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Mon 21st April, 2008

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Diebythesword commented on Virtual Console Reviews - Best of 2008:

@Corbie - Ibara PCB..nice. I heard the PS2 port wasn't "arcade perfect" but I definitely gotta pick it up :p Yeah I wish the 360 was region free too, too bad these Cave ports aren't on the PS3 as the PS3 is region free. And Dondonpachi rules. Cave rules :p



Diebythesword commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

you live by the die by the sword!

they even did a press release for for samurai showdown 2......i wasnt going to get it anyway, but what a bunch of crap. This week was good to me though, Splatterhouse 2 and Wild West Guns!!!!!!!!!! :p