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Mon 15th Jul 2013

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sletari commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Most of the time I use the gamepad for SNES games, unless it's multiplayer. I'd love to play some Sega VC games, but since they're only available in the Wii mode, without gamepad input, they're a no deal for me



sletari commented on Nintendo Download: 27th March (Europe):

Gonna go for F1 Race Stars, I've been waiting for this offer since US got it before =)
Also, I'm getting Mario Kart but just because I'm going to download MK8 ASAP, so it's going to be for free...



sletari commented on Review: MadWorld (Wii):

I never had a Wii, so only now with a Wii U I got to play this...

The gameplay was good, very different from other games around, with nice motion controls, plus the use of the environment. While the gameplay was good, everything else was... great! The black&white, comics-like art style, soundtrack, story, voice acting, characters, diversity of the stages (from chinatown to horror castle, not to mention the deathmatches....), humour... just perfect!

Specially considering that it's being sold NEW for less than 10$, this is certainly a must have



sletari commented on Earthbound Arrives on the Wii U eShop Today:

I don't like this... all the other SNES games are 7.99, why is this 9.99? They don't give discount for smaller/worse games, why can they charge more for a (perhaps) higher-quality one? I mean, if Super Metroid can be the same price as Vegas Stakes, why couldn't Earthbound? And what if the other companies go on the same line and make their bigger games more expensive as well?



sletari commented on Preview: Rayman Legends:

Yeah, it would definitely be nice if it was launched earlier, especially because now it will be more or less competing with the other Ubi launches, but if the appeals to you, why not buy it? We don't want EA to be petty with Nintendo over the (supposed) Origin issue, let's not have petty feelings with Ubisoft either



sletari commented on Pikmin 3 Makes Japanese Chart Debut at Number ...:

that's nice, I didn't expect that Pikmin could make people buy a console! But, yeah, I guess it's not only the game itself, but the new games that are announced to come next, with pikmin being only the trigger that says "buy now" instead of "buy it next month"



sletari commented on Developer Interview: Dakko Dakko On Creating T...:

totally agree with what he says about the wii u sales - most of the frustration we see coming on the news (including this site and its comments) seems to be due to over-expectation, not only wrt sales but also to game line-up, specs, etc.

btw, Gunstar Heroes was great fun, would love to see a sequel!