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Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

What to expect when the service hits the 3DS soon

It was recently revealed that the Nintendo Network ID system is coming to the 3DS — and not before time. As well as opening up the likes of Miiverse to portable players, the new system will finally allow you to share your eShop credit balance between your Wii U and 3DS. If you own a Wii U then you'll already be familiar with the basics, but there are some key differences between how Nintendo Network ID functions on the 3DS.

This news will no doubt trigger a series of questions inside the bulbous cranium of many a Nintendo fan, so with that in mind we've compiled a handy guide which will hopefully answer any queries you have regarding Nintendo Network ID on your 3DS system.

What does the Nintendo Network ID do, and why does it benefit me to have one on my 3DS?

The Nintendo Network ID is basically an online identity, like a 'Gamertag' on Xbox Live or PSN. It will allow you to post to Miiverse on your 3DS console and will also allow you to combine your Wii U eShop and 3DS eShop balances, allowing you to spend the credit across two services. In the future, you'll be able to use your ID to sign into other systems — for example, it can already be used to post to the web version of Miiverse.

I already have a Nintendo Network ID on my Wii U. Can I use this on my 3DS?

Absolutely! When the update arrives, you'll be asked to sign into your 3DS using the same ID as the one you have on your Wii U. Be careful, though — to ensure that both consoles connect using the same ID, you'll have to enter your username exactly as it appears on the Wii U. Any mistake here will result in another ID being created, so double-check that everything matches up.

Can I register more than one Nintendo Network ID on the same 3DS system, like with the Wii U?

No, you can't. The 3DS can only accept a single Nintendo Network ID, which means if you share your system with other members of your family, you'll need to be careful — they could potentially spend all your eShop credit (and not just the credit you use on your 3DS, but on your Wii U as well, as the balances will be combined) and could also post offensive or inane gibberish to Miiverse. If ever there was a good argument for everyone having their own 3DS console, this is it.

I've previously transferred my 3DS content from one system to another using the System Transfer process. Can I still do this when the Nintendo Network ID arrives?

Yes, you can. The process is pretty much the same as before — all of your content jumps from one console to the other — but there's an additional caveat this time around. If the console you're moving to already has a Nintendo Network ID associated with it, you'll need to delete that first before you make the transfer.

Will the Nintendo Network ID remember my purchases if I sign in with it on another 3DS console?

Not at this stage, no. The ID is currently used to give your system an identity on the network, allowing you to post to services such as Miiverse. It does not currently allow you to tie your purchases to it and move them to other systems — system transfers still require both pieces of hardware (the host and the target systems) to be present when moving content across. There's a good chance that bringing the Nintendo Network ID to the 3DS is the first step towards adopting such a system, but this is obviously speculation at the moment.

I've been changing regions on my 3DS in order to access other eShops from the same territory (such as PAL). Will I be able to do this when the Nintendo Network ID is in place?

Sadly not. Your Nintendo Network ID will be tied to a certain country or region, which means you can't switch. If you have amassed currencies for several different regions, then these will be lost when you create your Nintendo Network ID — the only balance that will remain is the one of your specified region.

Can I opt out of the Nintendo Network ID system on my 3DS?

It would appear not. When the update which brings the functionality arrives shortly, you will be asked to create (or register) a Nintendo Network ID on your 3DS, even if you're just downloading free content. It would appear that Nintendo wants every 3DS and Wii U owners to have an ID — which is a positive thing, as it means moving forward it will be easier to introduce more improvements to the online service, such as accounts which remember your purchases, and so on.

If you've got any additional questions regarding the Nintendo Network ID on 3DS, please let us know and we'll update this guide accordingly.

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muchB1663R said:

so this is completely different from my club Nintendo sync setup? will my Nintendo ID account and my Club Nintendo account eventually be merged?



DualWielding said:

damn so instead of removing region lock now they want to lock you onto a single country,

And what if you move countries? do Nintendo understand that people sometimes move to different places?



