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Thu 30th Jan 2014

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Stumpynuts commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

It may actually happen in future - If Sony can't remain profitable as previous business articles have suggested then they may be forced to sell off the Playstation brand in future.

It would be great if Nintendo took over Playstation as it would give them superb assets to put alongside their own first-party franchises.
Probably bad as well due to one less player in the console wars if this were ever to happen.



Stumpynuts commented on Ganondorf Confirmed as a Playable Character in...:

Does this mean that Ganondorf is going to have a completely new moveset in the new upcoming Smash Bros games?

I figured that since he hasn't been officially revealed in Smash yet it makes sense now to show him off with magic/sword/levitation abilities in a similar style to Robin.



Stumpynuts commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

Bottom line is: PSBONE has significantly higher development costs, stuck in the same rut that Wii U faced in early life, nothing new overall in terms of originality.
I mean come on - The Last of Us remastered after only a year or so from original release date, XBONE TV being scrapped.



Stumpynuts commented on Nintendo To Keep Focus as an "Entertainment Bu...:

Somewhere, just somewhere in the mix there has to be something where players level up their fitness in real life and the data gets transferred into the games to level up game characters.

This to me seems such a simple and extraordinary path towards QOL format.

Increase your benchpressing strength or running speed, increase your strength and speed in RPG game character.



Stumpynuts commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

Another example - Achieving a certain IQ level within a brain training related title allows players to unlock a level within a Nintendo platform game that has an extremely hard difficulty, or unlocks a complex puzzle.



Stumpynuts commented on Satoru Iwata Announces a "Quality of Life" Pla...:

I think I may have an idead of where Nintendo may be heading.

We may see in the future a Wii Fit U related game tied to Nintendo branded heart rate monitors, pedometer or smartphone app - With certain Quality O fLife targets being able to unlock bonus content within your game software.
Eg. A future Wii fit U title commands the player to go out and physically run in the real word with a smartphone app, pedometer or whatever Nintedo branded QOL device.
GPS technology is then used to track speed and distance.
Data is then uploaded into Nintendo software where if a certain distance is covered within a certain timeframe then maybe a trophy is unlocked.
Possibly Gold, Silver, Bronze medals like Timesplitters2 etc.

Or perhaps peoples best times are uploaded to Nintendo network to share publicly