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Sun 22nd Sep 2013

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DinsFire commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

@ThomasBW84 I don't know if it was mentioned previously, but it looks like the good folks at Club Nintendo also recently added a new 3DS game card case for 400 coins. Not too shabby considering it comes with 3 interchangeable covers, one of which is a pretty stellar looking LoZ print!



DinsFire commented on FAST Racing NEO To Feature 'Hyper Real Graphics':

@Kodeen Couldn't have said it better. Also, it's people like you that renew my faith in humanity re: the internet. Kudos for knowledge transfer.

I've been intrigued by Nano Assault Neo, but I've yet to shell out for it. This sounds great too, and with a developer like this who seems to really care about quality I'm sure it will be a solid piece of software.



DinsFire commented on Video: Comedian Wayne Brady Gets a Tad Excited...:

Loved Wayne Brady growing up! IMHO, good effort but the only one I actually enjoyed was the first video. The beginning of the third was funny but it tapered off quickly.

@ThomasBW84 Quick spell check - unless I'm out of it from playing until 6am, I believe it should be 'B'rady in the second paragraph. Oh and good point on the battery. I know that red light all too well during extended WW HD episodes...



DinsFire commented on Video: Watch Two People Unbox The Zelda: Wind ...:

Hi everyone! Long time NL reader, first time contributor.

Anyways, already owning a Wii U I still picked this up as it's beautiful (and far better in person - the video doesn't do it justice) and all the downloadable content is a bonus considering the price. Not to mention you get the game a couple weeks early if you're in NA (Sorry EU, not sure if you shared this timing or not). I actually just synced up the new pad to my existing system and then sold my old pad with the new hardware on a discount to a friend.

Oh and if you are on the fence and not quite sure if you want to pick up this re-release then read the NL review and just know that this is THE version to play (coming from a borderline LoZ fanatic with every game haha).