GuSolarFlare said:

@ferthepoet yeah that's lame(though it won't make much difference to me since I didn't know it was possible to enter the Eshop from other regions by simply changing my 3DS's settings until exactly now)



BenAV said:

This is the worst news ever.
MiiVerse on 3DS is nice and all, but it's definitely not worth me being stuck with Australia's terrible eShop.



WesCash said:

"... It does not currently allow you to tie your purchases to it..."

Truly next-gen stuff, this.



DualWielding said:

now if I recall the direct correctly they said you would be able to buy paid stuff without a Nintendo Network ID so you can spend any balance you have so it won't be fully mandatory in the beginning but it still sucks that they would tie you to a country without possibility to change.....



G0dlike said:

Looking forward to a unified account. 2 3DS's, 2 Wii U's, all with shared data and what not. Happy days indeed.



Corleonis88 said:

Will I be able to choose which region I want to be locked to? I would very much like to remain using the canadian eshop instead of the mexican one



BenAV said:

@Corleonis88 You should be able to set up a Canadian NNID if that's what you want to be locked in.
I'd set mine to the UK rather than Australia, but if I want to be able to use my NNID that I already have from the Wii U then that probably won't be possible...



Dpullam said:

This article answered some of the questions I had. Thankfully, I live in the USA so the country issue won't bother me. It's unfortunate for those that live in obscure regions though.



Bliquid said:

Thanks for the guide.
I have one silly question, since i don't have a WiiU: does Nintendo ID substitute Friend Codes, in regards of registering friends and whatnot ?



RainbowGazelle said:

One step forward...
"The new system will finally allow you to share your eShop credit balance between your Wii U and 3DS."
Two steps back...
"Your Nintendo Network ID will be tied to a certain country or region."
"The 3DS can only accept a single Nintendo Network ID."



HopeNForever said:

I wonder, will the Nintendo Network ID work in vice-versa? In other words, if a Nintendo 3DS owner who doesn't own a Wii U right now registers for a NNID account, and when they later get a Wii U, will that same NNID they registered on the Nintendo 3DS work for the Wii U?

@Bliquid I really doubt that might be technically possible since the Nintendo 3DS was not designed with full NNID support in mind, unlike the Wii U. As far as I can tell, you will only need the NNID for the Nintendo eShop and Miiverse access at this stage. Everything else is business as usual.



gurtifus said:

A question for some WII U owner :
Are your WII U eshop purchases tied to your console or your NNID ?



Bliquid said:

@Captain_Gonru: yeah, i read the article Taedirk posted and, well, now i'm kinda disappointed.
They still have to get the knack of internet, it seems.
Proof of this is Nintendo is the only one who has to publish guides on how to use their services ( Wii connectivity campaign and folloing comes to mind), because they are so NOT intuitive and more often than not completely lacking logic.
Once again, i'm tired of the Nintendo Difference.



Corleonis88 said:

@BenAV I have a canadian id and a mexican id on wii u. I was planning on linking my 3ds with the canadian account to share balances and keep using the canadian eshop. I just hope I will be able to keep doing this regardless of my phisical location. If not, well vpn



gurtifus said:

@Kodeen Ok so WII U owner have the same issue than 3DS owner !
For a moment, I thought only 3DS had this problem.



ikki5 said:

Ok, honestly people. How is the 3DS only being able to have 1 Nintendo network ID a set back? Who actually shares their 3DS with their entire family where they all tend to do everything? hardly anyone. A Console is different as one console is more likely to be used in a living room with everyone using it where your 3DS is pretty much you using it and no one else so why is this an issue? Or are you just trying to find something to b**** about?



BenAV said:

@Corleonis88 I assume that you should probably be fine then, as long as you set your 3DS region to Canada and use the Canadian NNID.



gojiguy said:

This is cool, but considering Canada got screwed out of Kokuga, I'm not sure I'll link accounts.



andreoni79 said:

Nintendo customer service sayd that 3DS MiiVerse will not support message exchange between friends or Friend Requests...
I guess it's as useless as MiiVerse on Pc.



ddbangsy said:

I'm in abit of a pickle due to owning a 3ds on PAL region and a Wii U on North America region, so not sure I'll be able to connect my Network ID.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah this blows. I ain't gonna update unless I have to access the eShop & I ain't gonna link my NNID to it unless I can't access the eShop without it. Gonna stick with my Aussie ID if I have to since sometimes its cheaper than the UK or Ireland eShops even though we don't get all the games they get elsewhere. Good luck to me!



