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Mon 21st January, 2013

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slim80 commented on Ubisoft Delayed Rayman Legends On Wii U In Fea...:

lol to funny ubisoft lol look at it this way..lame reason and sad on ubisoft will lose money ..heres why...epic mickey sold like hotcakes..was on wii only..epic 2 was on all systems and didn't sale as well as the the math



slim80 commented on Iwata Implies That He Could Step Down Over Slu...:

it kills me for people saying that the 3ds is a fail lolif thats so then so is the ps3 reason being is the 3ds out sold the ps3.they sold more 3ds's in 3 years than sony sold ps3's in 6 years.before u hate please look it up lol did i metion bye bye vita:)