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RetroRider commented on Review: Rakoo & Friends (Wii U eShop):

"The gameplay is okay, but ultimately it's the beautiful animation that's ultimately memorable"

This is, ultimately, true.

When I played the mobile version of this a little while ago it was like sinking into a lion king-like game. Otherwise just pretty mediocre.



RetroRider commented on Momonga Pinball Adventures is Flipping Onto Wi...:

Best pinball game I have ever played, blows the others right out of the water The characters voices tended to get annoying, but doesn't ruin the story much. Testing your precision in each level is a blast, each level gets more difficult, and the final boss was pretty damn hard. Graphics are amazing too.



RetroRider commented on Totaka's Song is in Animal Crossing: Happy Hom...:

@KodyDawg @Shugo @allav866

"taka's Song first appeared in X – a shooter for the original Gameboy – as a hidden secret and ever since, it has become something of a tradition that it appears in nearly every game that he works on. "

Just read the article. K.K. Song is actually his recurring secret tune. K.K.'s initials actually stand for a similar spelling of Totaka's name, that's because K.K. Sliders is actually based off of Totaka himself.

Fun fact, this guy also voices Yoshi.



RetroRider commented on Video: Charles Martinet Talks Super Mario Make...:

It's funny when his voice gets higher he actually sounds like Mario. I'm basically obsessed with voice acting and this interview was great. I admire Charles a lot, he is a genuily friendly and nice guy. He also gave some great voice acting advice



RetroRider commented on Little Mac Arrives as a Knockout Challenger in...:

That fact that everyone knows that he was long overdue makes his reveal that much more satisfying. And with him now in, the only newcomer that could make me even more happy is Spear Waddle Dee. But that's not very likely.



RetroRider commented on Shovel Knight Targeting 31st March For Launch:

I was always expecting this for an earlier release, but I'm glad it isn't early! I am now content knowing that I will be even happier will my purchase with a longer game and more content. Can't wait for release :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3



RetroRider commented on Sakurai Reiterates That There'll Be No Subspac...:

This is more than likely an adventure mode much like melee's. And I also I think that the wii u will have something different than this type of mode for the game;

"While there will be no story mode, Sakurai assured that the 3DS version would include a feature that would "act as a separate mode from the standard versus play." " -source:

And I am happier that he will be sticking with cutscene intros for new (or older) characters, rather than a story mode. It will be something new to the series after all



RetroRider commented on This Design For A "Game Boy Evolution" Sure Is...:

The concept and design of this is pretty nice, but obviously nothing nintendo would invest in.

I would rather prefer a handheld console just for older nintendo games remade into higher quality and maybe add new features to the games such as multi-player. Sure the 3DS has remade a few games of the nintendo 64, but a system just itself made for complete remakes would be really nice. Ranging from SNES to Game Cube would make it a must have for me. Of course the system and games itself wouldn't cost much. So many older games out there are way better than games are today IMO, and having a system full of classics would thrill many I suppose.

I do love new games, but there is just so many older games out there that were pure gems. I can't really see this idea happening either, but man would that be cool.



RetroRider commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf:


If you like what the game is from what you see so far, I suggest you look into getting it. Entertaining for months, or if you get really addicted, a few years at most.



RetroRider commented on Updated Zelda and Animal Crossing 3DS Card Cas...:


I also have the first case, which is a lot better priced than these.

The animal crossing/mario one is really neat, though these will cost you some coins they are worth it in every way. Before I got my case a while back I just had a pile of games cluttered in my game bag, now I can store 16 games in order.

Which my bag has two places to store things, on the middle holds a nice amount of room, and the top fits the case perfectly. So anyone with enough coins who has plenty of games they play, I urge them to get this.



RetroRider commented on King Dedede to Wield the Mallet as the Latest ...:

So happy this morning when I found this out, and right before looking at Sakurai's post before miiverse this is the only thing I could guess would be the pic of the day.

Funniest pictures ever of DeDeDe, and what a fantastic week for news about smash bros.



RetroRider commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms Separate Super Smash...:

I was glad to here this about the trophies, mainly because if you have a 3DS, you would want characters from the games you have played on the system.

And Sakurai actually commented on the miiverse post, he said they are still beefing the games up and to stay tuned. And also, that talk about it still being released some time in 2014



RetroRider commented on Shovel Knight:

I couldn't ask for a better kind of game, but if Treasurenauts ends up being much cheaper than this, I my just change my mind. Considering both games will be released around the same time



RetroRider commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2014:


Sadly shovel Knight will cost $15.

Really a small price to pay for such a wonderful game, only ever heard good about it.

And the developers are really nice people, I had a few questions about the game while also conversating a little with them. So I really can't wait for the game