Thanks Cally, haven't got round to getting this yet, think I will porbably start with Mega Man 2 to break me in gently!



megaman-sam said:

I've had this game since the day It was released, but I have only done Galaxy Man, I seriously can't do any other levels!!!



Fanaticit said:

I love this game and all before, just wish they would bring out all of them, not just 1,2,3, and 9.
@SamuraiBlitz yes there is, only you might get confused with the standard abilities that he does or does not have if you play it in the wrong order.



kyleglor said:

i was reading comments i read one that said they didnt know what sprite flicker was and it was probally answered all ready but i dont feel like reading all these comments, what it is when you have 2 sprites overlapping ( such as the spinning pipe thingy in tornadomans stage ) were the sprite flashis between the two sprites. i think it was put in to truly capture the 8 bit graphics games like megaman was known for.



IAmNotWill said:

I might get this, but why is it that the other mega man VC games are
500pts and this 1000pts? :I



Bland_Boy said:

quotes Who Knew, because they want to steal more of our hard-paid-for points.
Mega Man 9 is only worth as much as 1/2, but they make us pay twice as much...
Can it really be THAT expensive or hard to make an 8-bit NES game in this day and age.



Cally said:

There are sure to be a ton of people way ahead of me by now. I've made it as far as the first two Wily stages, and nailed methods for easily not taking a single hit. And about half way through the third stage. At that point it's still doable but . . . GAH! It's just a matter of time, that scarce commodity.



TKOWL said:

Make sure you have some Wii Remotes with Jackets on them when you play this, because they will go through you wall when you play this. Still a great game.



Slionr said:

I gotta say, every level in megaman 9 was not any hard, except for wilys castle. This level is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy hard.... I dislike the checkpoint-system in some areas and it is one loooong level (whith no save-spots) and on top of that: the last boss is ......a monster :S
I love this game... but it might be the hardest megaman game I have ever played. I think Ninja Gaiden is easier X)
Oh well... Its not broken hard. Just hard.......and even though i complain, I would not have it any other way...... (well.... maybe a better checkpoint-system or similar (A) )



LuigiandYoshifan said:

This game is brutal in terms of difficulty. It's not just the game that's hard, but the challenges that require lots of practice. Such as beating the game without taking damage. Regardless, this game is fantastic and I would 100% recommend this to anybody who loves Mega Man. Definitely worth the 10 dollars.



HolyBlade said:

8-bit fun in all its heavenly glory.

This is the greatest Mega Man game yet. It manages to be even better than 2 and 3 - to live up to, and actually surpass, the high standards set by such legendary classics is quite the accomplishment. Special mention goes to the (fantastic) music: there is not a single bad or merely average composition here.



BassZX said:

HOLY S$%T!!!! great game!!! i just cant get through the final stage!!! :l

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