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Tue 17th Jun 2008

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Loooca commented on USA WiiWare Update: Tetris Party & The Incredi...:

@Stuffgamer1: Totally. I couldn't get enough of the shadow mode — it seriously made me ponder, and not rush it like in the regular mode. And since my whole family are Tetris fanatics, it was a load of fun to play with everyone.

Size is a worrisome issue, though, with more than 200 blocks. I sent DKC, DKC2 and Mario 64 to my SD cards to afford the space. It didn't take me more than a minute, so it was alright.



Loooca commented on Tetris Party Released On WiiWare In Japan:


Nevertheless, I'll surely get some points before Monday. Tetris will be my third WiiWare title after Dr. Mario and Mega Man 9, I've been waiting for it too long. Ah, well, World of Goo will (sadly) have to wait. I haven't got the game on the DS some people seem to own... actually, haven't got one since the Game Boy days.

Tetris is Tetris. It's not a remake — how can you remake an already original concept like Tetris'? Didn't get old after all these years, and it never will.

Also: Nintendo has been treating us so well these past weeks, starting from MM9 up until now. Wonder how they're planning to ruin it for us?



Loooca commented on USA VC Releases: Secret of Mana and Street Fig...:

@Jogurt the Yogurt: I totally agree with you, especially with the people who played the recent Mana games (I don't think I need to tell you what a big disappointment they are), who'd think that this is just another one f them — wrong, people This is the best RPG you can find on the Super Nintendo.

@ Bass X0: Nah, it's just that I started off with the Zelda series back then before discovering Mana, so they seem like different worlds to me. And @ Seiken Densetsu 3: So true. SquareEnix is ALLLL about the re-makes and prequels, they wouldn't want to release it for the VC, not at all.



Loooca commented on USA VC Releases: Secret of Mana and Street Fig...:

Secret of Mana.

I don't think my heart is supposed to miss that many beats.

@ Jogurt the Yogurt: Yeah, see. I'm a big Secret of Mana fan. I've played it when it first came out, years after it came out, and it will surely be played now. That's how much I adored the game, but I never compared it to another beloved of mine, Link to the Past. Not because I don't want to, but because they are total different games — genre and world wise. Both are amazing in their own.



Loooca commented on Marvelous Bringing Discipline To WiiWare:

The graphics look rather unique, in my opinion. Very simplistic, if they're planning to carry it out throughout the game.

Interesting... theme, shall I say? Definitely interesting. There seems to be a lot of potential in there, I hope to hear more about it soon.



Loooca commented on Confusion Reigns over Mega Man 9 Sales:

@thewiirocks: No, it probably won't. But I have a feeling the people at Capcom didn't expect this will make much, or have such hype following it. Another feeling tells me they don't want to acknowledge the popularity of retro games, so they could go on with their XZ2 version 2.0: The Final Before Final — or, you know?

I... wouldn't know about them being paid that much, no. Nintendo itself doesn't pay much (or as much as I expected), even though they don't have that many employers. So, it makes you wonder what a bunch of workers from Capcom could earn out of this. I don't think the creators did this for the money. I mean, of course they did, but you can feel that there's more to it then just cash.

And that was terribly off-topic of me, but



Loooca commented on Confusion Reigns over Mega Man 9 Sales:

@Objection_Blaster: It's only normal to charge more for it, even if it sounds unfair.

I blinked upon seeing those number earlier this week. I expected much, but not this much. Mainly because a lot have been raving about the lack of love (in their twisted brains) for the 8-bit "thingy", so I didn't think that many bought it after the first few days. Though, these numbers could be very true—the Blue Man is that great.

And LOL, Capcom's announcement clearly translates to: "LEAVE US ALONE. WE'RE POOR, THIS GAME DID NOT MAKE US... RICH. SO DIDN'T, YEAH."



Loooca commented on WiiWare Announcement Blowout - Bubble Bobble, ...:

I agree with Hilanderous. The DS version of Bubble Bobble wasn't all that great; It just doesn't have the—"feel" of the Bubble Bobble arcade version. And eh, I'm more of a Bust a Move person.

Rainbow Islands! But oh, Taito. Why not a new of the New Zealand Story? ):



Loooca commented on The DSi – One Step Closer to a Portable Virt...:

Well, aren't some just picky with what Nintendo is giving away. If you do not like, simply do not buy. Some people around here are still holding to their old DS's, so...