NES_Hoarder said:

What about the friends list? Will it share your friends on Wii U? Will it replace the friend codes? Will it change at all?



eza said:

Yeah this is really quite annoying. I have a UK 3DS and Spanish Wii U, and I travel a lot with my 3DS.
I buy 3DS games from the UK eShop and Wii U games from the Spanish eShop.

I emailed Nintendo for more information and got "We cannot confirm if you will be required to change your ID to the correct country upon linking it to your Spanish 3DS as there have been no announcements with regards to this."
They misread my question. I have a UK 3DS and I'm not sure which country is 'correct' in my situation.
I've replied with clarification and have also asked whether changing the NNID's country is or will be possible.
So I'll have to decide on a single country where I will always live for the duration of my Nintendo-gaming life?
In a world where travel becomes ever cheaper and faster, is this really a good move on Nintendo's part?

I have been affected by this more than most, as I enjoy travelling and living in different parts of the world, and also enjoy Nintendo games. So I have:

  • Australian Wii
  • Japanese DSi
  • UK 3DS
  • Spanish Wii U
    Why am I being penalised for this by Nintendo?

It looks like this could be the first 3DS system update that I won't install.
And if this region-locking persists in future then I'm going to have to vote with my wallet and buy open systems, because why would I pay money to be treated like this when I don't have to?

At least with the original Wii anyone who owned Zelda:TP could remove the region lock simply by loading a saved game... I live in hope for similar advances with the Wii U and 3DS!



BenAV said:

@ddbangsy Yeah, I think you most likely won't be able to use the same NNID on both systems unfortunately.
Don't think anyone knows for sure yet, but that'll probably be the case.

@NES_Hoarder Seems like the 3DS friend list will be unchanged from what I gather, and that the NNID is purely for accessing MiiVerse on the 3DS (no adding friends and private messages and everything) and having linked eShop accounts.



N64ever said:

I will be more stoked when they make it where you can play virtual console titles on both systems and have your suspended play transfer between the two.



Taedirk said:

@ThomasBW84 Like everyone else, I have a whole laundry list of things I wish they'd answer about this (friends, messages, purchases, etc.). Even if it's just "eventually", that'd be better than getting told never.



Bliquid said:

@N64ever : i share your idea, but not only is a very big "if" more than a "when", assuming it's a "when" i put my money on "many years from now".
But Nintendo is welcome to prove me wrong.



Romeo said:

it is so stupid that we won't be able to message people via Miiverse on the 3ds... not even friend requests will be possible

why? oh... lets protect the children, omg..?
who cares



Romeo said:

i love nintendo, but if there is one thing which annoys me about them...

it's always: "protect the children"
"we have to protect the children.. so you won't be able to message each other"

how stupid is that?
1) it's not their job
2) totally unnecessary
cant even do something as simple as sending your friends a message....



KeatonTS said:

Im sorry, but this will be a simi useless app now....Adding friends for playing co-op and sending them an INSTANT message letting them you're ready to play is the main purpose of miiverse, besides asking for help on a post..
I know the swapnote accident bad and cost us flipnote friends gallery and swapnote and im okay (entirely with the loss of swaonote) but these are account systems.. people have to REGISTER to use these services that means you can more easily track and ban instead of making this a problem for everyone to suffer. I KNOW you can do this, focus more on the bigger problem and not the small ones like banning my ability to write a profile bio anymore..... I mean really? All i did was mention my alias so people would recognize me. Yet. i can give my Mii character my real name, visible to ALL of miiverse and not be penalized for it. I'm 19 years old, im not a child, nintendo. Use the age limit friend restriction to your advantage, but i suppose extreme region locking is more important than that, huh.



