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Diddy Kong Confirmed as the Latest New Challenger for Super Smash Bros.

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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Barely a week passes at the moment without some form of interesting reveal for the new Super Smash Bros. titles on the way to Wii U and 3DS, with Little Mac recently confirmed as part of a Nintendo Direct broadcast. Announced today with a little less hype but not lacking in fan service is the news that Diddy Kong will once again be a challenger.

The announcement has been timed to coincide with the arrival of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and we're looking certainly looking forward to spamming the peanut gun — assuming it's included as normal! — to annoy fellow players.

The more characters the better, so let us know your thoughts on Diddy Kong joining the latest cast in the comments below.

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AlexSora89 said:

I friggin' knew that they were waiting until Tropical Freeze's release to confirm Diddy. Also, the latest screenshot confirms the banana skin is the only exception to the removal of tripping - another thing I saw coming.



Dragonquester said:

That was well timed wasn't it. Can't wait to get Tropical Freeze tomorrow, it gonna be awesome!



AlexSora89 said:

Yes and no. As I mentioned, Sakurai said there would be no tripping, and today's pics only confirmed Banana Peel to be the only exception to this.



NathanVS said:

FUN FACTS: Out of the 5 DKC games, Diddy has been playable in every one except for DKC3. DK has only been playable in 3. Weird isn't?



BAGBOY said:

It was plainly obvious that he was going to return. I'm really wondering if yoshi, ganondorf or falco are going to return? I really doubt it.



BAGBOY said:

I really wonder if that rumor going online is true, the one that states that diddy and dixie kong will work as a tag team like zelda and her alter ego sheik, maybe sakurai will wait a little more to reveal that, that is a pretty nifty idea.



Jazzer94 said:

@AlexSora89 Hmm I see my joke (barrel) blasted right over your head.
Edit: Just to be clear I already knew Sakurai had confirmed that tripping would not be included.



Ichiban said:

Its kind of a shame they dont keep the unlockable characters secret, just so players are surprised when they unlock an unexpected character.
But thats todays must know every plot point, every character, all secrets, entire game spoiled before release gaming culture we live in these days!



2Sang said:

Diddy's probably my least favorite lightweight smash bros character, but he's very unique and fun to play against with a very creative moveset.



K-Gamer said:

@Ichiban Diddy is not that much of a secret. But if they reveal people like Falcon and Ness, then that's when secrets are spoiled.



Kosmo said:

The Pichu of Brawl is back. In a way, I'm glad to get my favorite punching ball again!



Bulbousaur said:

Diddy being back is cool and all, but my question is what Samus is doing in the eighth screenshot. Looks like a new move to me.

@BAGBOY If in the very unlikely event Yoshi doesn't come back, I will dress up as a Yoshi and stick my tounge out at people all day. They're saving him for the Yarn Yoshi annoucement, trust me. They're not going to get rid of one of the original Smash 64 characters who is still extremely relevent.



larry_koopa said:

I really don't think you need to specify which screens are Wii U and which are 3DS; it's kinda obvious.

All the same - it's nice to have Diddy back in the line-up. Let's have Dixie be next, please.



Thearnaud44 said:

@Jazzer94 NO......NO...........SAKURAI.....................NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......................What have you done!?!?!!!



thesilverbrick said:

@BAGBOY I highly doubt it. There's no way those two would be chained together at this point. Sure, they were a team in one game, but they're standalone characters in every other game they've been in. Forcing them to be the same character would be like making Mario always riding Yoshi, an awful idea if you ask me...



ChuJelly said:

Finally!! Diddy Kong is one of my favorite Nintendo characters and one of my mains in Brawl, so it's great to see him back in Smash. Now all I have left to wish for is Dixie and K. Rool
The liberties they took with his design and moveset this time are kind of odd, though. Particularly with his fiercely brown eyes (they've always been either black or blue to my knowledge), and of course the arm-stretching. Guess he learned some things from his buddy Lanky in his spare time
EDIT: Just remembered he had brown eyes in Brawl. Oops. Even then they always looked more black to me, though. I really wonder why they still gave him them, considering Returns and TF have released since Brawl, with black eyes for Diddy...



AJWolfTill said:

Wouldn't count on it... He hasn't had an important appearance since N64 so I would imagine Dixie is a far more likely candidate, unless she is an alt costume for Diddy Kong.



