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United States

Sat 31st May 2008

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BlueRider commented on Snowboard Riot:

I was about to get Shaun White but since this game has a lot more feature then Shaun White am getting this game instead thanks Hudson for making me save 50 bucks !!!!!



BlueRider commented on Treasure To Support WiiWare?:

That will be cool to have a new Gunstar Heroes game if it actually come out would it look classic or have next gen graphic well not really next gen graphic but close to it



BlueRider commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

This game is so good i can't stop playing it am so addicted to it this was worth my ten bucks of course because am a Megaman die hard fan yes!
= )



BlueRider commented on Square-Enix Gets Invaded!:

That cool that you can put your high score and all but what about online co-op but yeah it still looks like a game though



BlueRider commented on Tetris Party - New Game Play Video!:

Yes i can't wait to play this game online!! i hope this game don't have stupid ranking points if it does then oh well i still play it but it will be better without it



BlueRider commented on Bomberman:

Yes i was waiting for Nintendo to have a online Bomberman game and what make it better you can vs eight people online when does this game come out