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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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NESgamer commented on USA VC Update: Mega Man 3:

Megaman 3 makes up for any other week with two "nobody" games we have had...

This game rocks, if you can download it now besides complaining! If you don't dig a VC release like this i really don't know what else could you want.

I don't think Europe/Aus will have to wait that much for the game, i think they will get it in the week or next week.



NESgamer commented on Virtual Console games to be directly downloada...:

@Manicfatty. I forgot to say i agree with you, that's why i mentioned SSBB, like they also used the excuse of "think about the casuals" to don't make leader boards and all that kind of stuff, they instead used a pretty week online which doesn't even keep scores when playing with friends, that was disappointing.

However i understand why Nintendo does this, they may be "like tourists" like you said, but right now the only brand that makes games for them is Nintendo, while the others focus on the core gamers. I understand your disappointment though, i share it at some point with other franchises of Nintendo that got the same treatment.



NESgamer commented on OFLC Update: Mega Man 3:

Haha Megaman soccer was amusing... that is of course if you like soccer and megaman xP.

If Willy Wars comes to the VC i'll get it!, never played it before, just on emulators (cough).



NESgamer commented on OFLC Update: Mega Man 3:

@Surgical Precision. There is no big difference on the emulation of them you only notice if you play BOTH, the only thing which i really find annoying is the inverse buttons, that was a wtf move from them, like what's the point of changing the button configuration that we grow up with!, they added a "rapid fire" however.

I think people exaggerated about the problems of the game, but they exist

Megaman 7 suffered some changes, mostly on the ending (it's all true). I never played Megaman 8 before so i really can't comment what changed and what not.

The AC should be cheaper than that :s if you can find a better price i say go for it. I favored the AC because i found it cheaper (used but in good condition) which i think is an advantage to independent downloads, but if you will pay the same for each then probably the VC is a good option as well because it has better controls and you can avoid the worst of the series (MM 8 imo), you will have to wait until they become available though xP MM 3 is not even up yet!. However that will always be just "data", the AC will have some collection value in the future (maybe), not to mention you don't waste some precious Wii memory.

Whatever you do is alright, there are a lot of pros and cons about it.



NESgamer commented on OFLC Update: Mega Man 3:

Mega Man 3 is awesome, it's my favorite! (yes i also treasure MM 2 and the very first one), the debate of which one is the best will go on forever! Both are very enjoyable experiences and i hope this time America get it at the same time than Europe Capcom trolled us with the release dates of MM 1 and 2!

@Surgical Precision:If you can get the Anniversary collection i encourage you to do so, it contains also the rare Megaman the powerbattle and the powerfighters (arcade) and some other stuff, not to mention Megaman 1 to 8. I have all the NES games but that didn't stop me from getting the aniversary collection for the equivalent of $10! (not getting them for the VC i must confess for the same arguments you said).

The VC has the advantage that if someone doesn't want the whole package they can still get to play high profile MM 2 and 3 for example, without paying attention to the least popular.

(yes i see Megaman 10 comming, in the near future like 2009)



NESgamer commented on The DSi – One Step Closer to a Portable Virt...:

Man i want to buy this, i feel so bad however.... it's like so consumist, like I DON'T NEED IT but i will end getting it


At least it's not going to cost that much... right?, i hope they don't launch it with a retarded high price ><.



NESgamer commented on Virtual Console games to be directly downloada...:

Haha hilarious, well i think they WILL solve this problem but they screw from the very beginning, they could easily stuff some 20 gb on the Wii and everyone would be happy!

I really expect this problem to be solved, but it is not easy to just "send some garbage update", they really have to test and make a lot of stuff to solve this problem, which will cost time and resources to get it done!

Oh well, "the lazy works twice in the end".



NESgamer commented on Sorry Kids – You're Not Allowed To Share You...:

It's not a stupid move, they get you to buy independant points for each console xD which is in fact a well thought move from them.

It's sad for us however that we will have to feed two hungry consoles of points!, also i wonder if you will be able to buy these with credit cards for the DSi, because not everyone get stupid "nintendo points" cards they are not sold out of the US! (and i assume Europe and Australia?)



NESgamer commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

@ Stuffgamer. Well done!, you are well informed and know what you're talking about, i do read these long posts.

Now about the Banjo games, did you guys never saw it coming?, it was obvious to me that these RARE games won't be on VC, they may be old but RARE and Microsoft have future plans for some of these franchises (Killer Instinct 3 for example), so i don't think they would "let go" easily. Either they get them or let the games in the "legal void" forever (like Golden Eye; everyobody looses).

We should forget about Golden Eye and Perfect Dak too (besides i have them anyway).

You should see it from the side that Wii owners have access to a LOT of old jewels (both exclusive and not) already, if you compare the library i think it's fair that they get a game like Banjo when you get all Ninty classics and more. Just trying to see the "half glass full" xP.



NESgamer commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

The wait was worth!, this Mega Man has the best level design since MM III it's so fun to play, i've been playing it all day.

It has high difficulty, somewhat like MM I if you prefer.



NESgamer commented on Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!:

That's great, in a couple of hours we will have this game (i'm assuming until the morning), i will get this on the afternoon after i get home, i have waited for so long for this game, i'm sure it won't disappoint me.



NESgamer commented on Review: My Pokémon Ranch:

Is just a storage thing for people like me with no room left for the pokemon, IS NOT A GAME XD, so i don't even think is worth a review...

People that don't even have diamond or pearl, don't even try it.



NESgamer commented on City Connection:

On the VC probably there isn't, but i'm not trying to make you like it lol, probably i'm the only person that enjoyed it...



NESgamer commented on City Connection:

Nah not the worst, just it never stand the test of time... i say don't download it.



NESgamer commented on City Connection:

It was one of the first games i've ever played, don't be hard on it, it's a little game that is fun. Probably is not worth the download, but is not a bad game.



NESgamer commented on Square-Enix Changes Its Mind About The Virtual...:

Damn it then just remake Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana or release them on VC, but do SOMETHING, don't take another 10+ years to think what would be the best for your wallet if either way we are going to make Square richer :X.



NESgamer commented on Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?:


Well you're right, that's why i said "small number" because they really can't keep track of how much data users are trying to handle, i haven't reported either that i have 100 miserable blocks left .

So yeah there must be a solid market to target this "device" they have to figure out, i guess they are trying to find out if is worth it (which i bet it is).



NESgamer commented on ESRB Update: EarthBound Finally Coming To Virt...:

Yeah this RPG is kinda tough, mostly the first run and if you don't take your time to level your buddies (because you get them at puny levels). Some things in there are hilarious, sarcastic and really well done.

I would buy Earthbound, without hesitate it a bit.



NESgamer commented on Nintendo Wii hard drive coming soon?:

Don't jump to conclusions... it is pretty much in the air. And he even calls us (the ones that want more memory) a "small number", so take your guess.

I hope they make an external drive for it, because i want to keep downloading stuff, from VC and when Wii ware comes.



NESgamer commented on Tetris is Coming to WiiWare - Online Play Incl...:

This one looks interesting, i love Tetris, everyone loves tetris!!. Let's see if it opens the way for Paneru de pon (Tetris attack).

And i hope as well it has the "type-A" "type-b" and "type-c" classic Tetris music.