It's fair to say it's not been an easy ride for Rayman Legends and the Wii U. Starting off with the delightful news last year that the game would be a Wii U exclusive, to the unfortunate announcement in February this year that it was no longer confined to Nintendo's latest console, but being released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We can't forget that the mention of a delay was also in there too.

However, Wii U owners could avail themselves of the Rayman Legends Challenges application which went down a treat, only to be left with a rather sour taste in our mouths when it was announced that the Playstation Vita would receive Rayman Legends, along with some neat exclusive content.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot was asked if he still stood by the decision to delay the game. Guillemot explains that the real reason behind the agreement to postpone the game to a later date was that the company didn't feel it would sell well enough on Nintendo's new console:

What happened was that we saw the Wii U was not going to sell enough of those games. The game is going to be fantastic, and we didn’t want those creators to wind up in a position where even after making a fantastic game, they didn’t sell well enough. We decided that we had to come out on enough machines that players can try it out on any one that they have, and give more time to both improve the game on the Wii U and create versions for the other consoles.

I think it was the right decision for gamers and for the team. My role is to make sure that the team is happy with the quality of the work they do and the reach they can have. The quality is there now, because they had more time. They’ve expanded the possibilities of the game. It’s much bigger content-wise. We have new bosses in key levels and so on. The experience is much more complete. I think it will be one of the best games we’ve ever done.

Sometimes we have to go against the urge to get to market too fast. We have to make sure we give enough time and resources to our creators to they can reach the potential in their games. This time, they were very close to excellence, but not quite there.

We respect Ubisoft for being honest with its fans, and despite everything that has happened — we don't hold grudges here at Nintendo Life — we're eagerly anticipating Rayman Legends to hit the Wii U this year.

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