I still have my DS (mind, it has been through a lot), and it's still working so perfectly. And I haven't played with it in a while, but I WILL get the DSi - simply because of the possibilities that could come with it, but mainly because I'm the only one around with an old, bulky DS.



Loooca commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (1st Oct):

And Mega Man better be staying in that first spot, for as long as it can/should/MUST. I'm quite surprised by the UK's #1, though -- not saying that My Aquarium is a bad game, because it isn't (it's rather delightful), but still.

@WiiloveitOnline: Give it some time, and you'll get used to the levels' design and memorise the enemies. I thought Tornado Man was impossible on the first day of downloading, but by the second day of playing the game, his level became the second easiest. Or maybe I just love it as a level, I don't know * grins *.



Loooca commented on Mega Man 9 - Proto Man Details Revealed:

I don't see what the big fuss' about, I actually like how they're dealing with this certain DLC. I'm going to finish the game in about a day or two, and can't really bother with the 50 challenges put up for me. But by downloading Proto Man, I'll refresh the game a bit and get as much gameplay as I can. For a second time.

Their timing is actually perfect, most people would be finished or trying to finish the game by that date. Don't think of the points, but of the new gaming experience you'll be gaining.



Loooca commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

I saw this coming, but it still saddens me. Banjo-Kazooie was a delightful game in its time, and it really, really saddens me that I won't be able to play an originally Nintendo 64 game because of such absurd reasons. I can borrow an Xbox 360 to play it, but...

The funny part? Those Xbox fanboys who are going mad because of this, even though most (and that's what I've actually read) are anti-Nintendo and never really played the game — just, argh.



Loooca commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - October 2008:

My only memory of the The New Zealand Story is me playing it in the arcade, and those were fond memories. I loved to play nothing but it in the arcade. An amazing platformer. In other words: PLEASE BRING IT OUT HERE.



Loooca commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th Sept):

FINALLY! A list that makes actual sense. And yes, Mega Man made it to the top 5 after some... 8 hours or so of its release. I was quite surprised, even if I saw it coming (I obviously have the U.S. as my country, thus I get its list).

Pong Toss, wow.

Hopefully all the puzzlers will drop down once Tetris is out. It's obvious you won't do much with Mega Man being released with you on the same day, eh?



Loooca commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

Great review! Though, I still think the graphics are a tad "prettier" than I expected, or how NES-like everyone expected them to be. I really thought everything was going to be bulky and 8-bit; and while they are, I still find it pretty. Even prettier than Mega Man 2.

Glad you mentioned the difficulty. While yes, most claim to be "masters" in the Mega Man saga, this game doesn't really deal with masters. I haven't played a Mega Man game in ages, so I'm all kinds of rusty at the moment. I managed to finish and destroy my first boss on the first night of downloading it — after countless falls, game overs and much grunting. The game depends on a little bit of trial and error, lots of skills and hours of patience.

(I just pity the new gamers, or those that never played a Mega Man game before. They better get ready for a shock! Oh, and those Xbox user who are raving about their rankings list...? What's up with that, people.)

Again, a great ( fanboy-free! ) review and a well deserved score. Kudos!



Loooca commented on Mega Man 9 Confirmed For US Release On Monday!:

But I still lack the space! And my Internet connection is screwed * wails *! AND I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FINALLY HERE. Woah, okay, must delete to make some sufficient space. Any idea on how many blocks it's going to take? Doesn't matter, I'm launching everything on yet another DS card.



Loooca commented on Mega Man 9 Release Dated For Japan:

Why would anyone want it to be easy? It won't be Mega Man anymore if you didn't bang your head to the wall because of its difficulty. And I find it better that way.

@Fleeman: Ack, I never thought of that. It's only normal for those two to cause delays for Nintendo, or something. At least Nintendo should get it a few days earlier.



Loooca commented on Tetris Party - Japanese Trailer:

Oh, it's going to take over the rankings for sure. At least it's better to see Tetris in #1 than some, er, other Wii Ware games. And they're being smart with the pricing, because they know that it's an instant buy for many (most?) of us. I CANNOT WAIT.

@ the Balance Board: Some gamers out there keep on complaining about how they only use their Balance Board just for Wii Fit, so there -- Nintendo makes it possible to try it on Tetris as well, just to please those who complain and to add variety to the gameplay.



Loooca commented on Nintendo’s Storage Solution: Better Than HDD...:

I hope it has nothing to do with an SD card, because such a solution is a short-termed one. Like yoshifu94, I like to see my VC/WiiWare games flashing in front of me.

