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Sun 16th Mar 2008

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Doogle commented on Review: Pop Plus: Solo (DSiWare):

We've been a bit spoilt this week with both Pop Plus and DK Vs Mario 3 coming out at the same time. Both are great but I have found myself playing this the most. It's just such a great chillout game.

Stick on some earphones and you'll appreciate the power of Beat Therapy. Nice review Adam, you took the words out of my mouth.



Doogle commented on Bonsai Barber out in Europe this week:

LOL @ photo #2, either Martin is deceptively tall or he is standing on a box. Perhaps he has a bit of a Napoleon complex?

I have to admit that I am strangely interested in this game. I’ll be sure to pick it up on Friday, it looks like something I can play with my little cousins when they come over. Not a bad thing.



Doogle commented on Review: The Conduit (Wii):

@JRAPOCALYPSE - Your ability to use the English language is extremely weak! Just face it mate, this FPS did not manage to live up to High Voltage’s hype (quelle surprise!). I’ve played it through to completion and it really isn’t a very good example of a FPS. It's not a patch on Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4. It's too easy and the level design isn't amazing either.

Drake knows more about the games industry than you’ve had hot dinners sunshine. I’ve read enough of his reviews to have confidence that he knows what he is talking about. At least he can spell for a start.



Doogle commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@Dazza - Finally, a public statement from the man at Bplus which vindicates Adam's review. Stick that in your pipe Wiiloveit!

@Chicken Brutus - I spoke too soon! Just as soon as one matter is dealt with then the next bit of controversy begins. Bit.Trip Beat has universally good reviews. What arrogance to even utter the name of Bit.Trip in the same sentence as the accursed Bit Boy, let alone suggest that somehow their game took 50x more work to develop. Give me a break!



Doogle commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@AlexSays - My comment "Your opinion is WRONG my friend" was intended to be ironic.

See Wiiloveit's opening gambit #13


Based on the tired old rhetoric that Wiiloveit has been continually spouting on Nintendo Life over this game review, I can only conclude that he does indeed have a strong emotional attachment to Bplus. Perhaps he wasn't breast fed as a baby or something Freudian like that?



Doogle commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@Wiiloveit - Yes I have played all 3 of Bplus' games on WiiWare. Of all of them I liked this one the least. I should have known better, but the sadistic side of my nature compelled me to download Bit Boy so perhaps I could warn others not to bother!

To be honest with you I would have probably only left one comment here and called it a day, but your tirade of Bplus fanboyism has really annoyed me. You are not doing your friends at Bplus any favours at all.

Why don't you just publish your own review and be done with it, rather than continuing to make pathetic attempts to discredit Adam's review and strengthen your own fragile position?

Your opinion is WRONG my friend. If you carry this on then you are just going to make yourself and Bplus look even more silly than you already do.



Doogle commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):


Bit Boy!! is simply a bad game. It has terrible level design (the mazes have all sorts of dead ends, which leave you no choice but to end up trapping yourself in with an enemy and using up one of your attacks)

Had so much potential, but this is ultimately a waste of Points. There are countless better games out there.


  • Nice idea in theory


  • Terrible level design
  • Rubbish AI
  • Ugly sound, even in "128-bit"
  • Awful execution of "evolution"

I think I like ONM's review even better than Nintendo Life's on this occasion! LOL



Doogle commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

@Wiiloveit I've only seen two reviews for this game. This one, and the Wii's World one (which I am choosing to ignore, since they clearly stated the developers were being lazy with the design style

How convenient! I think people owe it to themselves to give it a read myself. They touch on the same point that Adam makes in his review:

Most of the mazes are thoughtlessly slapped together and have a lot of long dead-end pathways you will need to take, making run-ins with baddies frustratingly inevitable.

Who cares about a detailed description of every tiny nuance of the game when it is patently obvious that the game is broken after a very short time playing it?



Doogle commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

We should have known that it wouldn’t be long until Wiiloveit appeared to defend this shambling monstrosity of a game. It’s a little hard to take anything you have to say very seriously when Bplus are including your name on the game credits.

You make a lot of assumptions about what the reviewer might not have realised, but is this a game review or an exhaustive list of features which the game contains? The central fact remains, the game contains dead-ends that you have to travel down a lot of the time and you only have a limited number of special weapons to get you out of a tight spot. That does not make for a fun game that any sane person would want to go back to in short bursts for high-scores does it?



Doogle commented on Review: Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (SMS):

A 3/10 seems just about right to me, I remember this monstrosity from when I was a nipper. I inherited my older bros Master System II and this game. It really is a horrible mess to play with terrible collision detection and stupid gameplay where you have to jump over everything. It's so annoying when you just want to bounce on heads Mario style. I'd probably give it a 2/10 myself actually!



Doogle commented on Review: Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (MD):

@That Guy - We must have been playing a different game. This is a utterly dreadful game IMHO. It's neither a good platformer or shoot-em-up. Compared to all the other games in the Wonder Boy series this one is pretty lame, it's so boring to play. Urgh



Doogle commented on Review: Yoshi's Story (N64):

@Jogurt - I dunno, in reading this review I think it's pretty clear the reviewer is not recommending this!

