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Talking Point: The Year of Luigi Could Bring a Burst of Creativity

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Stepping out from a big shadow

The most recent round of Nintendo Direct broadcasts opened, whether you were watching in Europe or North America, with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata telling us all about The Year of Luigi. After a solid 18 months when, arguably, Mario was the go-to figure accounting for a healthy portion of Nintendo's release schedules, the put-upon brother is now being given an opportunity to shine.

It wasn't so long ago, actually, that we were bemoaning yet another side-lining of the green hero, with the delay of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon apparently — or so it seemed to us — making way for Paper Mario: Sticker Star, in the process depriving us of a game absolutely perfect for a release around Halloween time. It may have been a decision to allow further development — perhaps that addition of multiplayer — but nevertheless it felt like another example of Mario pulling rank over the long suffering Luigi.

And yet, how things change. Perhaps aware of an over-abundance of Mario games, Nintendo's latest broadcast not only confirmed that this year's about the other brother, but the recent Wii U Direct also reminded us that other franchises, both famous and lesser known, are on the agenda for 2013 and beyond. Nintendo has an almost unrivalled range of IPs to call upon, and after playing the Mario card a great deal in late 2011/2012, it's ready to diversify.

Ignoring sketchy links to Luigi such as that made for Mario Golf: World Tour — he's a playable character, of course — the Luigi titles on the way do perhaps show us that this could be a year where Nintendo delivers greater variety in terms of gameplay experiences and how it brings us games. We shouldn't forget that Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is a follow up to a GameCube launch title, with what looks like a fairly sedate tempo of exploration, puzzle solving and strategic ghost battling. Some of those qualities can perhaps be applied to Paper Mario: Sticker Star, but this is a particular theme and concept that will be new to a number of 3DS owners that either skipped GameCube or, quite possibly, weren't even old enough to be playing games when the original arrived.

Next up we have Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, bringing the brothers' RPG series to 3DS for the first time. A distinct entity from the Paper Mario franchise, the fantastic Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on Game Boy Advance was followed by both Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and the memorable Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story on DS. The mechanics of these RPG titles are often relatively simple — explore overworlds and jump into turn-based battles — but it's the execution and story-telling that sets them apart. Some critics of Sticker Star felt that storytelling and creativity took a back seat in that title, though we hope the same complaints won't be levelled at this release.

One encouraging aspect of Dream Team is the very concept, with the action taking place within Luigi's dreams and promising puzzles and challenges to suit that will span both screens. Placing the action within a dream world sets this one up perfectly for a witty and entertaining script, and it has good odds of meeting expectations. What's vital is that AlphaDream, the team that's developed all entries in this particular series to date, has potentially had a lot of time to produce the title. Dream Team arrives over two years after the 3DS hit stores, and the last major worldwide release that AlphaDream is credited with is 2009's Bowser's Inside Story. This seems like far from a rushed 3DS rescue-mission, and more like a planned and detailed development cycle.

Finally we have New Super Luigi U, which will arrive as an expansive DLC offering for New Super Mario Bros. U. In terms of content it'll feature 80 "alternate" levels that'll bring a new level of challenge, which suggests tweaks and re-designs of existing levels or themes. The removal of Bros. from the title is to give Luigi his star turn, though we can't imagine that Nintendo would willingly sacrifice multiplayer — with that said, none of the brief snippets of footage shown at the time of writing included additional players.

The creativity with this release isn't in the content — though we're sure the level designers will work some magic — but in the delivery concept. With New Super Mario Bros. U hitting us with a 2D Mario platformer on day one of Wii U, this is a way to give new life to the release without a perception of a premature sequel. With the DLC bolting into the retail game, and allowing immediate switches between both, it's a first sighting of a concept where a retail title from Nintendo can be continually refreshed and expanded without going to the level of expense and resource commitment of an all-new game. Considering the amount of content on offer the eShop pricing will be interesting to see, and if it comes in below the typical retail rate — say £25.99 / $34.99 — then perhaps it'll be an experiment and an earnest attempt from Nintendo to join the DLC practices already common in examples such as "season pass" releases from other publishers. If pricing is lower than what we suggest the download codes could be flying off the servers, though a steeper price would potentially be a mistake.

Beyond all of these ideas it's reassuring to see in the Year of Luigi, and other announcements made, that other mascots and franchises are set to enjoy a greater role. Mario will still be around a fair bit, in his adventure with Luigi, on the golf course, leading the latest karting races and in a new 3D adventure, but at least notable variety and creativity is also on the table.

The green-capped sibling's prominence in 2013 is welcome for his fans that feel he's under-appreciated, while he's also leading a charge of diverse, imaginative offerings that will hopefully deliver the goods on both 3DS and Wii U.

