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Sun 29th Jun 2008

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GrandSparkster commented on Complete First Season Of Donkey Kong Country T...:

I remember watching this most of the time after school back then (Fox Family before it was ABC Family). Never realized how incredibly cheesy (or musical) it was.

I guess I never realized because I was excited there was another video cartoon on TV since Mega Man, which kind of proves @Dauntless 's point.



GrandSparkster commented on Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle Gets Hungry on 3DS T...:

People? No.
The manga and anime deal with a world where food is the center of virtually everything, from government to riches to world peace. People like the titular character set out to create delicious meals made of ingredients from the harshest of places and, often times, the most dangerous of creatures.



GrandSparkster commented on Review: Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Game Boy):

The only two WL games I've ever played/owned were 2 and 4.
So I'm definitely getting 1. Will probably get Mole Mania after some research.

Thinking about Planet Crashers but I never heard of that and I'm maintaining what little funds I have for the summer.