Xjarnold said:

Yes one of my favorite brawl characters returns! I love the Wii u pic with donkey Kong and the 3ds pic with fox



SMW said:

He has fingernails? He never had those before. Also Diddy has become Lanky Kong with strectchy arms? lol



BAGBOY said:

@Bulbousaur Haha I know, I was just being sarcastic, of course those 3 will be back especially yoshi since he was an original smasher since the n64 days, he appears in a lot of games, and he has 2 new games on the way, mainly yoshi's new island and I believe he will be announced on the release date of that game as they did with diddy today.

@thesilverbrick It could work if you ask me, sakurai is an expert in making things work out. I'm neutral if he makes them a team or not, I just want to see dixie on this smash iteration.



MrMario02 said:

I like that Diddy kong was revealed, But Little Mac was revealed 1 WEEK AGO!!!!! AT THIS RATE BY E3 WE'LL HAVE A FULL ROSTER!!!!!!!!
EDIT: I think I know why now. the DKC:TF Release.
Diddy kong was playable
Donkey kong made a cameo as a bonus fighter in Punch Out!!(Wii)



NintyMan said:

Great to finally see Diddy confirmed. That's another of my Brawl mains confirmed. Now the only one I have to wait for is Wario.

As of right now, Diddy appears to be largely the same with his moveset, with his rocket barrel jet pack, peanut popgun, and bananas all returning. Now he's more flexible, which means that the range of those attacks have probably increased. Diddy is quite a quick and nimble character in Brawl and I would argue he's one of the best fighters in that game, so anymore improvements to him would make him even more of a beast.

It's also great to see that Sakurai has finally broken his tradition of revealing characters on Japanese releases only. This means that he should reveal Yoshi for the western release of Yoshi's New Island on Friday, March 14th. Otherwise, we would have to wait until summer when Japan gets the game, and that's an unnecessarily long wait, especially from a veteran of the original Smash.

I really hope we get a DK newcomer, and I actually don't want Dixie because she would be too similar to Diddy. I'd say King K. Rool!



Expa0 said:

Yay two of my least favorite existing characters return in a row (though tbqh this one was quite obvious it would happen).



sinalefa said:

Not really a Diddy fan, but I love those pics. Except the one with Mario, as that seems more like a repeat of the one above it.

I found Diddy's chimp yells in Brawl quite amusing, though.



Squashy said:

I love that picture of Diddy and Donkey together, cute!

@Bulbousaur If tragedy did befall us and Yoshi wasn't in it, seeing you do that would cheer me up a lot! Like @BAGBOY I think he'll be announced when Yoshi's New Island comes out, but you've just made me think how brilliant it would be if wollen Yoshi was a costume change for him!

@ChuJelly It's always been a Smash Bros tradition to make the characters look a bit different to how they look in their own games, like how Mario's dungarees have a denim look to them



Auracle said:

I was just wondering yesterday if Diddy was going to be back. Excellent news! I've always had a special place in my heart for that little monkey. I remember the time my brother and I beat Donkey Kong Country by passing the Game Boy between each other every time Donkey and Diddy switched. Looking back, I wish we had known about the ground pound...



rjejr said:

This is the first time I've liked the 3DS version better than Wii U. Hes kinda of demented scary on the Wii U but a cute Sat. morning cartoon character on the 3DS.

HAs anything been said about a level editor yet? I know they said no Subspace Emissary sequel (hopefully they are working on one as a separate open world game like Skylanders or Disney Infinity or a Lego Mario) but the touch screen would make level editing nice. They have to use that Gamepad for something eventually. Maybe at E3. Iwata also said NFC at 3, so maybe for this game? Though hopefully just in the form of extra people instead of DLC or assist trophies, not the core 20 or so usual suspects. I'm still waiting for those Rayman assists that were shown 2 years ago. (not really)



triforcepower73 said:

YES!!! Diddy was my main character in Brawl! Can't wait to play as him in HD now!

On a sidenote, his hands look way too human!



Of_Folsense said:

Those are some nice screens.
I hope they can still find room for Professor Layton in their roster! Here's hoping for 50-60 characters, Tekken style!



DragonbornRito said:

I'm curious, the 3DS screens seem to be set in a stage for the entrance to Gerudo Valley. I may be wrong, that rocky background and tent may be from another game, but a Gerudo Valley stage would be AWESOME.



