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Nintendo Confirms That Smash Bros. Isn't Lined Up for Spring

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Yesterday we reported a rumour of a Spring release date for the new Super Smash Bros, though urged plenty of caution and pointed out the dangers of misquoted executives. It all came about from Nintendo Germany's Bernd Fakesch tying the release of the new fighting game in the same window as Mario Kart 8 on Wii U; the racing game has been suggested for that period for a good amount of time.

As was perhaps expected, Nintendo has since corrected the error, saying the following to IGN.

There seems to be some buzz online today about the launch date of Super Smash Bros. We would like to clarify that the speculation about a Spring 2014 launch date for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U was the result of a misquotation in an interview. The original article has since been rectified and we have no further announcements to make at this time.

The updated article on simply states "next year" instead of specifying a particular season. The logical perspective that the new title from Sakurai-san and his team will likely come later in 2014 is back in vogue once again.

Are you disappointed or even surprised by this? Let us know in the comments below.


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SkywardCrowbar said:

Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Yarn Yoshi for the months before August, then Zelda U and Smash and X along with probably something else for the holidays.



Haxonberik said:

I knew they definitely wouldn't release it that soon. Well, the soonest they could release it would be after 2014's E3.



ikki5 said:

This actually makes me happy. I felt that spring of 2014 was too soon and it would have been a rushed game. Like, they didn't even have playable demos or any actually footage, even now we only get screenshots.



kuribo4 said:

I still think it's coming in spring. I speak german and the Nintendo employee clearly said "for Spring we have Mario Kart and Smash Bros."
And now they have changed the article...what the guy actually said!
They probably want it to be a surprise for a Direct.



Gerbwmu said:

I hope we get a January Nintendo Direct giving some info on what to expect for 2014 and when to expect it. Maybe a little New Year hype to get some units moving after the holiday season.



NintyMan said:

I'm surprised that Nintendo responded at all, but the rumors were getting a little out-of-hand. I'm actually glad it's not releasing so soon. These games more than likely would have been small in content if they had released in Spring and I want these new games to be at least as big as Brawl minus the epic story in the Adventure Mode. Besides, Sakurai had been very tight-lipped on new details until recently, and even then we have a long way to go as far as characters, stages, and items.



sinalefa said:

I am also glad. I still have a big backlog and I want this game (s) to be as polished and content rich as possible.



Rezalack said:

Not surprised nor disappointed. I wasn't expecting this until winter 2014. I want them to take their time with this one and make it amazing as it can be.



HyperSonicEXE said:

As many releases as Nintendo has for Spring 2014???

Besides, there was -no way- that Smash 4 was going to be ready that soon.



AdanVC said:

It was expected. There's no way two of the biggest system sellers of Nintendo MK8 and Smash could release on the same season/period. Smash is most likely to be the big holiday 2k14 title for Nintendo. But I'm glad that at least MK8 is still aiming to release on spring I'm tremendously looking forward to play it in glorious HD/60 FPS... and the online... omggggggg.



jpfan1989 said:

Expected as much but I'm also relieved, as it is i feel 2014 is too soon, brawl took years to polish, i don't want a rushed product.



NintyMan said:

Wow, when I went and told the people on Miiverse this, one of them called me a liar. I told him it came from IGN, and he said that IGN says some lies sometimes. Too funny!

Needless to say that my post was very unpopular in the Super Smash Bros. community.



Einherjar said:

The more time goes into it, the better it will be. If you ask me, they can take whatever time they need to make it a masterpiece. Sure, i want to have it as soon as possible, but i rather have the best thing ever since sliced bread than an earlier but "ok" game.



NintyMan said:

At any rate, I want Sakurai to take his time to make sure these are the best Super Smash Bros. games ever. They might not have been if they had released in the Spring. Make them big, and make them fun!



Phantom_R said:

It was obviously an error. Not even Sakurai is ever sure when his games will be finished.



McGruber said:

Of course it's not coming in spring. Nintendo being the only company that puts AAA games on their platforms can only afford to have one AAA game a season. Smash Bros is prob next years holiday season "Wii U saver " just like 3D World



JesusAcHe said:

Well, as long as they don't rush it. Plus keep in mind this is a game that is being developed on 2 very different consoles, so the process has to be more careful.



TARDIS-Blue_Blur said:

I read the unedited article (german as well).
Either that wasn't an actual "quote"/or they have misunderstood him, or Nintendo wants to make an announcement their self. ^^



Yoshis_VGM said:

Well I'm ultimately not surprised. Mario Kart is already coming out in the spring, I think they'll want to space the releases out a little.



Megumi said:

"Spring 2014 launch date for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U" - Just making sure everyone saw that they were talking about the Wii U version, lol. Maybe the 3DS one will come out in Spring? x3



Yodelman64 said:

Not surprised at all. If it was coming out then then a lot more advertising would be going on and Nintendo would announce it. This is a pretty big game



Wolfgabe said:

Not surprised. Spring seems a bit rushed to me. It will likely be either a summer or fall title



Captain_Balko said:

Called it. I'm guessing Christmas season 2014 is much more likely (and even then delays are still possible).