Doma said:

If (a feature gimped) Miiverse is the only thing these IDs are bringing to the table, i won't bother registering one for now.
Accounts are the main reason i ignore the crappy eShop, and demo were the only reason i ever had for entering it. Being blocked from those will kinda suck, but.... meh.

Get with the times!



DarkKirby said:

I thought Nintendo was inching toward a unified account system, but it's becoming more clear this is more about solidifying region locked content.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@GuSilverFlame That only really worked if the area you lived in had access to multiple distribution areas like Australia.

@eza I would hope you don't play online for any of your games then. Chances are this is a required update and not downloading it will restrict your ability to play future games online. Also, about must live in an area with pretty good buying power I guess. I live in Canada, and on average travel expenses are taxed quite heavily on flights.



uximal said:

Hmm, I have mixed feelings.. I feel like they have rushed this update. Nintendo should have waited till they have something more solid than this, It's a bit disappointing when they bringing a lot of cool updates(1.Miiverse, 2.NNID, 3.Unified Account for WiiU and 3DS, 4. Can share funds btw the linked systems) for the 3DS but at the same time there are some drawbacks (1.Tight region lock feature, 2.No Message exchange in Miiverse, 3.No friend request feature for miiverse. ) which leads to one conclusion.... Cool but unpolished product.

I just think they should have waited a bit longer for this update.
We lost SWAPNOTE , So I was really hoping MiiVerse would replace it.



supremii said:

@ikki5 Believe it or not, I share my 3DS with another person and that works just fine. What would be wrong about allowing multiple ID's to be used on one system? It is possible on the WiiU so why won't it on the 3DS?



MideonNViscera said:

Why does Nintendo insist on half donkeying everything? Microsoft has had XBL accounts working properly since what, 2004? Jesus.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Morpheel said:

It sucks that we won't be able to switch regions.

This may also pose problems in the future, I mean, what if someone moves to another country, be it for work or school?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

And if somebody has no WiiU or NNID yet? Will 3DS owners be blocked out of Miiverse? That'd be lame.
And all in all, this is kinda useless, anyway. 3DS FC's don't link to NNID's, so you still can't contact people from your friends list as an alternative to Swapnote...



FriedSquid said:

So, if I have a 3DS and my sister has a 3DS, but we will share the same Wii U, that wouldn't work?



eza said:

@Ernest_The_Crab with my 3DS I don't really play online a lot, so it'll be no big loss. But I do buy games from the eShop, and that will make me register an NNID, so I'm sure I'll have to give in eventually.
I live in Europe where we have lots of cheap flight operators. When a flight is only two hours you don't mind so much not having an allocated seat or in-flight entertainment. I can fly between Spain and UK for anything between €40 and €120 return, depending on how late I leave buying my ticket.

I'm just glad I only travel within Europe (and that Australia's a PAL region when I bought my Wii there) because if I had to put up with this going between US and EU regions where nothing's compatible then I would have just bought a PSP!



Luna-Harmony said:

This is great nintendo is moveing foward.
I wish games worked like the ps3 and vita ie.. you buy a game and it works on both systems.



Cherkov said:

I haven't had the time to read through all of the comments yet, but I had a question that wasn't answered. What happens if someone else registers an ID on their 3DS that you use on your WiiU first?



Barbiegurl777 said:


Yeah those were my thought's as well. I plan on buying a wii u but not until march or april of 2014.

Not sure how Nintendo Network ID is going to work on my 3DS since I don't own a wii u yet...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



DracioKoi said:

Where I live the eShop has nothing to download except the Mario Kart 7 update, therefore I set my 3DS settings to USA. It's a shame I don't have the option to switch countries. Miiverse is good and all but it's kinda getting a little too restricting seeing that the messaging feature is also a no-no.



Gridatttack said:

@DracioKoi Im in the same situation, and im wondering if I create a nintendo network ID I will lose the balance I have on the eshop.

Makes me wonder if we will be able to use miiverse without some side effect
(thought, I live somewhat near the USA, so im wondering if there is some sort of map for this nintendo network ID)



Stratostar said:

Combining eShop balances is going to be very convenient. I just earned my first $5 eShop credit through the Wii U's Deluxe Digital Program, and now I don't have to worry about deciding whether to use it on my 3DS or Wii U!