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mookysam said:

As pleased a I am that there will be a new game in the Mario and Luigi series, Nintendo is relying on Mario games far too heavily. All of the games mentioned in the article are not only Mario spin-offs, but sequels to existing games. They need fresh blood!



KeeperBvK said:

After just 4 years it is "very much due"? Especially considering we still had a Mario RPG last year in the form of the last Paper Mario.
I'd hardly say that a new Mario & Luigi is "very much due" with the overabundance of Mario games in general and the constant stream of Mario RPGs.
Sure, I was excited to see them announce this, but I'm completely with mookysam on this one. Nintendo should diverse their catalogue a lot more again.



Magnet_Man018 said:

How 'bout a Wario Year too? There hasn't been a true Wario game since Shake It!, and that was from 2008. Of course I love the Year of Luigi, and Game & Wario also looks very nice, but I'd love to see another Wario Land and more Wario games too! D:



Vallu said:

Luigi has always been my favourite Mario character, I'm glad they are making him bigger parts in the games.



ThomasBW84 said:

@KeeperBvK Of course, I do appreciate what you're both saying, I just happen to disagree in that particular example

Comparing Paper Mario to the Mario & Luigi series is, in my view, a bit of an apples and oranges comparison. Yes, they're RPG titles that share some traits, but AlphaDream has a particular design and storytelling style that I think's a fair bit different. Sticker Star and Bowser's Inside Story, for example, seem like very distinct experiences to me.



KeeperBvK said:

Then why couldn't AlphaDream make something else than yet another Mario & Luigi, if you're enjoying their style rather than the fact that it's an RPG featuring Mario?
That's my point: Nintendo doesn't have to cram Mario into all of their games, as they have so much more on offer than just the tapestry of the Mario universe.



Placlu said:

I still don't get why Sticker Star wasn't a Wii U Launch Title, and Dream Team came out last year. Oh well. I think its neat Nintendo are focusing on Luigi.. but still they have a lot of franchises that are forgotten. A 3DS "New Super Wario Land" would be nice; Chibi Robo got NPC only in Japan, Advanced Wars 3DS.... Captain Rainbow 2? Hey, DKCR 3D exists now, anything can happen!



roryscott said:

I am really looking forward to both Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team



BakaKnight said:

The year of Luigi will surely be a fun year!!!

Luigi is not my favorite Nintendo's character, but I loved Luigi Mansion and can't wait to get my hands on the sequel since Nintendo revealed its existence

Pointless to say that Mario&Luigi:dream Team will be a must-must-must buy!!!
Damn, I was almost going to buy sticker star cause I was missing the Mario&Luigi serie and needed something for fill the emptyness...
So glad I waited since the real deal is finally coming ^O^



KeeperBvK said:

So we're supposed to accept everything for the sake of Nintendo making more money?



MasterWario said:

Yeah, most everything seems great! The only thing I'm concerned with is the price of the New Super Luigi U dlc, because it could easily be anywhere between $10-$40, and I'm hoping it's somewhere in that lower half.



bizcuthammer said:

I'm glad luigi is getting some attention! He's one of my favorite game characters. I'm pumped for luigi's mansion 2, but not so much for dream team. I loved superstar saga, but partners in time and bowser's inside story just didn't do it for me. I'll wait and see some reviews on dream team before i think about buying it, because there are already too many games on my wishlist this year.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

This is gonna be really cool, but I would kinda like to see Nintendo focus on other stuff rather than Mario such as reboots of F-Zero, Earthbound, and more of their other IPs.



ThomasBW84 said:

@KeeperBvK Certainly not. There's plenty on the way that doesn't feature Mario, but I think he'll always have a big role to play. Outside of games mentioned here, there's some interesting non-Mario games due in the next year.



Lalivero said:

@undead_terror Yeah, poor Waluigi has pretty much got nothing. Good for Luigi though.

I'm still waiting on a looong overdue Ice Climber sequel and Golden Sun 3DS too!



rjejr said:

Good for Luigi. I like the trend.
I don't get people complaining about too many Mario games.

Xbox 360 - Halo 1, 2, 3, 4 and Gears of War 1, 2, 3, 4? (and basically nothing else)
PS3 - God of War 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (if you count PSP) Uncharted 1, 2, 3, 4 (PSP)
Tomb Raider well I can't count that high
And of course there's MLB The Show and Madden ad infinitum
iOS - Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Star Wars

I'll admit I would rather have gotten Mario Galaxy Universe than NSMBU b/c I prefer 3D over 2D, but I'm cutting Nintendo some slack here and congratulating Luigi



19Robb92 said:

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is going to be A M A Z I N G! Can't wait for that one!

Definitely looking forward to Luigi's Mansion 2 and the NSMBU DLC as well! Loving the Luigi love. Nice to see them giving Mario a break.



