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Sun 21st Sep 2008

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JoshZTP commented on Mega Man 3:

I hope MegaMan 3 eventually comes out on October 27, along with Castlevania 3!!!



JoshZTP commented on EarthBound:




JoshZTP commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

My prediction all along has been that I seriously hope Castlevania 3 comes out on October 27... in time for Halloween; which I'm extremely excited for!!!!



JoshZTP commented on Want a Castlevania Remake? Tough, You Get Cast...:

@Mr. Cheez saying "I'm going with the majority and say that Castlevania Judgement is going to be complete and utter rubbish. It'll be Soul Calibur Legends all over again."

I for one can only say you're taking that comment way too seriously and way too harshly!!! There are only those select few, or quite a bit of people you can imagine; that actually do enjoy games for what they are worth... and Soul Calibur Legends is an awesome game for anyone who are life long fans of the series... same will go with Castlevania Legends!!! People will get it no matter what and enjoy it no matter how bad or how others keep insisting on bashing it!!!

People like that can make me sick... same goes with reviews who give games low medicore scores (Wii Music, Spiderman Web of Shadows)!!!!

If you think scores mean everything; you're wrong... it's the game itself that can be either good or bad in your own opinion!!



JoshZTP commented on Baddest of the Bands Launches 27th Oct On WiiWare:

Trust me, you woundn't understand... I have personal tastes and only like classic cartoons... and anything stupid adult oriented cartoons are stupid and corrupt today's society!!! Reason why I strongly LOATHE StrongBad and its graphics!!!



JoshZTP commented on Cue Sports: Snooker vs. Billiards Coming To Wi...:

Gee... now that makes you think... will Alien Crush come with StrongBadEp.3 on the 27... or will Alien Crush get pushed back some more... and we see something else unexpected with StrongBadEp.3... like Art Style: Rotohex... or PLEASE LET IT BE Home Sweet Home!!

And yes... like everyone else... OMG, another billards game; I highly think Midnight Pool is enough we can sink out teeth into already!!



JoshZTP commented on EU WiiWare Update: Tetris Party, The Incredibl...:

WOW! Europe/Austrailia ALREADY GOT Home Sweet Home!!! Hope we get it soon!! I know I want it!!

Can I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND Something to the WiiWare World Administrators or Writers... HOLD OFF ON WRITING A REVIEW for Home Sweet Home!!!

I don't want some crappy review score, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... don't give me ANYTHING BELOW a 7!!!!!!!



JoshZTP commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (22nd Oct):

@World 1-1 saying "Who is seriously buying My Aquarium? Is it that good...?"

I say it's good, being for one... I still need to get it, because I haven't had the chance to get points at all for a long time. And that people love fish and simulation games... it's like with Endless Ocean, which is indeed a great game!



JoshZTP commented on Want a Castlevania Remake? Tough, You Get Cast...:

I for one agree with most of you guys... @Terranigma, he nailed anything I mostly wanted to say right off the bat... so AMEN to you bratha!!

And yes... Castlevania Judgement shouldn't get overturned and bashed all the freaking time!!!

People who love the Castlevania series as a whole heartidly friendly franchise... should love Castlevania Judgement, even if its a fighting game. Most fighting games based on adventure games can usually turn out good... and Castlevania Judgement is no exception!! It'll be awesome no matter what, and people will love/buy it instantly if they've been keeping well eyes and tabs on it these past months and since it has been first announced!!

But if buy the time November 18th rolls around... and say some review site like (SCREW THOSE AT IGN)... give Castlevania Judgement a medicore score say like a 5 or 6, (I'm calling it right now... just so you know)... then guess what; there will be lots of more hell to pay in the comment section!!!

I swear though... with Wii Music's review, and even Spiderman Web of Shadows... reviews and reviewers (like stupid Matt and Gregorgy) these days are getting more stupider by the minute!!!

And yes.. I know we all still can believe and hope for a true retro Castlevania adventure to grace ourselves on the Wii! Yet (I'm calling it yet again; an for Igarashi's sake... despite what the company Konami thinks)... in due time or whenever they actually do realize the true potential that fans have been missing out on, they might as well give us say a retro Castlevania on WiiWare; like with Megaman 9!

The real answer to that is... it depends on Konami if they get their heads in the game and, yes, give Igarashi the chance to develop such a Castlevania games us fans are anxiously awaiting for!! Could be 2-4, oh who bloddy knows how many years it will take!!!



JoshZTP commented on New Screenshots for Bang!:

Well then GO SUCK AN EGG... or either enjoy you other mediocre puzzle wiiware games!!!! >

I'll say it again... I'd be interested in how this game turns out!



JoshZTP commented on Review: The Incredible Maze (WiiWare):

Gee... who couldn't see this coming?!

