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Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Game & Watch! F-Zero! Snowboarding!

2014 is now two weeks old, and we finally have the new North American Club Nintendo rewards to sink our teeth into. Nintendo's kept us in suspense but has now lifted the lid on some DSiWare and retro treats to get the pulses racing.

While the DSiWare releases, in particular, may make you stretch your memories back, all of these titles earned a minimum of 8/10 in their respective Nintendo Life reviews. Check out your options below.

Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory - 100 coins (3DS eShop)
Spin Six - 150 coins (3DS eShop)
F-Zero - 200 coins (Wii U eShop)
1080° Snowboarding - 200 coins (Wii Shop)

These titles will all be available until 9th February 2014, and you can check them out on the Club Nintendo site. Intriguingly, the F-Zero entry is rather particular about specifying that it's for the Wii U eShop iteration, whereas 1080° Snowboarding is accessible on the Wii Shop and via the newer system's Wii Mode; the official rewards page for the popular SNES racer makes no mention, however, of the Wii store. As is standard the DSiWare titles can only be redeemed on the 3DS eShop.

Let us know if you plan to spend any of your hard-earned coins on these in the poll and comments section below.

Which Club Nintendo Reward will you pick up first? (323 votes)

Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory


Spin Six




1080° Snowboarding


Nothing for me this time


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User Comments (120)



ferrers405 said:

After Dillon's Rolling Western I thought they had learned about put some good games for 3DS...



allav866 said:

The rewards were supposed to be updated yesterday, but Club Nintendo delayed it for 24 hours... for this tripe? At least Wii U is starting to get games, but the 3DS apparently doesn't have a big enough library of downloadable titles, so we're only getting DSiware this month. That aside, I already have 3 of these!



ThomasBW84 said:

Speaking, admittedly, as someone not actually based in North America, I think the DSiWare ones would perhaps be more tempting at 50 coins? Game & Watch is a 2DS'-worth of coins, which seems steep!



CharleSketch said:

Aw, nuts. Like allav866 said, since they decided to delay the update for another day I thought we were in for a surprise but... eh. I may be tempted by 1080, but I don't think I'll give in. 200 coins for a bit of curiosity isn't worth it, I rather get Grill-Off for 80 coins.



allav866 said:

@ThomasBW84 I'm a fan of the Game&Watch games, but even I know that they're a better value at $2 than 100 Coins. And yeah, considering that they offer an exclusive WiiWare title for 80 coins... all DSiWare should cost less than that.



Gerbwmu said:

I'm gonna grab F-Zero for free....I remember renting it a long time ago but don't really remember much.

@ThomasBW84 - Nintendo likes giving me points......I'll even get 20 points for getting the free game as I'm sure you are aware. I don't think the prices are all the bad. I don't buy a ton of games......being old with a family and all now.....but in the end its a free game that I earn for filling out a minute survey and I have another 655 points that I will wait to use till the next thing comes out I want. I guess it is all in opinions though.



ColdingLight said:

I'd like to know more about this Spin Six game...But there's no gameplay footage or reviews anywhere...



ColdingLight said:

Ok. Apparently, NintendoLife made a review of the game but I don't really care for there opinion. I'd rather read about it from other bigger sites who have more experience... but there is none. -_- how weird...



XCWarrior said:

@ColdingLight Bigger sites? Are you kidding me? Nintendo LIfe has been around a long time, and for a long time they were the only ones reviewing the Nintendo downloads. Guess what, no matter what site you go to, the people are either volunteer or paid poorly. One opinion is worth just as much as another's. Except IGN's, which are held in the lowest regard b/c they hate Nintendo.



Nico07 said:

Sadly I already have FZero and 1080 so nothing for me this month. If we get some new games to the Club Nintendo program I would be tempted, but all of these are repeats.



ShadowWolf598 said:

Awww man, I was willing to get Super Metroid on my Wii U but it was F-Zero. Oh well... -_-'

(Is F-Zero is a good game??)



theblackdragon said:

@ColdingLight: We put the links back to Metacritic in the sidebar column for every review we do for a reason — Metacritic apparently has links available for three other reviews for Spin Six (that's the game you were curious about, yes?). IGN apparently gave it an 80, ONM and Eurogamer each a 7. Doesn't seem like a bad choice at all, really :3



Alshain01 said:

Looks like they changed it, 1080 Snowboarding now says "Wii U". The tag line below still says "Wii or Wii U" though.



Gioku said:

Yikes... I waited a month for these (there was nothing I wanted last month, either)... guess I've got some more time to collect coins again...



