Not so long ago we reported that Level-5 had filed a trademark in the U.S. for Yo-kai Watch, prompting speculation that the 3DS title is on its way to the West. The company seems to be gearing up to make that a reality, as it's now posted a message on its Facebook page to gauge interest:

Between the strong sales of the game and the popularity of the new anime, Yo-kai Watch is a verified success in Japan!

Would Yo-kai Watch be something you’d be interested in watching or playing in English?

Level-5 isn't wrong about its success in Japan. The RPG — which looks utterly charming and has ideas similar to those seen in franchises such as Pokémon and Dragon Quest — has performed well in the Japanese charts since its July 2013 launch. Most tellingly, the beginning of the Anime series at the start of this year has helped the title climb back up to the software top 20 in the region, coming 4th in last week's Media Create figures and surpassing 400,000 physical retail sales to date. With the anime, a large cast of characters and Yo-kai creatures and a well-received 3DS game, there's little surprise that Level-5 is contemplating bringing the fresh franchise to territories around the world.

Would you like Yo-kai Watch to come to the West? Perhaps the Japanese trailer below will help you decide.

Thanks to Shane for the tip.