ColdingLight said:

Oh great. He's back in this game. Now everyone's going to spam banana's in local/online play. -_- I'm serious, I'm not trying to be a hater but did anyone like him in Brawl?



SparkOfSpirit said:

So I guess we should expect Yoshi revealed on New Island's release date.

I sure hope Dixie is still on the way, though.



mamp said:

I personally don't care for Diddy but I don't mind him. I know a few people who love to use him so good news.



hYdeks said:

Ok seriously Nintendo, announce some freakin' new characters, re-introducing old characters has definitely made me not interested in this game



BAGBOY said:

@ColdingLight I didn't mind him that much, I personally hated much more the star fox spammers (fox, falco, wolf) and the fire emblem abusers (marth, ike). Seriously, everybody online only used those 5 characters in the matches online I had all the time.



Giygas_95 said:

Ha, I like the one with DK in it! DK steals the spotlight once again!

But still...I want to see Ike return!



GooRoo said:

I'm not big on fighting games — I'm pretty awful at them — but I must say this one's looking better with every reveal.



WreckItRyan said:

I'm calling that the next character to be announced will be Yoshi on Friday, March 14th, coinciding with the NA and EU release of Yoshi's New Island.



CapeSmash said:

@hydeks They. Just. Reveald. A. Freaking. NEW. Character. One. WEEK. Ago.

People are so hard to please now a days, it makes me sick.



CapeSmash said:

So you guys are saying you'd rather have MORE new characters rather than old characters? Pretty pathetic. Sakurai even said the game wouldn't have a whole lot of newcomers due to the crappy hardware of the 3DS.

I'm assuming you guys would have NO PROBLEM if the original 12 were cut from the game. Absolutely pathetic.

People act like it's such a sin if a veteran is revealed. And people act like they should announce a newcomer every week. People are clearly spolied by the Brawl DOJO.

@C-Olimar Rehash? What?

@Ryo_Hazuki-san What's wrong with Diddy, and how is he "pointless"? He was one of the most popular characters in Brawl.



DarkKirby said:

With his very unique move set, top tier status in Brawl (right under Meta Knight), and Nintendo still pumping out 2D Donkey Kong games, Diddy not being cut is by no means a surprise.

I don't think top tier status should make a character's chances of returning or keeping their moveset increase, but I know many players and developers do.



Stumpynuts said:

Has anybody given thought that Cranky Kong could be a newcomer to smash bros?
He would fit in quite well I reckon.

His final smash could end up being something quite hilarious.



Bryon15 said:

Would it kill them to use an original character? Like maybe Isaac from golden sun, or Sora from kingdom hearts?



Senario said:

@Bryon15 They just announced a new character last week. You are way too demanding plus Sora is not on Nintendo systems or owned by Nintendo and honestly I think he would be a bit boring.

Isaac is possibly a stretch but so was Little Mac. That said, he probably wouldn't be a playable char as the roster is getting pretty full and some chars who are usually always there such as captain falcon or Falco have not been confirmed. (But probably will be)



KeatonTS said:

@MrMario02 I think they'll keep the rest of the characters a secret. I'm assuming they're announcing the returning character as well as a select few newcomers while the rest, we will have to find out.



MegaStoneSmash91 said:

@SockoMario THANK YOU! I was thinking all of this pretty much on the dot while reading the comments. The roster can't be devoid of staple characters, nor can it be 90% newcomers. And nothing is wrong with Diddy, he's a major character who deserved to come back as much as anyone else.



Lalivero said:

As far as new characters go, I don't get why everyone wants to add 5 million characters from each game we already have enough represented for. I'd rather have some new characters from games not currently represented that are pretty much Nintendo(similar to Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer)

As @Bryon15 made note, I'd love to see a Golden Sun character make an appearance, highly likely it being Isaac(Grand Gaia as FS?).

I think Shantae would also be a pretty interesting addition considering Pirate's Curse is coming out this year on 3DS and we are also getting Half-Genie Hero on the Wii U in the future.



Monkeh said:

Always quite liked Diddy as a character and back in DKC1 I'd always rather play as him than DK, but didn't play much as him in Brawl. Good to see him back though! Plus that screenshot together with Little Mac is just epic.

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