RaymanFan2 said:

@ThomasBW84 I have a question related to the 'switching regions' one.
If I've bought games on more than one region's eShop, will all the stuff I've bought remain on my downloads list, or will only the stuff that I bought in my NNID's region stay on my list? Because if it's the latter, I'm screwed. Like half my stuff was bought in NZD, then I realised that the UK shop was way cheaper and bought the other half of my stuff on that one.



PenCapChew said:

Wait, some questions are not answered yet...

In Nintendo Direct they said that ''after the update you will still be able to download PAID content WITHOUT logging in''. So, does anybody know if we will be able to change the system region without logging in with the Nintendo ID? Because if you can do that, won't be a problem, only your ID will be attached to a specific country. You can simply log out and use the eShop in different countries...

Another one: does anybody know if we need to create an ID after this system update? Can we just skip creating or registering an ID and use the console, the eShop and everything (except Miiverse, downloading free software and demos and the balance thing) after the update?

One more: is this update mandatory to use the eShop like the other ones? I hope not so we can still choose to perform the update or not and just use the 3DS like it is now until we get all the answers to our questions...

Nintendo is clearly not thinking properly. As already said here, what about people with, for example, a north american Wii U console and an european 3DS (like me and thousands of people)? Those two might as well be made by different companies because they don't know the other one exists. What about people who travel or move to different countries (like me and thousands of people)? Isn't the 3DS a PORTABLE system designed to travel around the world with it?? Makes no sense at all... I was hoping that Nintendo could remove the region lock from at least the 3DS at any moment after receiving so much pressure from the press and customers about it, but after this news my hope is completely gone.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@PenCapChew Good points.
If you'd be unable to enter the eShop without NNID, it would be an incredible massacre. A lot of 3DS owners around the world don't have an NNID/WiiU, and some have no plans for that, either. But if it worked as you feared, the vast majority of 3DS owners would be blocked out... I hope that's not what it's supposed to do...

Unfortunately, the region lock will most likely stay to prevent cheap/early imports from dragging down the market. Buy who knows, maybe they'll change it eventually...



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@GamerZackX @Rocky I'm pretty sure you can't. The 3DS and WiiU will most likely register each other via internet, and each NNID will probably only allow one 3DS. At least, that would seem to be the most logical choice.... can't say for sure, though.



WindWakerLink said:

Does anybody know:

Can I use one Nintendo Network ID from the Wii U for two different 3DS systems??



net34a said:

Nintendo's lack of experience in the online market is destroying their consoles integrity. Let's face it, there's no any kind of "ID" as they suggest, it's just another friend code. Honestly, Nintendo can't win this gen with this type of issues. Wii U is just "plug and play". There's no innovation at all and the online infrastructure is just terrible. Can't believe a 2013 console barely has features introduced back in 2006 by the other two big companies...



doso said:

What happens to your ID if you move to a different country? can you switch countries?



PenCapChew said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Well, if they said you will still be able to shop without logging in, I think there will be no problems using the eShop without an ID. The question is, will we be able to change the system region when logged out or something, and buy in different eShops? You know what, I was thinking about the Wii U and it will probably be the same with the 3DS: on the Wii U you can change the country on system settings but you can't use your Nintendo ID if it doesn't have the same region as the system settings... but on the Wii U you can't buy without a Nintendo ID, but apparently you will be able to do so on the 3DS.



Wolfgabe said:

To those wondering You don't need to have a Wii U. You will just be asked to create a new NNID once you download the update



SubZer023 said:

Omg no no no no no We have to put are foot Down in tell Nintendo We want friend request, ane private messaging this is so unfair



Nictendo64 said:

I'll be impressed when I can finally redownload all my Wii shop channel purchases. It was linked to my club Nintendo account so I don't see why I still cant do this.



