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Sun 4th Aug 2013

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1134calc commented on Feature: Our Nintendo Moments of 2013 - Part One:

My most memorable moment of 2013 has to be when Reggie all of a sudden announced A Link Between Worlds at the end of the April Nintendo Direct. I was so surprised, I might have shed a tear.. That game looked to be everything I wanted in a game, and boy was I right.

Here's hoping 2014 has a similar announcement, maybe one a little more metroidy... (Metroid 5 for 3DS!!!)



1134calc commented on Nintendo Set To End Production of the Wii:

The last year has been a transition year. Before this, nintendo had 2 systems to worry about, but starting now all their weight will be thrown towards selling the Wii U.

It's not dead- it's just getting started! And I, for one, am excited.



1134calc commented on Nintendo Direct: Wii U And 3DS Broadcast Comin...:

My prediction:
Start out talking about Wind Waker HD and the bundle & price drop, and how they hope you love it. Reminder that the retail copy comes out in 3 days.
Go from Zelda: Wind Waker HD to Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.
Next up is Pokemon X & Y, maybe new information, but definitely they will remind us. Potential Nintendo Direct announcement of 2DS.
Switch back to Wii U, with news about Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, and Wii Party U.
Bill Trinen talks about 3rd party and indies.
Reggie announces The System Update. I'm expecting a unified account system, as Miiverse and NNIDs come to the 3DS. What better time to do this than BEFORE you 1. release a brand new iteration of the hardware, and 2. release the biggest and most hyped game your console has ever seen? Nintendo will probably force you to update in order to play X & Y. May also kill the Gateway flash cart.
I dream that with a unified account system comes cross platform virtual console + cloud saves, but I think that might be too much to ask for.
The prediction I am least sure about (%20) is that at the end, they announce Pokken Fighters for Wii U, coming Spring 2014.

If we get the System Update, I will be so happy.



1134calc commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Can't believe only one person mentioned Dream Team! I'm almost 20 hours in, and I'm probably less than half done. It's really good, but I think I've been playing it too much. (20 hours in 6 days!) I should probably go back and finish Pikmin 3 sometime... I haven't touched it since Dream Team came out!



1134calc commented on Review: Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party (Wii U...:

@SCAR392 The game keeps track of the number of successes. If you don't do an activity correctly, you don't get a point.

For example, the game Blind Dog has a blindfolded person try to find a wiimote and press a button on it without knocking it over, while their partner guides them. If the wiimote is knocked over, no point.

And apparently according to the review, first to 3 points wins.

I've been looking forward to this game for so long! It will be great to play back in the dorm with all my quirky friends!



1134calc commented on Nintendo's Digital Sales Revenue Continues Upw...:

The only game I plan on not downloading in the forseeable future is Pokemon. This is so if I get both X and Y I can borrow a friend's 3DS for a bit and trade . Other than that I'm going all digital. I love not having to go to the store as I don't have a car, and the Deluxe Digital Promotion on the Wii U is awesome!