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Nintendo Set To End Production of the Wii

Posted by Orla Madden

Wii don't want to hear any more


Nintendo of Europe has provided a statement to Eurogamer regarding this news.

Yes, NCL did update their website on 29th August with a small notice to state that Wii hardware production will stop in the near future.

This specific message was referring to the Japanese market. No specific time frame has been stated yet. We have made no specific announcements for Europe regarding Wii production.

Original Article:

All great things must come to an end, and an update on Nintendo of Japan's official website states that production of the Wii will soon be brought to a close. A specific date hasn't been given.

The Wii launched in Japan on 2nd December 2006, selling over 12 million units in the region alone, and over 100 million consoles across the globe - a commercial success to say the least.

It has brought gems such as Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Xenoblade Chronicles into our lives; not to mention the introduction of the Wii Shop Channel, allowing gamers to take their own link to the past and download classics from a number of previous consoles such as the NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 for the Virtual Console, as well as Wiiware download-only games.

Let us know your thoughts on this, and perhaps on the Wii as a whole, in the comment section below.


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ajcismo said:

Nintendo should have a contest and the winner gets to turn the big switch that runs the Wii factory to "off".
(I know that's not how it works, but the visual in my head sure is funny)



rjejr said:

Good. While its still a bit wonky - you can play Wii games on the Gamepad but not use the Gamepad buttons?, and the Wii menu has to load within the Wii U menu - the Wii U does play Wii games, and at $299 it's not too bad. And w/ over 100 million sold who doens't have a Wii yet?



thesilverbrick said:

This might actually help the Wii U a little. There won't be any confusion at retail with only one Nintendo home console in stores.



Sqirm64 said:

This is a shame. I've had my Wii for 5 years, my entire gaming time on this planet. Oh well, i'm getting a Wii U for Christmas.



NintyMan said:

The Wii is a great console. It had an absolutely stunning run and I'll still play classics like Super Smash Bros. Brawl for quite some time.



Artwark said:

It is an honor to see a great console come to an end next to the DS. Even though I don't have much of Wii games, I enjoyed all of them.

Goodbye my friend.



Bulbousaur said:

Good, should have been sooner. As much as the Wii is a great console, it simply cannot share the same market as the Wii U and for the Wii U to succeed. For almost every month the Wii has been outselling the Wii U, and that's simply horrible for Nintendo. With the Wii finally gone, the Wii U will have more room to prosper.



Savino said:

After two generations playing only on pc, I was brought back to consoles in 2007 thanks to the wii!



TreesenHauser said:

So long, Wii. Thanks for entertaining us all!

@Peach64 True, but it's likely that Nintendo wants the Wii U to be the sole home console to improve sales.



Captain_Toad said:

lovely Sigh Wii had a great run. The console that dared to be different. The console that was questioned, ridiculed, and made fun of but it didn't care. The console that freaking sold 100 million across the globe. Here's to another Wii generation.



MixMasterMudkip said:

Sad News... but good timing. No more Wiis, a system update, a price cut, and a bunch of great games slated for this holiday season. Nintendo is doing ever thing they can to get the Wii U selling.



cookiex said:

IMO this should've happened earlier. As long as both Wii and WiiU are in stores at the same time you're only going to perpetuate the confusion among casuals.

Still sad to see it go, though. It's brought a lot to the table in the industry.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Aw. I remember the first time I played a Wii... Lovely console that brought gems like SMG/2, LoZ:SS, Smash Bros... MKWii.. So much to mention. Really, Nintendo should make a game for Wii U called 'Why the Wii Was Made.'... so much details in my head, I can't write now. But it'll be a very big game. Maybe Ninty will announce something similar today?
Well, on the upside, there should be no more 'confusion' between Wii and Wii U.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Aw. I remember the first time I played a Wii... Lovely console that brought gems like SMG/2, LoZ:SS, Smash Bros... MKWii.. So much to mention. Really, Nintendo should make a game for Wii U called 'Why the Wii Was Made.'... so much details in my head, I can't write now. But it'll be a very big game. Maybe Ninty will announce something similar today?
Well, on the upside, there should be no more 'confusion' between Wii and Wii U.



JimLad said:

Well each month it's embarrassing the Wii U in sales so of course they're gonna kill it.



rjejr said:

@sletari - Yeah I know about B, but how many normal people who just want to play Wii Fit or Wii Sports know? And why couldn't thye have just built it into the Wii U OS, when a Wii game is inserted play it. When a Wii game icon is highlighted, play it. People want simple things that "make sense" not work-arounds that only gamers who spend their time on the web know about.