SammyOfMobius said:

Mario & Luigi Dream Team looks very creative. I wonder how long they've been developing it? Since 2011 maybe? I'm glad Nintendo is using their creative smarts once more, I thought they would keep playing it safe again. I WAS WRONG!



ClassicJetterz said:

Luigi and I are a lot alike. We're both overshadowed by our big brothers.
But we're both on our way...we have our own ways. I'm rooting for you, green guy.



retro_player_22 said:

The Year of Luigi isn't complete without Mario is Missing. The first actual game that starred Luigi. Though it's not part of the main series and isn't made by Nintendo, it was fun to play, better than Mario Time Machine imo. Hopefully it got a VC release on the eShop or Wii VC at least so to celebrate the year of Luigi.



DrSlump said:

I will not download another copy&past super mario or luigi game. It will be the same again, with a green character instead of a red one. When will nintendo impress us with a momentum of invention that brings to us something new?
What about new characters and new stories??



Phle said:

-Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon arrives March 28th in Europe. Is this right? The games page about Luigi's Mansion doesn't mention an European release date and the shop I usually buy games at says it will be out December 31st 2013 (seems wrong but again everyone seems to doge the European release date subject).



NintyMan said:

I'm happy for Luigi finally getting some love and attention. All of the games he's in this year are looking very good. Since there hasn't been a new Mario & Luigi since 2009, I imagine Dream Team will be a classic after being in development for four years, because that shows that the team behind it took its time. Calling a series like Mario Golf something that Luigi appears predominately in is a bit of a stretch.



Oscarsome said:

I'm just super excited for Luigi's Mansion. I absolutely loved the Gamecube one. I felt it had a very distinct and unique experience that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. Bring on some Luigi!



LordessMeep said:

I've been anticipating Luigi's Mansion since the day they announced it... though I'm still a bit disappointed that they missed out on the Halloween release date. But, with merely a month or so to go, I am looking forward to Dark Moon.
New Super Luigi U, on the other hand, sounds like a great concept... but I can't help but feel that they'd be just switching out Mario and replacing him with Luigi. Essentially, one would be paying extra just for a character swap. I have little liking for 2D Mario anyway, so I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this account.
Dream Team seems pretty great as well... but I'll be waiting on the reviews for this one. I've already maxed out my budget for 3DS games this year, with so many brilliant titles coming out! The Year of Luigi is proving to be rather good for the 3DS.




I really don't mind the 3ds being the DEFINITIVE MARIO console, if nintendo keeps releasing excellent quality games then I don't mind bue on the other hand, a few non-mario titles would be fantastic, nintendo JUST RELEASE these games: a new 2d or 3d metroid game, the all-new zelda you promised, an ice climber sequel and if shigesato itoi doesn't mind, either a mother trilogy or mother 4. that would be swell.



EpicBlaze said:

It's about time Luigi gets some recognition. Luigi's Mansion looks like it'll be a great game. Especially with the online multi-player and download play.



timp29 said:

Luigi should go 'rogue' and kidnap peach one day. Maybe make a mario side scrolling beat em up.



MegaWatts said:

With all the focus on Luigi, I wonder if it means that we'll soon be experiencing the thrilling, edutainment classic that is Mario Is Missing!



DreamOn said:

To all the folks whining about more Mario and no new IP's instead, you better all be buying 2 copies of Wonderful 101, sheesh.

Looks like its up to Luigi to save Nintendo's sales for half of 2013. Go Luigi!



SuperMinusWorld said:

I'm hopeful that this "Year of Luigi" results in my ultimate dream: having true Mario & Luigi co op in a 3D platformer. Everything crossed!



Fillytase said:

@DrSlump "When will nintendo impress us with a momentum of invention that brings to us something new?" Have you seen their last 2 home consoles?



hYdeks said:

Nintendo's answer to too much Mario games is...Luigi. sigh...




Chrno-x said:

@Fillytase Who cares about consoles when games are the same? I agree with Dr. Slump. It's good to see older series like Kid Icarus, or younger IPs like Pikmin (which is my favorite) and Luigi's Mansion 2. but honestly in the last 10 years, Nintendo didn't make even one new IP that will aspire to be a memorable series (Nintendogs and Brain Training don't count). I wonder, why Retrostudios can't make a new IP? Why Camelot can't make new RPG series or announced the new Golden Sun? Ninty is rellying too much on Mario universe (Mario Golf, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Mario, New Super Mario, Mario Baseball, Super Mario Strikers, Paper Mario, Mario Slam Basketball) then a few titles with Yoshi, Peach and Donkey Kong (vide: just like the announcement of DKCR3D on 3DS) and it's all about Mario and Mario universe. What's doing 1-UP Studio? Why can't they make a new Earthbound or somethin totally new? Why Grezzo is making mostly poopy remakes? Where's new Star Fox? Look at Sony, why PS3 achieve same hardware sale just like 360 and is selling better than Wii U? Because it's all about games, and it's about fresh meat, fresh IPs. I hope that Nintendo will awake of this slumber, cause they have a lot of first and second party devs that could make a new legends in gaming history.



