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Yesterday we reported a rumour of a Spring release date for the new Super Smash Bros, though urged plenty of caution and pointed out the dangers of misquoted executives. It all came about from Nintendo Germany's Bernd Fakesch tying the release of the new fighting game in the same window as Mario Kart 8 on Wii U; the racing game has been suggested for that period for a good amount of time.

As was perhaps expected, Nintendo has since corrected the error, saying the following to IGN.

There seems to be some buzz online today about the launch date of Super Smash Bros. We would like to clarify that the speculation about a Spring 2014 launch date for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U was the result of a misquotation in an interview. The original article has since been rectified and we have no further announcements to make at this time.

The updated article on neckar-chronik.de simply states "next year" instead of specifying a particular season. The logical perspective that the new title from Sakurai-san and his team will likely come later in 2014 is back in vogue once again.

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[via uk.ign.com]