And it's just really strange that you can boot into Wii mode but not use the Gamepad as a Classic controller. I understand why, I'm a computer guy, but my sisters and mother aren't going to know. Of course they don't even know the Wii U exists yet, but that's a whole other story.



JuanitoShet said:

I used to enjoy the Wii more when I was younger, but now I don't care too much for it's motion controls; my sister owns the original model of the Wii, and the real reason we ever truly use it is for its backwards compatibility of GameCube titles. And even then, I have a GameCube now, so it probably won't be getting much use out of me.

Still, though, this is the console that outsold the PlayStation 3 (which I love) and the Xbox 360 (which I don't love); it has more than earned its place in the world.

Goodbye, Wii.



Quickman said:

Wii + Component cable is a hell of a lot cheaper than a GameCube + Component cable.



SphericalCrusher said:

Thanks for everything relating to the Wii, Nintendo! This console really was one of the best of all time. So many good games and it proved that gaming isn't all about graphics. I still have a huge Wii library and will enjoy these games for many years.



FiveDigitLP said:

Amen! I bought a Gamecube for super cheap a while back because the disc drive on my Wii stopped working, but it's certainly not as pretty as my Wii + component cable. :-/



ueI said:

I'm still waiting for them to discontinue the Gameboy Advance.



Quickman said:

@FiveDigitLP I know a guy that sold his Wii (in a fit of rage over motion controls) and repurchased a GameCube, he connects his GC up to his TV via composite, Madness!!!



taffy said:

Not ever saying goodbye to my Wii, still playing Goldeneye on it... takes forever to reach level 56 on multiplayer, and I haven't even started playing Xenoblade yet :



YorkshireNed said:

The end of an era. Not for me, though, as I've not yet got Skyward Sword or Super Mario Galaxy 2 or the Kirby games and I only just ordered The Last Story. I think it is no exaggeration to say that when they do nostalgia programmes on TV about the last decade, the Wii will always feature as the defining gaming experience of its generation.



Ultra128 said:

Man, I played the heck outta this thing. I logged in hundreds of hours into games like Mario Kart and Brawl. The Wii was truly something special.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I find it a bit premature, really. Are they just discontinuing the Family Edition (a.k.a the 2nd) model or also the Wii Mini? They could still keep the Mini for a while more, it's no threat to Wii U, and it's a budget-priced console that will still sell decent amounts. Heck, NoE announced recently a new Wii Mini bundle with Mario Kart Wii.
As for my first model Wii, it still has plenty of life in it, there's still many Wii and Gamecube games I want to play. Will be keeping it side by side with Wii U.
Wii shall be remembered for years to come, I think it shook the industry in a way we haven't seen since the original Playstation and goind even further the NES back in the 80's (Now that I think of it, Wii is quite close to Playstation in total units sold, go Wii, just a bit more for another record!).



Yellowgerbil said:

I am really sad to see it go, I had so much fun and clocked over a thousand hours on it... Oh well it is moving out of the living room to my room so I don't think this is the end of mine.
Truly one of my favourite consoles that had so many amazing games on it, may it go down in history as THE game changer of decades.



TruenoGT said:

Thanks to the VC and BC, I think the Wii is probably my favorite console all time. Even with it's own software alone, Wii provided more memorable experiences to me last gen than all the other systems combined. Such a diverse and interesting collection of amazing ideas... sad to see the changing of the guard, but Wii U has incredible potential.



AlternateButtons said:

This is a good thing for the Wii U. It'll help stop some of the confusion with Wii U. It'll improve its sales numbers.



1134calc said:

The last year has been a transition year. Before this, nintendo had 2 systems to worry about, but starting now all their weight will be thrown towards selling the Wii U.

It's not dead- it's just getting started! And I, for one, am excited.



aaronsullivan said:

I do wish the Wii integration was a little smoother in the Wii U and for a second I thought of the Gamecube but that hasn't been part of the Wii for a long time.

Seems like an important step. The Wii U has a great value proposition and Nintendo would rather sell many more of them than get that revenue from Wiis now, I think.

I really loved everything about the Wii but the performance and I have to say the value of those classic games and some of the indie games like Bit Trip Beat. It makes me think about how I really want some of those Gamecube games to live on. My Gamecubes are shaky and my Wii (though "fixed") is problematic as well. Very thankful for the Wind Waker HD remake and I kinda hope Nintendo starts an entire division to keep bringing some of those Gamecube games back. A Metroid Prime HD or Mario Sunshine HD would be very welcome.