Mrclaycoat said:

Let's face facts, the next five months will be the same games for the Wii U that were 30 cents last year. Makes sense doesn't it?



ThomasBW84 said:

@Gerbwmu Indeed. I wasn't criticising, as such, I just wonder whether it's worth scaling the prices down now. I agree, Club Nintendo basically offers free extras, so from that perspective it's fine. Slightly lower prices would be a nice goodwill gesture though, as the DSiWare games in particular are unlikely to still be selling in notable numbers.



sr388survivor said:

@ShadowWolf598 It's a very good game, especially if you like the SNES. And very challenging.

I don't see why they offer $2 games on Club Nintendo. I'd much rather pay $2 then use up 100 coins.



hypercoyote said:

Man, every time I see this article title posted each month, I get all excited until I realize it's just digital goods...



Samurai_Goroh said:

I'm pretty sure the screenshot on the article is F-Zero 2 (the Japan-only Satellaview sequel), not the original F-Zero.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Samurai_Goroh Funny enough, I had little doubts in my head about that one, so I'd bet you're right. In case you are I've swapped it out for one of our own screens from the game page, anyway!



StrawHatChopper said:

If I didn't already have Spin Six, I'd get it in a heartbeat. I lost so many hours of my life to that game, and I enjoyed every second of it.



Pichubby said:

Its weird. If I log on to Club nintendo, it shows last months games. But if I click on games/rewards, the new ones pop up!



daveh30 said:

Already have F-Zero and 1080, not interested in Game & Watch or Spin Six.... so nothing for me. hopefully something better next month!



sinalefa said:

There are two games that I care about this time! Three if I count Spin Six.


Something that I love about Club Nintendo is that you can buy a game at a discount and still get the original coin amount. For example I bought Code of Princess when it was at $20 in the eShop but I got 40 coins (50 if you include the post play survey) instead of the expected 20 coins.



Mandalore said:

Teasing us with a BS F-Zero 2 picture... For a second I actually thought it was news about Nintendo releasing that on the Virtual Console!



K-Gamer said:

After watching that Battle at AGDQ, I want Super Metroid. These don't interest me, I loved F-zero X but not the original.



paul1983190 said:

Damn another crapy reward games for the 3ds. I have seen a few good ones before but not ones that i liked. I would like Mario games from the gameboy or nes. I wish that Nintendo would put snes games on the VC on the 3ds. I would think it would be easy to do that the 3ds has a very close button configuration to the snes.

I hope that people don't end up having coins expire from waiting for good rewards.



ikki5 said:

I got F-zero for 30 cents... though at least they are adding Wii U games there now, second month in a row. Now they just need to add more VC games to the Wii U.... But I think Nintendo needs to stop labeling games as Wii U unless they are actually Wii U, the snowboarding game is not really on the Wii U, it is a Wii game and just because you can use Wii Mode, doesn't make it a Wii U game.-



bizcuthammer said:

I'm glad that they do this, but come on. 4 available games, and most people dont want them. They choose bad games almost every time, with a few exceptions. Give us something good like Wario Land or Super Mario World. If you're going to put up rewards that no one wants, why bother putting em up at all?



GN004Nadleeh said:

put some exclusives like that zelda 4 swords anniversary or some of those ambassador titles you claim will never be sold. something better



Galactus said:

After getting that Weegee statue Im saving up for the Yoshi cloth. Anyone know if it is to clean screens or dishes? I don't do dishes but my screens are dirty as hell.



Webby-sama said:

Another month of waiting to spend a few of these coins I have stockpiled. Haven't seen anything I wanted since I picked up the ALBW poster set.



Tasuki said:

@allav866: They weren't delayed. The listed date is the last day of that offer not when they are going to switch it. Like for this new batch it says untill February 9th. Which means that February 9th will be the last day these games will be available on CN so the 10th we will get new ones.



Tenebre81 said:

I figured I'd get both 1080 and F-Zero as I just recently got my Wii-U and my game library is pretty puny at this point. Unfortunately, I can't seem to redeem the code for 1080 Snowboarding... Every time I try, it says "Error Code: 107-3108....The item corresponding to the download code you entered is not currently being distributed". Does this have anything to do with this being the first N64 title available for the Wii-U?



Webby-sama said:

@Tasuki Actually they were delayed. They changed it from 12 Janurary to 13 Janurary yesterday. I actually refreshed and saw it change while I was checking too often for the new update.



daveh30 said:

@ Tenebre81 It can be used on a Wii U, but only through the Classic Wii menu and eshop. Its not a Wii U specific version, its the Wii VC version.



ikki5 said:


did.... you read the description???