DualWielding said:


My concern is that this is a temporary measure to allow people that have balance in multiple countries eshop to spend it because it would be illegal for them to simply take the money away (I have no doubt they would have loved to do just that if it wouldn't have left them open to a law suit). They may eventually require nnid even for paid purchases... My other concern is that they said you won't require NNID for paid purchases but you'll require it for free apps and demos but it's not clear whether you'll require it to redeem download codes such as those you get from Club Nintendo.......

Honestly at this point I think Iwata and Reggie just sit down and decided they were tired of people complaining about MiiVerse on 3DS, region lock, account system and Youtube on 3DS and came up with plan to screw us all in one single move...



ogo79 said:

this is still the best nintendo related site period. thanks for all your hard work. puts on nintendo life shirt



HaNks said:

baby steps, nintendo slowly invest a few pennies into improving services.



roccochacon said:

can i use the same id on 2 different 3ds? i have 2 and both have money on them im just wondering



tripunktoj said:

@Damo: Great idea for a guide, Ive 3 questions for updating this guide.

1. Can I register the same ID to multiple systems?
(Like 2DS, 3DS and 3DSXL at the same time and/or one ID in 2 WiiUs at a time)
2. Can we register an ID set to a different country than the console?
(so that I can still access content unavailable on the country of the ID)
3. Are (will) we able to change the region of the ID itself?



net34a said:

1.- No, Nintendo already confirmed it's only possible to link one 3DS to your NNID and only once. If you commit a mistake by entering a different ID, a new ID will be made for the 3DS and cannot be reversed so be carefully.
2.- It's not confirmed yet, but I don't think that's possible. The balance you have in the Wii U is the very same you'll have on the 3DS so I believe it cannot be reflected except by the very same type of currency (US dollars for example).
3.- That's not possible on Wii U so obviously, it won't be possible on the 3DS I guess.



DarkLloyd said:

So i guess i better transfer from my launch 3ds to the zelda 3ds im getting next week before linking it up with the ID?

hope someone answers this.



PenCapChew said:

@ferthepoet hey buddy, yeah, Club Nintendo and download codes, good point... another unanswered question by Nintendo. This ND presentation was not clear at all about so many points...

@tripunktoj for question number 2, not sure, but thinking about something that makes sense: if for example your console is set to Canada, when you create a Nintendo ID the system won't let you create an ID that is not from Canada. This is what happens on Wii U, right? Can't exactly remember how it works but both system settings and NNID must be registered in the same country to be able to use the eShop and stuff. On the 3DS, If you want to access things from the eShop that doesn't not belong to your ID region our only hope is that you can simply log out and do things like we do today.

@DarkLloyd well, that's what I'll do. Will get my new Zelda 3DS XL next saturday and will perform a system transfer from my old 3DS. I have dozens of VC games and stuff. Will be doing this before any system update. And you know what, will use the old 3DS to perform some tests with the update and IDs before doing anything on my new 3DS.



tripunktoj said:

@PenCapChew Bill Trinen said something about being able to get paid downloads without logging in, so maybe it'd still be possible to change regions and download content from other country's eShop. I hope Damo and NL know more about this.



DualWielding said:


But do they? do they transfer them without you needing to send the system to then? if so then why can't they do the same for the 3DS after the NNID is included, I would not mind the new restrictions so much if they also came with the guarantee that I wont' lose my games if my 3DS breaks or gets stolen... the problem right now is that they are basically introduction new restrictions with no benefits except sharing balance with Wii U, which is pointless for those of us who don't ahve one..



moroboshi said:

Astounding how behind Nintendo are on this type of thing. The notion that you still won't be able to simply sign in to any system and re-download content you own is indefensible, illogical, anti-consumer, and frankly idiotic.

It's perhaps for the best that it's one of those things which people take for granted and don't look into before making a purchase, as if they did, Nintendo would look extremely foolish and incredibly amateurish, and sales would suffer.



J_Dawg96 said:

I'll admit this is a huge step forward but I wish they'd go for a system similar to the way iTunes manages apps, because the case is the same as before. If something happens to or I break my 3DS there goes $150 of digital content down the drain. Where with iTunes if my phone or iPod breaks (which has happened before) I don't lose all of my purchases, they're right there ready for me to download on my new device. With gaming I understand why that's more of a problem I just wish they could have a system like that, I wouldn't be so cautious to make purchases if that was the case.