Also, Wii U has already given me a unique and awesome experience with my family (via Nintendo Land mostly) and I agree that the potential is huge if Nintendo can wrangle some people in.



Anclation said:

My second favorite Nintendo console, only beaten out by the N64. Brawl, Xenoblade, Skyward Sword and the Mario Galaxy games are all unforgettable masterpieces!



Mahe said:

Still playing Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and other games, just bought the Just Dance compilation disc. Great console. This only seems to affect Japan? Probably they'll still manufacture Wii Mini consoles for the West, although nobody really should get that model. Getting an original Wii used or a new Wii U is the way to go.



Tasuki said:

Not surprising really. Nintendo themselves stopped games support after the Kirby A.C. so it was just a matter of time before they pulled the plug.

I still remember getting my Wii. My family went to Wal-mart to do some food shopping so while they did that I went to the electronic sections and I saw 2 Wii systems there so I scooped one up. Still have mine but not now its in my retro room where I can still play the VC games and Gamecube games on it.



FJOJR said:

I think now is the time to push the Wii U & let folks on the fence or don't know that almost all existing Wii games & accessories work on Wii U and Off-TV play too.



TheRealThanos said:

Hats off and thumbs up to a great console, misunderstood by many a HD fanboy. I'm glad to have HD graphics on the Wii U now, so we can have the great Nintendo gameplay AND nice visuals but nonetheless the good old Wii is still a damn fine console to have... cheers..



vio said:

Sad news. I thought it was a great console, despite it's dated SD hardware. It was a unique and innovative system, one that became a phenomenon when it launched, bringing Nintendo back to the top of the mountain in the console wars. And sadly, I believe it will also be the last video game system to ever reach the 100 million mark in sales...

It was also home to some of Nintendo's best games IMO. Not 1, but 2 incredible Mario Galaxy games, the epic Metroid Prime 3(and the awesome trilogy collection to boot!), 2 amazing Zelda's and Mario Kart Wii(online multiplayer finally!). It also brought 2D platformers back to glory with New Super Mario Bros Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns, 2 Kirby's and the masterpiece that is Rayman Origins(yeah that one is multiplat, but it definitely still counts). Great stuff there! Not to mention it of course had Virtual Console, which is something I had DREAMED about years prior to the Wii making it a reality. WiiWare also had some great games, including long overdue new Castlevania, Contra and Megaman games for a Nintendo home console! When I see some people say their Wii just collects dust, I scratch my head in confusion and disappointment... There's so many great games to play on it.

It's demise is good for the Wii U though. Especially with so many people still thinking the Wii U is just a peripheral for the Wii.



WWammy said:

The Wii is still my main console since I haven't purchased the Wii U yet



Squashy said:

@TCJester My thoughts exactly, the perfect way to describe the Wii

Something I'm wondering though, do they mean they are discontinuing all Wiis, or just the original Wii with Gamecube sockets? As Samurai_Goroh pointed out, a Wii Mini Mario Kart bundle has just been announced for Europe so that doesn't imply it's being discontinued.



Retrowire said:

I remember getting my Wii. My girlfriend (now wife) and I decided that we needed games, and we needed multiplayer games fast! So we decided to trade in a butt load of my collection to purchase a Wii. I traded in a faulty PS3, all of my PS3 library (which was like 5 games) some crappy xbox 360 games, etc... And we were able to get a refurbished black Wii with 2 Wiimotes, Super Mario Bros Wii and Wii Sports. We've enjoyed it immensely over the years and are really thankful that Nintendo created such a great console. We're now enjoying our Wii U and we know that the best is yet to arrive!



TheRealThanos said:

@Squashy You seem to be forgetting the ones in the middle: after the first Wii model you mentioned there were of course also the white, black and red Wii's WITHOUT GameCube ports, and after that came the white and blue model that came without a stand, so that you had to lay them flat. And finally, quite a few months after that, came the Wii Mini.



TheRealThanos said:

As for the Wii Mini: it's the most crippled Wii system out there with all that's missing from it, so it seems to me that it is mainly interesting for collectors, and besides that will possibly only be bought by people that don't know any better. And some of you might like it for the look of it, but other than that... ?