"Mario’s green friend usually loves cleaning up anything he can get his tongue on. Now he can help you keep your consoles, computer, and tablets shiny and smudge-free with this high quality cleaning cloth. Show your Nintendo fandom wherever you go with this super soft and easily portable gadget accessory.

Polyester Material
Dimensions approximately 6x6 inches
Limited quantity available"

there is even a picture of them cleaning the screens on your 3DS or Wii U....



luigiisgod said:

@Tenebre81 actually if you click on the link it says "classic games for wii" "System: Wii" "Go to the Wii Menu on your Wii U to play this game."



justinluey said:

I'll get 1080 and F-Zero. Loved both games when they were released. I hope Nintendo adds Nintendo 64 games to the Wii U eShop soon.



sketchturner said:

I would have gotten F-Zero if it were playable on the Wii. Darn, what bad luck. I never really enjoyed 1080 back when it came out, but maybe I should give it a shot? I dunno...



ikki5 said:


It is Nintendo's false advertising. I don't understand why they put the Wii U title on it when it is for the Wii and cannot be played on the Wii U unless it is in Wii mode. This is just going to get people frustrated and confused like you already are.


F-Zero can actually be claimed on the Wii U but 1080 Snowboarding can't. F-Zero is actually Wii U only.



Ootfan98 said:

To those complaining, be thankful you don't have EU's exciting line up of Club Nintendo gifts.



Webby-sama said:

EU has some neat stuff. I want a relaxation set or a pink Yoshi cloth.
Plus they have those charging cradles right now.



Firejonie said:

Not getting Mario's Cement Factory, I'm pretty sure it's already in one of the Game & Watch Gallery games out on the eShop now. (or when G&WG3 releases on the VC). Already have F-Zero, and no interest for Spin Six or 1080.



ikki5 said:


What are you talking about, I'd take your Club Nintendo over ours any day. The EU (at least the UK & Ireland Nintendo site) club Nintendo beats out NA's hands down.

You even have those cradles for the 3DS XL still, ours were gone in less than an hour.



RR529 said:

Nothing for me this time. Oh well, these are nothing but free extras, so it's not that big a deal.

To those complaining, Nintendo is not obligated whatsoever to offer free games. You should be glad they're even doing this at all. If you're not particularly interested in the month's offerings, that's fine, but Nintendo isn't obligated (and shouldn't be expected) to give out the game(s) you want.



Capt_N said:

I save my coins to reach the Gold rewards. I don't purchase enough games to give me a boatload of points, so save until Gold, then I may spend them, after which I will sell the item online.



DinsFire said:

@ThomasBW84 I don't know if it was mentioned previously, but it looks like the good folks at Club Nintendo also recently added a new 3DS game card case for 400 coins. Not too shabby considering it comes with 3 interchangeable covers, one of which is a pretty stellar looking LoZ print!



Sam_Loser2 said:

Already have F-Zero from the 30 cent promotion; got snowboarding from the last club nintendo offer and have game and watch gallery 4 (which, at $5 used most places I've seen, is a steal and makes all these game and watch's deal a joke in comparison). I have a few coins to burn not having much selection recently, so I think I'll spring for Spin Six.



Obito_Sigma said:

Was hoping for some better Virtual Console or 3DSware games like they did the past few months. Get Virtual Console software that is good but not too many have, like Mega Man 6 or Ninja Gaiden 3. Also, last month's 3DSware treat was amazing, but I guess that they decided that it was too much, so they decided to slow it down...



Sonic1994CD said:

I think the members should pick what games are available for the month, these games are picked WAY TO OFFEN & you probably already own a copy of the game. Just saying.



tripunktoj said:

I don't like redownloading or moving back and forth to system memory DSiWare games, so I already chose and bought the best ones that can fit at a time, no more DSiWare for me. The only Wii VC game Im I waiting as a reward is Sin and Punishment (there are more, but they aren't on VC yet and I doubt will ever be). Id only get Wii U VC F-Zero to play it on the gamepad, but I already got it for 30 cents, which is better than 200 coins (four $60 retail games registered)

Long story short, nothing for me this month, looking forward to the next month



Ootfan98 said:

@ikki5 ok fair point, the Cradle is a good gift, ok, maybe I am being harch, but I would prefer VC games to buy with points, I am constantly having point expire because there is nothing to choose. Yes, occasionally there are some good gifts, but not enough in my opinion



ecco6t9 said:

It seems I have coins expiring this year., so that means anything I do not own will be downloaded.