OdnetninAges said:

I don't have a Wii U yet. When I finally get one, will I be able to link the NNID I created on my 3DS to my new Wii U?



tripunktoj said:

@eza Thanks for the info, Im glad to see some people are as interested in this topic as me. I've read all of your posts on that article, and Im sad it appears Nintendo is country-locking us. Im in Mexico (which is the region of my NNID) the eShop here rarely misses games and they are usually a little cheaper (because of currency exchange rates), but Im still not happy missing the chance to buy (or maybe redownload) a few games. And most important, in the online games I don't like to be ranked, displayed or earning points for a country which Ive no bonds with.



eza said:

@tripunktoj de nada, hombre!
Yeah it's a real shame. It's a transparent money-grabbing scheme, basically.

Another sad thing about it is that it only affects legitimate users who just want to get a fair deal.
People who own flashcarts and download ROMs don't have this problem.
But people like us who just want to pay a fair price for a product and expect to be treated fairly in return just get follada en el culo for it. It makes me sad too



DrMonk said:

@OdnetninAges Yes... when creating user accounts on Wii U you can choose to sign in with an existing NNID (or create a new one). I guess this will finally have a use...



DualWielding said:


And the worst is that they are just sending the money the way of grey market dealers which sell the eshop cards at a ridiculous surplus



Jawknee said:

I wonder if you'll be able to register the same ID on two different 3DS'? I'm getting that A Link Between Worlds 3DS. I'd like to use my current ID.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

EPIC FAIL NINTENDO. Now I have to decide whether I will pay more for small games and forgo using nintendo video on the off chance that some games will be only on the european eshop (and not the NZ)..

Does anyone know if you can unlink a nintendoID once you have linked it to a 3ds? Then I could link and unlink to change region.



Sherman said:

Well, maybe eShop exclusive titles are a little cheaper, but not the retail ones.
Retail games are very expensive compared to the price in USA. So, now no one in all America can buy in the North American eShop. That sucks. And what about those eShop cards? I can only get the 200 and 500 pesos. If you wanna buy a game on sale, let's say about 50 pesos, you are still forced to spend 200 pesos.

What if I'm moving to another country? I can't change my region on my 3DS without missing some of the system features.
This is something I don't know, so I'm asking: If I get to use Miiverse, do they toss me with only people from the same country? If "yes", this suck 'cause I've made good friends through Swapnote from all over the world... Swapnote... another bad call there, Nintendo.
And last (before I forget, because I just started ranting without even noticing it, but still I'm gonna post it all of it): Can a Nintendo Network ID be deattached from a 3DS? If so, what happens then?



tripunktoj said:


Yes I was only talking about eShop exclusive games, because I never buy retail games in digital format unless they give some exclusive stuff or massive (like 75% off) discount, but you are right those games are almost twice as expensive as USA.

As for the eShop cards, that's why I always buy eShop credit directly through the eShop with credit card, also I rarely see eShop cards and they often cost more than the eShop credit they give.

Yes, NNID thing Is a real trouble for people moving or traveling constantly.

You cant use Miiverse (and eShop also) if the region of the NNID doesn't match with the region on system settings, but once started you can interact with people regardless of their region. Once you start using Miiverse you can chose to display posts in your currently set language or all posts and you can change this setting whenever you want as many times as you want (again, regardless of regions).

Yes, you can unlink the ID from the hardware itself, but not from your eShop account (from the point you add a NNID, they are now one, and the same thing). You can format the console, but you will also lose ALL of your data, and you will also lose access to ALL of your eShop downloads (even those bought before linking the NNID) until you link the same NNID again. Deleting the NNID will also unlink it, but you will also lose access to ALL of your eShop downloads PERMANENTLY (even those bought before linking the NNID) since the eShop account is also deleted along with the NNID. Lastly, you can use a System transfer (which has no limits of use now) to transfer ALL of your data, purchases and ID to a new 3DS, but now your purchases will only be accessible in the new console and the old one is completely formnated without access to any of your downloads.



