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Nintendo lover at heart <3

Male, 23, United Kingdom

My younger years was dominated by Nintendo, now at the age of 21 I am still a hardcore fan but am limited to mainly Mario games.

Fri 31st Jan 2014

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Heartful commented on Level-5 Wants to Know Whether You Want Yo-kai ...:

Wow. This game feels so original and exciting. The mechanics of the game are definitely influenced by some big titles, but they have a lot of fresh ideas. The story seems very appealing with a lot of comedy. It seems perfect! I hope this comes to Europe.



Heartful commented on Lucario The Aura Warrior Returns To Battle In ...:

This announcement has made me nervous on which other past characters may return. I fully believe that new characters should be included in the package of a 'new' game to add surprise and diversity to our gaming experience. Returning 'filler' characters only makes the game appear as a lack of effort. Lucario doesn't bother me to much, however it makes Mewtwo's return much less likely.