Level-5 may be looking to expand its reach with a successful series

You know youkai? Those strange creatures of Japanese folklore that sometimes masquerade as "raccoons" or "turtles" in certain localized games? Level-5 might be giving these monsters more of their due outside of Japan, if recent trademarks are any indication.

According to Siliconera, Level-5 has trademarked "Yo-Kai Watch" in the United States. This is likely an Anglicization of Youkai Watch, a popular title released in Japan about a boy with a special watch that lets him interact with the titular monsters. Youkai Watch also has its own anime and manga series, with a second game already on the way.

Youkai Watch seems to have a Pokémon aura to it, but also touches of Dragon Quest and even Level-5's own Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale. With the potential of an Inazuma Eleven title making its way to North America, the possibility of Level-5 also making "Yo-Kai Watch" materialize appears quite hopeful.

Would you be interested in Level-5's cute and spooky world of Japanese monsters? Let us know below!

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