TheLilK98 said:

To be perfectly honest, I loved my wii but I would hardly consider it a "great thing"



Gold said:

The Wii. Even though I didn't play you as much as I want to now (since I was 7-12) I would have rathered I knew about these major games (SMG1 TP etc.) when they came out. OoT 3D introduced me to Zelda and I wish Twilight Princes did instead.



TheRealThanos said:

@TheLilK98 I think that it's pretty fair to say that it's up to one's opinion. Your gaming life is relatively short (which is why I had to chuckle when reading your profile because you called yourself an encyclopedia of gaming) so you probably compare to the few systems you know or have actually played. A lot of us have been around for quite a bit longer and I, for example, have started gaming on the Atari PONG system. (that's 1975, FYI) If you compare the Wii to all that AND take into account what it brought and initiated, ESPECIALLY in the so called first HD gen storm, then it's quite an achievement, any which way you look at it. If they weren't on to something, then the other two wouldn't have tried to give us there own version of motion controls, and Nintendo's version is still the most playable and well implemented. I do wonder what other title you would bestow upon your Wii seeing as you did love it.
@Gold how so?



Relias said:

@TheLilK98 Please this from someone who has had barely the time if any to play the PS2 much less the Wii.. I barely think of you as anything other then a noob.. that being said.. Wii you will always be loved and missed.. you were one of Nintendo's best consoles.. if not the best in sales.. and to some people.. you were fun and original.. and beat the competition no matter what others said about you.. .. wii miss you.. and will keep the candle of which your flame is burning in our hearts always lit..



Gold said:

I had it as a kid. Barely knew about Nintendo news sites. I grew up with Pokemon, and that's it. Mario was introduced to me when I was 8! Zelda, 11, Smash Bros., 10. I really wish I had a GCN as a little boy to prepare me for world of gaming. The Wii would be my next step. Now this 8th console generation would be different. Dealing with kids (mostly middle school) who think Pokemon is for babies, same for Mario. I get to know what is happening in the gaming universe this time around. I truly wish I grew up in the 90s, not the 2000s.



TheRealThanos said:

@Gold If that was your answer as to why you prefer Zelda Twilight Princess and not Ocarina of Time, you might have to elaborate a bit. Call me a gaming dinosaur (either that or just plain old), but I'm not quite following.



ToastyYogurt said:

Not a moment to soon. The Wii had it's time, but it's eating into the sales of its successor, which can do everything the current Wii model can and more. I'm also really glad they pulled the plug sooner rather than later. The PS2 ran on long after its time, and when that time ended all it got was watered down ports and crappy cash-ins. Sure, it was the most popular console of its generation, but once consoles overlap into the next generation the final impressions go from "gee, what a great console" to "eh, about time they dropped support."



Squashy said:

@TheRealThanos Yeah I did think about the other version too, I guess another possible situation I didn't cover is that they might stop making the original Wii and horizontal sitting Wii, and just make the Wii Mini.

Going back to your run through of the different Wiis for a second, I don't think there's such a thing as a standing up design Wii that doesn't have Gamecube sockets is there?



FX29 said:

The Wii may be gone but my experience with Wii games has only begun, due to me being with the 360 for so many years.



ledreppe said:

Like someone else said, the Wii got me back into console gaming after a long time of exclusively gaming on the PC. I don't care what the haters say about it, I'm a proud Wii owner and it will always have a special place in my gaming memories.



Zombie_Barioth said:

It was a good run thats for sure. I know the usual "gameplay over graphics" mantra and those who dare to utter it get a lot of flak, but in this case it holds some merit. Not only was the Wii the weakest but also the only SD console. Its success shows just how vital a good game library is, more so than any other console before it. Otherwise it wouldn't have done as well.

The Wii won't be hard to find by any stretch of the imagination so being discontinued won't be a big deal. It certainly hasn't stopped people from playing much older consoles.



IceClimbers said:

Farewell, you had a good run. Despite what people say, the Wii is one of the best systems with some killer games.

On another note, has Nintendo discontinued the DS yet?



TheRealThanos said:

@Squashy Yeah you're absolutely right, I was confusing myself with all the different color Wii's. They had another disc drive is what the difference was. Only the final white and blue 'regular' model had their GameCube ports removed. Still a way better deal than the mini with no USB, no SD Card support or Internet/WiFi capability, as well as having no support for GameCube games and not to forget crappy image quality because of the low quality video cable connection...