I remember playing it as a kid, it bored me to tears. There is no challenge and the levels just cycle around in a loop. Compared to the sublime Yoshi's Island on the SNES this is a real turd!



Doogle commented on Hudson Interview - Onslaught:

@thewiirocks - It would be naive to think that a site as big as IGN doesn't have a large sway on the number of downloads. This isn't some crap aimed at the causal market like Family Table Tennis, I doubt many will buy this from the exciting title alone. Anyway I am just glad I read the review here before IGN or I would have missed out on this awesome game. It just keeps getting better the more I play it, and I normally don't even like FPS games much.



Doogle commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

IGN are such cockmunchers at times:

Seriously 6/10, that's insane. There is hardly a negative comment about the game on this page, and WWW readers are sometimes the hardest to please of all.

Personally I love this game, it's great fun. I think Mark Bozo over at IGN totally didn't understand that this is a score-based FPS and I don't believe he even tried the online component of the game. Very disappointing!

If I hadn't read Marcel's review first I would have missed out on this gem. Thanks WiiWare World!



Doogle commented on Take Five and Double It!:

@Bass X0 - I suppose even with a factor of 10 there are still gonna be some games with the same score which you don't think are equal if your own eyes. I'd say I agree with the majority of the scores here so I can't complain TBH.

@ness - It seems to me there is now a page to comment on the game and another page to comment on the review verdict separately. Seems sensible to me. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it pal.



Doogle commented on Take Five and Double It!:

Wow great work guys! That must have been a mammoth effort to revaluate all those reviews and come up with appropriate scoring with a scale of 10.

At a first glance it looks like you have done an excellent job. I totally agree with the handful of games you deemed worthy of 10/10.



Doogle commented on Review: Evasive Space (WiiWare):

@ Sean Aaron - I just watched that video link you posted from Joystiq. yeah this does look like a bit of a stinker doesn't it?

This review seems really positive compared the impressions on that video. Man he sounded SO bored. He didn't like it at all did he? lol



Doogle commented on Review: LIT (WiiWare):

A 7/10 seems perfectly reasonable to me, there were enough niggles listed in the review to justify this. It seems to tally with IGN's review also.

I'm looking forward to your next review Scott, guys he's a keeper!

Not that I will ever get to play this game myself. Heck Contra 4 DS isn't even out in Europe yet!



Doogle commented on Animales de la Muerte Officially NOT Coming To...:

Fiddlesticks! Oh well, this one probably wouldn't have seen a release in Europe anyway. There is no way I am paying €60 for it if it does however in disc form. What a joke!

I really think WiiWare should increase the file size limit a bit, maybe once we get a storage solution they will pull their finger out!



Doogle commented on Review: Snowboard Riot (WiiWare):

Hmmm after reading the badly written IGN review I was waiting for the WWW verdict to see if they were off the mark, it seems my worst fears are confirmed. What a shame! I won't be investing in this when it hits Europe later in the month.



Doogle commented on Artex Studios Developing for WiiWare:

OK Jozsef, here are my perceptions. The racing game looks horrible, what is with those nasty graphics? Also the title "Str33t" really is pretty lame, is that supposed to appeal to 11 year olds?

On the other hand the Mahjong game looks pretty neat. It's a niche that no one has covered yet on WiiWare, so why not?



Doogle commented on Bplus Releases Part Two of Exclusive Soundtrack:

Why bother posting then guys!?

I might download this purely because the music was the only good thing in Plattchen. What a stinker of a game.

I'm considerig getting Rock n Ball after the glowing review here, but I am scared after my Plattchen experience. Please someone else assure me that it isnt a big turd!



Doogle commented on Fresh Details About Gravitronix:

I hope all this fine tuning will be worth it. Imagine how depressing it would be if WiiWare World and IGN both gave it a crappy score and it didn't even make the weekly WiiWare top 20 like so many generic puzzlers we have seen. I doubt we'll ever see it in Europe anyway, why do I care?



Doogle commented on Review: Planet Pachinko (WiiWare):

That's ok longtimegayer, mistakes can happen!

Why does it seem that for every 4 or 5 reviews that come out that we have to have this pointless debate about scores and what they mean all over again? My suggestion would be to make the font size on the scoring policy link 100px so no one can miss it.

One of my favourite gaming sites, Eurogamer has a similar scoring policy to WiiWare World:

They would seem to agree that 5 is an average score. IGN calling a 5/10 "meh" is crazy. What does that say about lower scores??!



Doogle commented on Review: Planet Pachinko (WiiWare):

No need for name calling. It's more likely that the rating system guide was overlooked or something to that effect. That doesn't make someone stupid.

I'm not calling anyone names specifically. I do think that someone who cannot crack the enigma code of a 1-10 rating system might be a little dim. It's hardly rocket science is it?

And it's Doogle by the way!



Doogle commented on Review: Planet Pachinko (WiiWare):

Geez, theres a link to the right hand side of the score which says "Read our Scoring Policy". If someone is too stupid to read that for themselves in order to understand what a 5/10 represents then they deserve to be confused. Also if people bothered to actually read the review they would have picked up positive points which would indicate it wasn't terrible too.

I honestly don't get how this site could make this any simpler. Most gaming review sites rate games in the same way don't they? (other than 1up perhaps), why bring the school system or movie reviews into it???! ::