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Thu 31st Oct 2013

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Naptime85 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

Ugg, I'm hearing too many "mixed" and "underwhelming" things about this game. And yes, graphics aren't everything but these look bad. Sorry, they do. And no online multiplayer. I was looking forward to dogfights with my online friends. I've never felt more deflated after a Nintendo e3. Honestly, my faith and trust with Nintendo is fading. Not sure what this NX is yet, but at this point it can't good, it can't be great, it has to be BEYOND OUTSTANDING for me to even consider buying it at this point. It's a sad day to say someone who has had every console since NES is pretty much done.



Naptime85 commented on Feature: Hyrule Warriors - Everything We Know ...:

Honestly, I told myself if it didn't have online multiplayer, I wasn't going to buy it. Sorry, I get the whole "have fun on the couch with your friends and family" but I'm far too busy anymore to go over to a friend's house every time I want to play multiplayer. Nintendo's lack of response to online multiplayer even as a option for some is really starting to get under my skin. It's 2014 Nintendo. Come on...



Naptime85 commented on Nintendo Passing on PAX East 2014:

Nintendo's E3 2014 better be absolutely mindblowing. I mean rock your socks off, slap your grandma amazing. Not just another "meh B+" showing. In my opinion, it MUST be A++ presentation for them to even be relevant anymore. Sorry, but if I don't see any real effort from Nintendo this year, the Wii U might be my last Nintendo console.



Naptime85 commented on Iwata Braves Press Conference to Explain Ninte...:

The Wii U is not the problem. Nintendo is the problem. Their approach thus far with the Wii U has been nothing but mind boggling and infuriating. They have NO ONE to blame but themselves. It's time for Iwata to step down.