TheRealThanos said:

@Zombie_Barioth Exactly that. However, I can still heartily recommend the HDMI upscaler for the Wii, which offers true upscaling (as opposed to Wii games on Wii U where partial clean up and upscale are applied) to 1080p. It offers a dedicated little piece of hardware (just like a VGA box for older consoles) that helps you to get the maximum out of your trusty old Wii. I bought this one here:
Mostly first party games and games made by partners like Retro look amazing (GameCube games as well) while others look more rough, because the little box upscales and sharpens the image, but one thing it doesn't do is anti-aliasing. Still very much worth the purchase, though...



TheLilK98 said:

@Relias Your opinion of me is higher than my opinion of you then, as I don't think of you as anything and I'm most likely not going to take the time to start. Also, I'd ask what all the unnecessary pauses were for, but I don't really care. Your lack of punctuation also makes you seem much younger than you claim to be, but that's another issue entirely.@TheRealThanos The encyclopedia thing was ment as more of a joke than anything, and you have a point. I suppose it is based off of one's personal experience. I'm well aware of the PONG, my mother used to own one, along with an Atari 2600. I started gaming on the PS1 and N64, and while I do agree that the Wii is light years ahead of them, if you compare it to 6th gen it's really not. I could take or leave motion controls, but they're most likely here to stay.@Squashy I loved the games I got to play on my Wii. But there were so many great games that were never brought to the Wii, be it from hardware limitations, developer disdain, or other reasons. It's not entirely Nintendo's fault, EDIT: Spelling.



Chipmunk107 said:

I had fantastic and highly memorable experiences with the Wii. From Christmas Morning 2006 to today, creating Miis, playing fantastic games, such as Wii Sports and Mario Kart Wii, and having fun with friends are some of the best highlights I had with video games. I am greatful for the Wii and I hope the Wii U continues in its honor.

Nintendo Fan for Life!



ledreppe said:

@jon_simmons I asked Nintendo this about a year ago, and they didn't even give me a straight answer, just said u can purchase Wii points with stars even though I specifically mentioned when redeeming stars for eShop credit would be possible (on either 3DS or Wii U). It's things like this that dent my faith in them.



TheRealThanos said:

@TheLilK98 It's not so much about the Wii being light years ahead (or equal to GameCube/Xbox/PS2) but more about the innovations that Nintendo brought, once again, and this time with so called limited hardware. Even though that was technically the case, they did offer things that the other two copied, albeit for better or for worse.
Oh, and one piece of advise, kid: NEVER stoop to a level of trading insults with someone even if they are being harsh or display any form of criticism to you, In a way I was too, except I tried to put it more mildly, which I think you picked up on, so good on you. Also nice to know that you actually did have access to retro hardware, makes one really able to put things into perspective, ESPECIALLY with all the fanboy wars going on with most people your age or a bit older. Most of them haven't got a clue where all this started and what developments/systems actually started the evolution of all these pretty graphics that they so crave...
I've practically witnessed the birth of the console, and will probably witness the death of traditional console gaming at least, but we'll see. In any case I can say at my age that I've not only seen it all, but I've practically played all these systems too, and of course several generations of arcade machines as well.
But I still feel like a kid every time I buy a new console or handheld...



vio said:


Well... it can do ALMOST everything. There's one significant thing the Wii can do that the Wii U cannot and that is of course run Gamecube games!



Zombie_Barioth said:

Some may think its hypacritical, but theres nothing wrong with wanting the best possible hookup for your systems. Haven't used my Wii much for a while now due to needing a replacement sensor bar, I've got a wireless one but I've lost my patience for that battery guzzler. You wouldn't happen to know of any good replacements would you?



Kirk said:

Sony keeps selling and supporting it's consoles for YEARS after the current generation ends and Nintendo stops selling and supporting the Wii ONE year after it's next-gen console releases...and some people wonder why some gamers don't feel inclined to jump on the Nintendo bandwagon with it's new console.



TheLilK98 said:

@TheRealThanos It's pretty sad to see people my age literally tear eachother apart over games. I don't think console gaming is going to die any time soon, though I can imagine the XBOX just turning into a full on PC. and as for the new system thing....don't we all



ToastyYogurt said:

@vio - Note that I said "current Wii model." The Wii model currently sold in stores (whether it's Mini or not) does not play Gamecube games.



TheRealThanos said:

@Zombie_Barioth try Tmart, where I bought my HDMI upscaler, it's a website with a HUGE catalog of peripherals of just about any console, and they also sell sensor bars:
And the service is great. But you could always go for the original replacement as well from your local game store...
@TheLilk98 I didn't mean console gaming as a whole, but we'll soon go to digital download only (probably after the coming generation, or the one thereafter) and that is what I meant with 'the death of traditional console gaming. No more discs, no more cartridges. Well maybe for a certain Nintendo handheld, but even those are moving more and more towards digital downloads.



