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Sun 10th Nov 2013

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paul1983190 commented on Super Mario Maker Patch Speeds Up Tool Delivery:

I installed the update and it didn't work it stayed with coming the next day. I had to mess with the date to get more stuff. i seen forums people complain about it.
also yes i did try use all the items and it still didn't work.



paul1983190 commented on Pokémon Bank Version 1.2 Is Now Available To ...:

i think that the Pokemon bank is stupid. they should have made it , to save on the 3ds it self. When i used my gameshark so export my game save data on the gba , it was around a mega byte of data. My 3ds had a 32 gig SD card on storage is not a problem and could have made the transfer app work on the 3ds only not needing a sever to do it.



paul1983190 commented on Mario Kart 8 Update Planned to Resolve MKTV Yo...:

i couldn't get Mk8 to upload to youtube. It started ever since i download the DLC. i hope they also stop content id mach's on stuff from Mk8. I learned if you just used the option that only makes a video with sound effects and then use youtube to give it music latter if you wont.



paul1983190 commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Confirmed for April:

man the games they keep giving for the 3ds stink. Most of the reward are nothing i would play. I think that they don't put great stuff on their is because they don't have alot to stuff up like the vc for the wiiu. I notice that the stuff that they have for the wiiu are stuff i would play.

also why do the amount of days theses are upkeep being more than a month.



paul1983190 commented on NPD Data Shows More U.S. Gamers Switching to D...:

i buy physical copy's all the time because most of the time they are cheaper. Like the Pokemon x and y it is still $40 for digital but i can buy it for $30 on physical one . They save money when you buy digital but you don't get any of the savings from you not get a cartridge and the box. With digital you are paying for the storage for the game not them. The only things i buy digital are VC or digital only games. Also if you play a game and don't like it or just sick of it you can sell it used.



paul1983190 commented on Less Than 5% of Those Polled by the Game Devel...:

for one this survey is not good. It ask what next game they are releasing will be on what system. that doesn't mean that they will not make any games for the 3ds. Just that they are not releasing a game on that system yet but they could have a game in production..I think a better survey would be what platform that you are not planing on working for or releasing on or what systems are you developing for.



paul1983190 commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

Damn another crapy reward games for the 3ds. I have seen a few good ones before but not ones that i liked. I would like Mario games from the gameboy or nes. I wish that Nintendo would put snes games on the VC on the 3ds. I would think it would be easy to do that the 3ds has a very close button configuration to the snes.

I hope that people don't end up having coins expire from waiting for good rewards.