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Tue 22nd Oct 2013

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MrAwesomeFalcon commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for January:

Personally it doesn't matter what games they put up, I can barely keep up with all the coins I have (5K this year!) because I buy games as fast as they make them. I have all the 3DS games (including the "Style Trend Setter" game) because I recently bought $2,000 in e-shop gift cards for about $1,475 because some guy on eBay was stupid enough to sell them at 75% the original price. And as a result I have bought every game on the 3DS and Wii U (usually download version) and I have my CN account overrun with coin surveys. I already got 3 Luigi Statues and am planning on selling 1 of them. So for me it doesn't really matter which games they put up because I just let my little brother (6-ish) download all the CN games because I already have them.