BestBuck15 said:

Don't understand why they just can't keep making it the way Sony did with the PS2. Maybe it's to do with the fact Nintendo don't actually manufacture hardware.
It was a great console, It was a console that celebrated everything Nintendo had ever done up to that point. Take away the fact it could play Gamecube games and the VC. it wouldn't have been just as good but still a revolutionary console.
It marked a drastic change in direction for Nintendo. One which the core gamer is still reeling from unfortunately. Still I love it and still play it to this day.



Poketendo said:

That's just too bad. It's noticable though, our Wii broke around a week ago. It's currently being repaired. We got one almost right when it was released, back in 2006. The Wii and the Nintendo DS, our very first gaming consoles. And we didn't even knew Wii and DS were from the same maker back then, and we never owned a gaming console before either (except for a Nintendo 64 we borrowed and never knew how to use since we were so young). My DS soon got replaced by a DSi, and just a few months ago with a 3DS. And now, our Wii broke after seven years of loyal service. Even though it's being repaired, maybe it's a sign. Maybe it's time to say goodbye to our old friend and continue with it's new brother. But still, the Wii is a part of our family, and we'll never let it go. That drawer full of games, all those hours playing, alone or with friends, although our Wii may not stay alive forever, our memories will...



Zombie_Barioth said:

Normally that'd be my first choice but most places around here don't carry that kind of stuff unless its wireless. Gamestop is the only specialty store still around, but then they only carry them used. Of course needing one for every Wii makes for slim pickings. Unfortunately theres also way too many knock-offs out there, which is why I asked for a recommendation I'd much rather ask than play trial and error at $5 a pop.



TheRealThanos said:

@Zombie_Barioth The wired sensor bar (the same as the original, NOT the USB one) from Tmart works just fine, it is shipped from within the US and there's also a money back guarantee just in case. However, for the last 1,5 years I have bought for around $500 of stuff there, ranging from cables, controllers, an HDMI switch, the upscaler I told you about and a few other things and so far they all worked just fine.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Sorry, I meant each Wii sold would need one, so there wouldn't be too many spares floating around like with most other peripherals.

Didn't mean to sound like I was questioning Tmart's reliability either if thats what you thought I was getting at. I'd just rather get a word of mouth (or so to speak) recommendation based on personal experience than anything else.



TheRealThanos said:

@Zombie_Barioth No offense taken man, didn't think you were questioning anything. At the most you come across as pretty cautious (too cautious?) or having had some bad experiences buying something online. All I can say is that with my own experience I would certainly vouch for Tmart. Most other things I buy in physical shops, including the consoles themselves, but for this kind of thing you can hardly go wrong. Hope you are able to make a decision that suits you, not trying to influence anybody, it's just the positive experience that I had with them and would recommend to anyone. You can't get more word of mouth than that...



Zombie_Barioth said:

Do I? Hm, no bad experiences to speak of. My aspergers must've kicked in. If I misread the situation then being overly cautious or thorough might be my way of overcompensating for it. Looking back, that seems to be what it was. Funny how these things don't get noticed until someone else points it out.

That positive experience you seem to have had is exactly why I asked you by the way. I figured you could point me in the right direction. After all who lies about that stuff, right?



TheRealThanos said:

@Zombie_Barioth Exactly. And where would be the gain or fun in it? No, I am truly serious, and I've had my own share of misfires with web shops, and along the way I ended up finding them. I decided to give it another go and said to myself that if it would be a bad experience then I would bring back my online purchases to an absolute minimum and go physical store only, but I often came across the same problem that you did: stores having no stock or only second hand gear with limited guarantee and so on.
Luckily I didn't have a bad experience which is why I've already bought as much as I did there. I can't remember having ever ordered a total of near $500 in one place before. To some it may not seem to be like a lot of money, but if you take into account that it was purely spent on peripheral equipment then it actually is. And remember that they offer a money back guarantee if for some reason you're not satisfied. In that case you will of course still not have a replacement sensor bar, but at least it won't end up hurting your wallet.
Anyway, if you do end up ordering from them, let me know how it worked out. Have a good one, day that is.



wiirocks1 said:

oh no the Wii was amazing! the Wii u never should made i don't want to play with a lame game pad that has a screen on it. the Wii must live!

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