2Sang said:

Meh figured it wasn't true. Just one more reason to not own a wii u for the next several months.



YT-SutibunDatsW said:

THANK GOD! I felt that if this game came out in spring then that online and game in general would've felt rushed, and you only get one Smash per gen



FeedingTheWheel said:

They can take as long as they need to....just as long as I get it before 2015. I have too many games that need playing.



JaxonH said:

This is totally ok.

We have Donkey Kong Country coming in February, right? That's a huge release. Then in March we'll get Watch Dogs, ok, which is also another huge release for Wii U. And I'm sure Mario Kart 8 will be out in April or May, and that's a really huge release. By that time, we'll be approaching E3 where we can finally see the new Zelda game and maybe a few release dates lined up.

Then the second half of 2014 should get really interesting, with Smash Bros 4 and Bayonetta 2 certainly coming, and Zelda U and Monolith Soft's X being likely contenders for a fall/winter release as well (maybe that's a little hopeful, but we'll see). Also, we still have Yoshi's Epic Yarn and SMT x Fire Emblem as wildcards, as well as unannounced titles Nintendo has yet to reveal (think of how many games we knew about going into 2013- basically just Pikmin 3 and Project P100, but look how many we ended up getting by year's end)



Pichubby said:

@jman0625 THX! may have to get the game then, instead of playing melee. i hope that there is an adventurre mode in the new one. does the 3.0 come with new stages?



aaronsullivan said:

@SkywardCrowbar @JaxonH I'd love for Zelda U to come out in 2014, but I think that's incredibly optimistic. Maybe another HD conversion but if we follow previous examples we will get a teaser at E3 2014 and a full reveal at E3 2015 for a Holiday release in 2015 if we are fortunate and there aren't many delays.

We JUST got Wind Waker and Link Between Worlds and those were test beds for the Wii U game which, to me, means the groundwork is just getting started now.



Hale-Bopp said:

I never expected it to come out then, but it's nice to have some more clarification. Still, it doesn't entirely sound like they ruled out Spring. They just don't have anything else to say about it right now, which is typical safe PR. Still, I don't expect it in Spring. Maybe Summer. Maybe Fall. Who knows.



creative92 said:

They always say 'spring' and then push it back to an E3 announcement and then drop the ball that it won't be coming out till next winter or some other time. They always do this, i'm starting not to like E3 cause of this. They always use the event to prolong a game release, and then only to announce at the event that it will again be released "later".



PleaseUnderstan said:

That was honest, they could've rode that rumor and then delay it later after people went out and got the console. Unlike MS who bait with Halo. They should just change their name to MicrotransactionBoxone



Stubborn_Monkey said:

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Q1 2014
Mario Kart 8: Q2 2014
Bayonneta 2: Most likely Q3 2014
"X": Q3, perhaps Q4 2014
Smash Bros: Q4 2014
"Yarn Yoshi": Q4 2014, maybe even 2015
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem: 2015

NOTE: These are guesstimates. Stubborn_Monkey does not accept any responsibility for any loss or increase of hype in the reader.



I-U said:

Just as long as Smash 4 stays a 2014 title, I'll have a bit of interest in getting the game for the Wii U. If that version goes to 2015, no interest.



Handy_Man said:

@linktothepichu Yes, it comes with new stages!

Also, you have to use the hackless method to get it to work. You also have to delete all of your custom stages to be able to load it. Lastly, you have to put in the SD card once you're on Wii mode, as putting it in on Wii U mode will delete the Project M files.



RupeeClock said:

Spring does seem too early, the game is still in development by the looks of things and it was only announced this past E3, so not even half a year yet.

Good games take all the time they need and I don't mind, heck prefer if they approach development this way for a change. Both Melee and Brawl have absent content as a result of deadlines.



jjmesa16 said:

This is more exciting than hearing that Donkey Kong will be arriving on February 21st. If Nintendo would have announced this at VGX they would at least have gotten a response from the hosts unlike DK. jk



jjmesa16 said:

@Stubborn_Monkey I agree. I would have liked to have seen Mario Kart 8 in Q1 but I doubt that will happen. I also think that X will definitely be in Q4 and Yoshi Yarn will appear around the time of DK in 2015 as we have heard really nothing about it.

You forgot Zelda. Should be Q2 or Q3 2015.



Subie98 said:

@Stubborn_Monkey only 3 Nintendo exclusive games I actually want seem to be coming out next year. X, mk8 and smash. Im only slightly interested in dkctf and bayonetta, not enough to purchase either at full retail price. Im rather disappointed. Guess ill be getting a ps4 before fall. Maybe summer.



jjmesa16 said:

@Hale-Bopp True they did not explicitly rule out Super Smash Bros. in the spring however I do not think that it will be released at that time. Summer would be a great time to release it as it is summer break but I'm leaning more towards a late summer/early fall release, August-September.