And I'd have to trust them with this, because I'm sure they're aware that they can't mess with this (or us, for that matter).



Loooca commented on Get Your Groove On With Groovin' Blocks:

This was fine until I read the: will be released in the US in just 3 days. Care to warn us a beforehand, Nintendo? Would you stop with the shocks already, Nintendo?!


Other than that, please no. And Tetris Party, please.



Loooca commented on Secret of Mana:

Oh dear, the starting screen with SquareSoft's logo got a whimper from me. It surely brings back so many memories

@Jazzem: Honestly? Those are some weak protests you've got there. At that time, the things Secret of Mana offered us no other RPG at that time, on the SNES, dreamed to offer. It sets it self apart from other RPGs at that time, and that's what made it so special.



Loooca commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2008:

I load the page and get a Secret of Mana screencap. No, this can't be — OH MY GOD, IT IS SECRET OF MANA. FINALLY. I don't care how long we'd have to wait to get this. I mean, no, I do, but... as long as I know that it's coming our way, then all is fine.



Loooca commented on Tetris Party - New Game Play Video!:

They haven't messed up with the music! I was quite worried about that. Well yeah, about the general gameplay and different modes, too; but mostly the original music. Can we have it already?


Why yes, that would be a normal reaction of the people who spent hours (days) on it when it first came out on the Game Boy . Then again, puzzle games don't appeal to everyone.



Loooca commented on Tetris Party To Support The Balance Board:

The day this comes out will be a happy day.

Why all the wary talks, though? Everyone was worried about Dr. Mario, and look how perfect it turned out. Multi games mode can be skipped, just so everyone knows Games can be messed about, but not Tetris. (Okay, except for that other nasty NES version.)



Loooca commented on Abstraction Games Interview - Potpourrii:

Aw @ the Microsoft part. What a bully, that Microsoft.

I really like the art and the few details scattered around. It looks like they've really put some thought into such small details, you know? I still haven't got a puzzle game (except Dr. Mario), so it seems like I'll give this game a try, after a review by you guys, of course.



Loooca commented on Official Helix WiiWare Trailer - Shake Your Bo...:

Yes , a Balance Board to go with this would have been fantastic. More moves always means more fun, so 37 different moves is a decent number. Got to keep up with the variations.

Anyhow, the Wii Ware doesn't have a similar genre like this one here, so it's going to be interesting to see how its going to do among all the different genres.



Loooca commented on Mega Man 9 Cover Song:

Oh wow, that was awesome. I hope it doesn't get stuck in my head and — oops, too late.

Thanks for sharing! ;D



Loooca commented on Toki Tori For WiiWare Goes To Euro 2008:

Gosh, that is so adorable. That's pretty smart of Two Tribes— they waited until the group stages were done for and there: link your product with the most important sports event of this summer! Quite nifty.

Thanks for linking us to the main site. It's well designed and easy on the eye (unlike some of the sites for those FLASHY games out there.)



Loooca commented on Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV:

If Nintendo doesn't even bother to inform the companies of their release dates, I think it's only normal of them to limit the amount of information the companies have to say about their unreleased games. I really feel for them.

And, well, at least it's not a fake pr0n game? That is always something to be glad about ;D

@ETSM: Thanks for the info! Yeah, it does seem like they're still in their early stages and a little preview of the game's basics would really help with the gamers.



Loooca commented on Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV:

Then should we be bashing the game? I don't think so! It's only normal of us to think that yes, there will be more good and interesting games on the Wii Ware. We'd like to believe so, even for a while.



Loooca commented on Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV:

I like how Nintendo is portrayed so nicely in here.

I already liked the sound of the game before seeing this video, but after seeing it? Aw! These guys have really worked hard for it. Now, I only hope Nintendo doesn't stack their way obstacles and let the game be released in peace.



Loooca commented on Most Popular WiiWare Games in North America (1...:

Wow, it saddens me that My Pokémon Ranch gets to be first while a wonderful game like Toki Tori is still stuck at 8. It shows that whatever Pokemon game will get sold no matter what, eh? Even plot-less ones!



Loooca commented on Nintendo Looking To Push WiiWare Via TV Promotion:

I doubt Nintendo will release any ads, but if they did, it would surely do them good. So many are asking about the nature of the Wii— and sadly, very few of them know about VC/WiiWare. They simply think it's another white box by Nintendo to run Mario games (No, really.)

Maybe the small publisher are not willing to pay Nintendo for the commercial? I mean, for sure, they'll be digging holes in their (already) small budgets.