Sherman said:


Thanks, man. Very helpful. I knew you could unlink the NNID by formating the 3DS, but I was talking about something like logging out.
I knew that once linked to the eShop every title from there on would belong to that account. That's why, before my little sis bought the Oracle's Zelda, I made her delete her account. Then bought the games and now, if she creates a new account, when deleted (if she has to) the games will remain in the console. Well, at least it was like this around christmas. I don't know if by now, if a link my 3DS all of my games before the linking NNID-eShop will be "sucked" by the NNID. Will they?
What I didn't know was that a can format the 3DS to unlink, then link again and download all I had in my account. If that's the case, and if I can link my before NNID games to the NNID, then that would be awesome!
Link 3DS, link games, format 3DS, change region, buy, reverse region, repeat!
But, even if this is possible, I guess I'd lost my friend code and my friend list and a lot of stuff. Or does this get stored to?
I want so bad the free 4 Swords, but this would mean forced linked.
By the way, you can get the Nintendo Cards at Gamer'... i don't know if I can post the retail store name XD



tripunktoj said:

@Sherman As far as I know, if your sister deletes her account, she will lose all of the games bought in that console up to that point permanently. Yes, games before the linking NNID-eShop will be "sucked" by the NNID.

Now that I think of it, I guess that method could work to override the country lock, but yes itd deleted ALL data (activity log, play coins, streetpass, friend code, friend list, downloaded apps, videos and games with their respective save data, even SpotPass, Street Pass and Extra Data for physical 3DS game cards). And it wouldn't work with free stuff, since you need an ID to download, and your other ID can only "suck" content that is downloaded without a NNID.

Right now your only hope of getting 4 swords without a NNID would be transferring it from a DSi or 3DS (without NNID) that already got it last year (this time its only available in the eShop, I checked and its not in the DSi Shop)



Sherman said:

No, @tripunktoj. When we deleted her account she kept Colors!3D, Kid Icarus, etc. Everything she already had previous to the linking. That was last december. I don't know if by now those get deleted if if you link and then delete the NNID since you mention that effectively, now games get "suck" by the NNID (we should patent that term XD)

Well, you could get the stuff you need to get with the NNID, the it would get stored ther, format, get stuff from other region, link and get the new stuff "sucked" and everything gets stored in the same NNID. Thus making possible to unlink everytime you want without losing your DLC. But, I guess this works fot people who don't care about the Plaza, Friend list, the Log, etc.

I was interested in getting 4 Swords from a DSi or another 3DS, but I don't think you can only traspass the one game, can't you? At least not with 3DS to 3DS transfer.

Anyway, I made my NNID account yesterday. This was to good to let it go. I think this is why Nintendo did this, so we all belong to them forever. And I wanted that Bravely Default demo so bad to, so I caved XD



tripunktoj said:

@Sherman Maybe you are mistaking deleting the ID (erasing ID forever, losing rights to downloadable, but keeping all data) with formatting the console (unlinking ID, but not erasing it, only losing all save data). Anyway, it could be me who is wrong or misunderstanding something. In transfers between 3DSs you merge all of the games bought from the 2 consoles and can only access it from the target 3DS, and if there is a NNID on the source 3DS its also transfered (you can also transfer if none 3DS has an ID, but you cant do the transfer if the target 3DS has a linked ID) but when transferring from DSi you can chose which games you want to transfer.



Sherman said:

No, I know the difference, @tripunktoj. We deleted the NNID only, that's why she kept everythig previous to the linking. But if everything after the linking and as you say now, everything after the linking gets saved within the NNID, you can format, buy some stuff and then link the NNID, get your stuff back and keep the new stuff, right?

Back there, in December, the NNID didn't suck previous DLC. But if you say it does it now, then what I wrote can be possible.



BowserJr395 said:

If I link my Wii U Nintendo Network ID with my 3DS, will all of the purchases I've made on my 3DS disappear? And if they do, can I get them back?

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