FriedSquid said:

I've never played 1080 Snowboarding before, would anyone recommend it? If not that then I'll be getting F-Zero I guess.



ikki5 said:


really? You'd rather a choice of 4 not so great games to all the games?


lol no problem. Also, you do not need to sign in to see the rewards, you just need to go to the site. It might save you some time when you go to check and if you see something you want, then you sign in and redeem it.


you don't need to save your coins to get the status, you can spend them right away and any new coins will keep you going to your status.



SMW said:

1080 only for Wii Mode?! When will this game, let alone ANY N64 games make it to Wii U? I still can't play it because I foolishly transferred 1080 to my Wii U, yet I still don't have a classic controller to play it with, so it currently cannot be played anymore. Silly me. lol



RR529 said:

@Capt_N, spending coins doesn't affect your chances of hitting Gold or Platinum.

You just have to redeem a total of 300 coins in a year to get Gold. Let's say you earn 200 coins, spend 100, and earn another 100 in a year. Even though you'd end up with 200 coins in your account at the end of the year, since you redeemed a total of 300, you'd still get Gold, despite spending 100 of them.



sinalefa said:


I just saw it and ordered the Animal Crossing one. And knowing the members, those will be gone in a couple of days.



LoveSugoi said:

Have about 220 coins now, too little to get one of the nicer physical prizes but enough for a game or two. If F-Zero was for the 3DS, I totally would have went for it but it looks like I'll be saving my coins for yet another month. Good thing they last so long. Guess if they keep putting up games I couldn't care less about, I'll eventually have saved up enough coins for some of the bigger prizes.



N64ever said:

Hmmm 1080. Think I need to get the old N64 out. I miss the music from that game. Especially the level select track. "Work your your doo work..."



dburger said:

I'm hoping that the North American Club Nintendo will restock their Zelda: ALBW posters. I missed them by 70 coins or so when they were first offered as a reward, so I would love to see a 2nd batch get sent to the printers, for a second chance at nabbing them!



Freelance said:

I'd get G&W if I didn't already have it.

@Firejonie it's not, actually. It only appears in G&W Gallery 4 (GBA), so it will probably never appear on the Eshop.



ikki5 said:


but you do have a choice, the UK club Nintendo, people have a choice in any game on the Wii eshop. Not just 4 (or really now as 2 games are for 3DS) games that change every month.



ikki5 said:


you have the ability to get Wii points cards, that there gives you the entire library to choose from. The only thing you don't get a choice on is the 3DS (or Wii U)

also, you can delete yours posts if there was a double one...



dbobo said:

The REAL story here is Nintendo bringing back the 18-card game case in a ZELDA & Animal Crossing theme (400 Coins)! You best believe I'm all over that!
The game selection is pretty lackluster sans F-Zero. I'm hoping Earthbound makes to Club Nintendo one day.



DerrickC said:

I picked up F-Zero as a reward this month. Nothing like reliving my childhood with this SNES classic launch title, and it's still surprisingly fun all these years later. King Leauge got hard again after 23 years of lost practice.



kikenovic said:

the few worthy rewards are way too expensive and the affordable ones are lame (WiiU). They should make the DSi ware titles playable on the WiiU. Also, the coins should never expire



TonLoco said:

@SMW I think you answered a question I have. If a vc game is played in wii mode on the wii u the I need a wii classic controller? Is that correct?



TonLoco said:

Found the answer I was looking for on nintendo's website. I guess each game needs a certain controller to be played from the wii vc.



TonLoco said:

Going to download both wii/wii u vc games as I haven't redeemed coins in a while and I remember both being pretty fun back in the day. Can't go wrong when the price is free I guess.



SMW said:

@TonLoco Little late, but yeah it depends on the game. N64 games require a Wii Classic controller. (Or GameCube controllers if your playing on an actual Wii with GameCube ports on it.)



TonLoco said:

@SMW seems like it would have made more sense to have the wii u pro controller work universally with all wii and wii u vc games but I guess having the backward compatibility is enough. Ill probably pick up a classic controller tomorrow.Can't wait to see how f-zero and 1080 hold up in this day in age.



MrAwesomeFalcon said:

Personally it doesn't matter what games they put up, I can barely keep up with all the coins I have (5K this year!) because I buy games as fast as they make them. I have all the 3DS games (including the "Style Trend Setter" game) because I recently bought $2,000 in e-shop gift cards for about $1,475 because some guy on eBay was stupid enough to sell them at 75% the original price. And as a result I have bought every game on the 3DS and Wii U (usually download version) and I have my CN account overrun with coin surveys. I already got 3 Luigi Statues and am planning on selling 1 of them. So for me it doesn't really matter which games they put up because I just let my little brother (6-ish) download all the CN games because I already have them.

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