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Live & Learn Or Don't !

Male, 22, United States

I am guy who loves Sonic the hedgehog as well as Pretty much anything Nintendo from Mario,Zelda,Metroid etc! I own previous Nintendo systems and the newset Wii U! I'm here to talk to other Nintendo fans in the community and share my opinions.

Thu 12th Dec 2013

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michael148th commented on Talking Point: Sonic and the Wii U Both Seek a...:

I believe that Sonic Boom is going to leave people amazed once the game is out! I believe this game is really great way to pull in people who are both Sonic fans and newcomers to the Sonic world. I loved the Sonic adventure games and Sonic 06 the open free world feeling and from what i saw looks like its a better idea of open world like experience.. I have faith this game is going to be awesome. Can't wait until this comes out XD



michael148th commented on Mario Kart 8 Jump Festa Impressions:

Can't wait just a few more months this game looks amazing so far there are 17 characters i would like 32 since Mario Kart Wii had 24-25 with Miis! The best part is unlocking characters