I swear there are more and more bad reviews coming from all over the place?! Can't we just STOP WITH THEM COMPLETELY!!!! >


I didn't like this game to begin with... being I could play the actual game Labyrinth on an old wooden toy I used to have... yet seems to be missing and gone all of these years!



JoshZTP commented on OFLC Update: Mega Man 3:

I'm seriously hoping for Megaman 3 will come out with Castlevania 3... maybe for an October 27 release, in time for Halloween... if I keep predicting it... it will shortly become my all time dream come true!!!



JoshZTP commented on Brand New Sorcery Blade Game Play Video:

I think Sorcery Blade looks like a beautiful game! The graphics and character art are SUPERB, and MOST EXCELLENT!!!
Yes, it will be one STELLAR RPG so far for WiiWare!!
Party on Dudes!!!



JoshZTP commented on New Screenshots for Bang!:

Will you people GIVE IT UP... all Puzzle games can't be that bad! >

And I think this WiiWare game, "Bang", could show some promise and potential!

It's one I'm looking forward to seeing... and yes I was wondering when we'd get more info come from it sometime soon; glad it's as of now today!



JoshZTP commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (22nd Oct):

All I can say is it could'nt have been a more perfect top 5 games for this awesome week!
GO World of Goo and Tetris Party; you two deserve to be on top with Megaman, Bomberman, and My Aquarium!

And hey people; at least PONG TOSS is making it steadily DECLINE and shortly soon here after; maybe in a few weeks... it'll soon BE GONE and OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!



JoshZTP commented on Mart Racer To Bring Supermarket Sweep Exciteme...:

Well I don't like Wii Ware games when I know they'll turn out mediocre!
As a matter of fact... I dislike WiiWare completely... a bunch of third party crap... except the exceptional awesome games like Tetris Party, Megaman, Bomberman, Dr. Mario, and games like that!



JoshZTP commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tetris Party & The Incredi...:

The only worth while game is Tetris Party... so just rejoice that it is finally here!

I was just turned off by those first screenshots of Incredible Maze... like OMG it's hand drawn crap?! Almost looked like Defend Your Castle, LOL!!

Then seeing that video; game play is okay... but I could play the actual game labrinth with an actual toy like I used to have!

Better yet, Zelda Twilight Princess has Rollgoal... didn't anyone fail to mention that in their comments... I think not!!



JoshZTP commented on Swords & Soldiers:

I'd be interested in it if it weren't for those cheesey "what I call crappy" graphics... which I disklike for a freaking good reason... because it looks like a poor excuse for one of those stupid adult oriented cartoons... and yes I'm old fashined and like this in a more classy way! give it a more Zelda WW Cel-Shaded look with enemies/characters that look like they came from a fantasy medieval story... not this crap!!!



JoshZTP commented on More Informaton On Boingz From RealNetworks:

People shouldn't judge by looks and graphics anyways... it's always the first thing they have to bash... next the gameplay!

Give games a chance only for their appeal on gameplay... and I think Boingz may be pretty decent enough and fun... kind of flinging rubber bands at each other's face, LOL!



JoshZTP commented on New WiiWare Game: Let's Catch:

You can't blame this will end up for the casual crowd... and I wouldn't be nit picky already but if I predict this is going to be as popular as Pog Toss, then it'll stay up on the charts for quite some time... so don't go blaming yourselves or the developers of the game if its review is bad, or if it sells and stays on the charts like I said!

And Lastly STOP giving x.SuperMario.x a hard time... he's just stating his opinions and stating the obvious reason why not to BASH this game already and so soon! If you prefer regular catch, then by all means go ahead; and don't download this game when it comes out! Same goes for all of the Pong Toss haters! >



JoshZTP commented on Wii Chess Comes to WiiWare in Japan:

I also think it's just wierd Wii Chess is just a Wii game for Europe, and yet how did they have it as of now?! Been a good long time anyway...

But yes, anytime soon would be nice Nintendo to give us this new Wii Chess WiiWare version to us greedy WiiWare US players!

Just probably will be a good long while until it happens though... sigh!



JoshZTP commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th Sept):

Wow, am I the first to post?! Who would've thought, and being a newtimer to WWW in posting (not newtimer if I've been here though just reading all the freaking time from a far) hahahaha!

Anyway, who would've thought, but I hate to say it... I Told you so Megaman9 #1!



JoshZTP commented on First Impressions: Madstone:

I've been very interested in this game, MadStone, since I first heard about it... and unlike the lame exccuss of Plattchen Twist or any thing else... MadStone probably won't dissapoint and if people don't mock it if it ever comes to that it'll get a low review score (so crosses fingers that it doesn't)!



JoshZTP commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

Great review... way better than freaking IGN's!
Maybe somewhere in this WiiWareWorld review you should've mentioned/pointed out that the graphics don't matter and IGN was stupid enough to give it a low score in their review, hahahaha!