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Fri 30th August, 2013

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Cherkov commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

Maybe there is a reason motion controls are better for newer players. It might mimic a players desire to move the whole controller to adjust movement. Kind of like when a person that has never played a racing game turns the controller to turn more, even though it doesn't help. Or when they flick the controller up when they jump.

Maybe with motion controls in Splatoon, it makes it more intuitive for newer players to aim, and that's why more seasoned players find it more difficult. They are already used to using two sticks that motion controls throws them off. Just throwing that out there.



Cherkov commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

@MadAdam81 I understand that there are ways to voice chat outside of the game, but the Wii U is fully capable of supporting it. So why not give players that option?

My point is Nintendo is now alienating a whole playerbase by cutting that option. At a time when they need interest in their system, it just seems like a poor business decision. Look at all of the negative reaction behind it. Splatoon will lose a lot of sales for it when it is such a deserving fresh new IP.



Cherkov commented on Each Splatoon amiibo Will Unlock 20 Special Ch...:

I am really disappointed in Nintendo's implementation of Amiibo so far. I looked at what Skylanders and Disney Infinity did with the toys-to-life genre, and expected something unique from Nintendo. Instead we get this. Mii suit unlocks in Mario Kart. Yay. Special powers in Kirby. Wow. A second playable Yoshi in Wooly World. What? Why? Let's not even get into availability locking these things away from players completely, as that's a wholw seperate issue, but now we have day one locked content behind a paywall?

Remember the days of playing a game and unlocking special missions or items or boards by just meeting certain requirements, like beating the game? This isn't that.

I can't believe how much people are eating this up. Don't get me wrong. The figures are a cool collectors item, and nice quality for the price, but where is the game that really sells the experience? Until that arrives, I am out of the Amiibo game.

As for Splatoon itself, between this and no voice chat, I almost didn't buy it, but my kids are excited for it. I am sure I will have fun with it, too. The little I played at PAX was great, but it would have been nice to chat with my buddies while playing. People on my friend list at least.



Cherkov commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

There's nobody to blame but himself. A console is not the right market for glorified smart phone games. People can play those types of games for free on their phone or browser. Why would we pay for them? You can spend 5 or 10 dollars more and get such a great experience with a fully fleshed out game. He's not going to find much success anywhere else with releases like this. Just saying.



Cherkov commented on Review: 1001 Spikes (Wii U eShop):

It's good to know that they are patching in off-tv play in the future, but do you know what else would be nice? More support for controllers other than the Wii U Pro controller. Wiimote + nunchuk maybe? Classic controller? Even just the Wiimote alone could work if you used the 1, 2, and B buttons for jumps and attack.



Cherkov commented on E3 2014: Art Academy Confirmed for 2014 Arriva...:

This isn't really a new announcment. Their reason for releasing Sketchpad was to get the drawing tools into artists hands early to share their artwork on Miiverse, while Nintendo continued to work on the lessons portion of this 'game' to be released later. If I remember correctly, it was originally supposed to be released during the 2013 holiday season.



Cherkov commented on Guide: Using Nintendo Network ID On Your 3DS:

I haven't had the time to read through all of the comments yet, but I had a question that wasn't answered. What happens if someone else registers an ID on their 3DS that you use on your WiiU first?



Cherkov commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

@XCWarrior Not being an Ambassador, I had no idea they were promised only to you. That makes it an even more stupid business decision. To give away some of their best 1st party titles for free and then lock them away from the unwashed masses is just poor planning. Just think of all of the lost sales on these games just to appease early adopters? Money that could be used to fund new development.

Now let me state clearly here, I do NOT feel I entitled to these games. Would I like them? Yes. Would I be willing to pay for them? Yes. Would I shed a tear if they never get released? Nope. Not releasing them just doesn't make sense to me. That's all.

But let's put aside the Ambassador only games for a moment and ask this question again... WHERE ARE MY GBA VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAMES FOR THE 3DS???!!! It's been over 2 years and not a single one has been released. Some Virtual Boy games remastered for the 3DS would be even more cool though...



Cherkov commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

I really think Nintendo set an unsustainable and unnecessary precedent with the Ambassador Program. Entitlement. Nobody is forced to buy a brand new game system. An eventual price drop is just a risk you take buying early. Now because Nintendo gave away free games because people paid more early, people expect more free games again. Not saying that the circumstances with the 3DS weren't unusual, but that's life.

My biggest problem with the Ambassador Program is this... WHERE ARE MY GBA VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAMES FOR THE 3DS???!!! It's been over 2 years and not a single one has been released for normal consumers.

The 3DS is the first Nintendo console I did not pick up at launch because of a lack of funds, and now I feel like I'm being punished for it. The Ambassador games are a first class group of games that I would love to own digitally, for myself to play again, and my kids to enjoy for the first time, but am barred from getting. But why? The games work. The service is there. Is there a reason?

Now I don't feel entitled to these games, but I just think it is bad business for them. The games are there. The Ambassadors must of had their fun with them by now. Why not now release them to the general public to buy?