Stubborn_Monkey said:

Yeah, I think Yoshi will launch in Q1 2015, they didn't even show it at this year's E3 because it still was in early development. X by the end of the year would be ideal, a nice addition to the MK/SSB combo for Christmas. Zelda on Q4 2015.


I think Tropical Freeze will be $50, less than the usual price for a Wii U game, $60.



gregrout said:

There's really not much to look forward to "Nintendo-Wise". I think Bravely Default (3DS) and Mario Kart (Wii-U) are pretty much it which spells out another long drought of mediocrity for the release calender. So much for that one year release advantage Nintendo has, they look as flat-footed as the competition.



Excep7ional said:

For those of you who can't really wait, I suggest playing Project M to hold you over. I haven't played it myself but I hear nothing but good things about it. So take that into consideration.



michael148th said:

As long as it comes next year thats fine. Mario Kart 8 will be a fun game for people to enjoy until Smash Bros comes out!



Williaint said:

That's actually a pretty bad rumour... I f it was ready a year from now, I'd be happy.



Rafie said:

I knew that rumor was just that....a rumor! Why would any of you think that Smash was going to come out in the spring where Mario Kart 8 is slated for that slot? More content has to be packed into Smash than MK8. Smash will probably drop winter next year or early 2015. Calling it now. That's more plausible than the spring next year.



jayclayx said:

I know there is ton of games out there for wii U right now, I got sm3dw, acIV, sonic lost world and zelda wwhd but actually are there any third party game for next year besides watch dogs? because everybody here only speak about nintendo titles and I think you all should support good third party games.



electrolite77 said:

Why do people keep saying 'it won't come out close to Mario Kart' when the Wii versions were 2 months apart?



michael148th said:

@Rafie The reason people did think and sone still do is because in March of 2008 Brawl came out then next month Mario Kart Wii came out! I remember that was a great time for Nintendo fans



felony211662 said:

Why does everyone seem to think x is coming next year? That will definitely be a clanging wait of kingdom hearts proportions



ToniK said:

Like @aaronsullivan said, holiday 2015 is the most realistic release date for the new Zelda. Smash bros will also probably get a delay or two since the development time is already over 9000. It's pretty obvious that Ninty exclusives won't keep me busy enough and third party support is what it is. So I will probably need to purchase my first Sony console ever.



hylianhalcyon said:

Yeah, I don't see a WiiU zelda coming out next year. Historically Zelda games have had pretty long development times, and last I knew they weren't very far at all on the next console one.



Hunter-D said:

At the very earliest I expected a Q3 release. I honestly don't mind though.

I'd much rather they take their time.



erv said:

Sounds like a holiday blockbuster to be honest. A year off, but let them take their time to perfect it as needed. That will make it worth the wait.



KryptoKrunch said:

Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2 and DK are all slated early in the year. I'll be satisfied until Smash releases.



GTWarrior77 said:

Not disappointed at all. I would've been surprised if the spring release date was legit. As long as Mario Kart 8 doesn't get delayed I'm happy.



xevious said:

Well, ok. That's fine, but what IS lined for spring? MK8 and Donkey Kong? Is that it? In order to build hype around the Wii U we need to have ALL of that s*it for spring an then some! We need completely new games announced! Nintendo get your head out of your *ss!!



johndevine said:

@Epicnessofme99 nobody should be suprised. Nintendo announced nothing really. And all these daft websites reported on it.

They should just talk about release dates once they are known.



rjejr said:

@ToniK - "So I will probably need to purchase my first Sony console ever."

May I suggest a PS3. It's cheap(er) and has a few good games, and what it lacks can be made up for in PS2 HD remakes.

I don't think SSB can be the big 2014 holiday release, it's too hardcore focused and wll sell whenever it comes out so probbaly Sept/Oct. Next holiday will be Wii Sports Club (complete disc version) or Sports Resort U or Wii Music U or something else family friendly.

Zelda 2015, no earlier. Maybe later.



DarkNinja9 said:

you would have to not used common sense if you thought they release it in spring like come on o.O this is at least a summer or fall game 2014 but most likely summer



LittleIrves said:

So.... they never explicitly say it's NOT coming in Spring. They just say the rumor was based on a misquotation. And then: "We have no further announcements to make at this time." I know that's a boilerplate 'no comment' kind of line, but nowhere in the response is a strict denial. I don't know, perhaps a spring release isn't out of the question.

If I had to guess, I'd bet Smash U/3DS will be their late spring/early summer game to drive engagement until the fall, much like Animal Crossing did this past year. But that's probably overly optimistic. We'll see...



duffmman said:

@jman0625 or if you use the SSBB Project M iso builder. Of course you need to hack the vwii mode of the Wii U in order to play this, but its a nice way to save space on your sd card.



Naptime85 said:

More time to make the online multiplayer as flawless as possible. I swear, if the online multiplayer is as shaky as Brawl's was I'm going to be VERY disappointed.



RetroRider said:

Nintendo never said it wouldn't come in the spring... why is everyone suddenly saying that it won't...? Its not like it is impossible or anything. By spring it would of take just about the same amount of time it took to make brawl. Plus the 3DS version may be even easier to develop.

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