MathChamp said:

@Chrno-x read @rjejr's comment and the reason Wii U is selling worse is
1. Parents become confused with the name "Wii U"
2. Xbox 360/PS3 have been out longer
3. People don't about the Wii U
4. The Wii U has just been released/not enough meat(games) on the Wii U
5. Casual people not used to the jump in price(Xbox and PS3 are cheaper)
And have you noticed Xbox and PS3(mainly Xbox) rely on second or third parties?



TheAdza said:

Seems like a good plan from Nintendo. Smash Mario down everyone's throats to boost sales of the 3DS and Wii U, back it up in the next phase of games with Luigi. I can only hope that the 3rd phase will be different. It will probably be the Zelda series though. Which is fine. But something new would be better. Still they are releasing that Yarn Yoshi game and DKCR3D during this phase, maybe in between the cycle of franchise pushes we will see some new games start to arrive.

Does anyone else get the feeling that we are seeing sequels and updates to games we don't really need (as much fun as they are) but no sequels and updates to games we do want? Where is F Zero? Where is Earthbound? Oh hello Mario Kart AGAIN.

Food for thought.



Fillytase said:

@Chrno-x Nintendo's sequels and Mario games are no more similar than other studios' sequels; the only difference is they have been around longer than who they tend to be compared to (Sony). In recent years in particular, their games make creative use of the hardware they're on, and the hardware itself pushes new ways to play. The "Nintendo never does anything new" argument is trite and founded in nothing more than the fact that it's now fashionable to hate on Nintendo.



DreamOn said:

@chrono-x Camelot said not long ago that fans would have to voice interest in a Golden Sun 3DS. There's already an operation sunfall or something for it I'm not sure if it's getting enough hits for Camelot to plan a new game.



Znerd said:

I really like the idea of Year of Luigi But to be honesty people who are complaining about All the Mario games remember these are spin offs Not main series heck Mario has more spin offs than any other series but main games come like every 3 years
Not trying to start anything but let Nintendo do their Job Cause they are working on bringing old franchise back like Metroid and Kirby And YOSHI IS COMING BACK GIVE ME THAT INSTEAD



Znerd said:

Plus i think maybe Sega should Do this for other Sonic Characters i would like to see Tails get his own Game again and NO Sonic 4 Episode 2 does not count
Maybe AMY or Heck even Silver And Shadow



DreamOn said:

@Znerd I'm with you on the complaining all the time about Nintendo and Wii U on this site it's in every corner of the news, features and forums. Just take your little complaint and put it in an email to Nintendo lol



scrubbyscum999 said:

New IPs are certainly welcome but I feel they need to revive their old IPs first. Stuff like F-Zero. Pikimin 3 is coming out so all these people better buy it that want new IPs. Nintendo needs encouragement like they are getting from Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem. Lets vote with our wallets!



BossBattles said:

im excited for the year of luigi. dark moon looks like a nintendo classic, and im happy to play 80 new levels with the green bro.
mario & luigi dream team is a surprise, i was really hoping they were working on another game like this. i love the series!



jacksayspurple said:

Oh and I see that lots of people are complaining here that Nintendo never makes any IPs? Didn't you all enjoy playing Steel Diver? I saw how well that sold compared to their more 'bankable' franchises...



Tokujo said:

To all those who are complaining about too many mario games. Why not boycott all games staring him?

I in the other hand don't care mario or a stick man is in a game as long as the gameplay's topnotch.



Lyndexer said:

As a big fan of Luigi, I want to dedicate my year to Luigi. My hat is off to Luigi.



KnightRider666 said:

I like the fact that Nintendo is taking a step out of its "Mario comfort zone" here. I'm sure it will pay off, and I look forward to what the future brings for Luigi:)



3DS_excel said:

@MeowGravy Isn't there meant to be a yoshi game in production?

I'm looking forward to the new titles I don't understand the moaning though... There have been multiple Mario/Luigi (+ other universe characters) games since forever on all of the Nintendo platforms. I think people must enjoy them or they would have stopped making them years ago.



erv said:

I'd like a luigi's mansion with online multiplayer on my wiiU as well. That 3ds xl setup looks like too much fun now.



Senate_Guard said:

As a huge Luigi fan all I can say, is that its about time the younger, bashful Mario brother got more attention; game-wise. I look forward to Dark Moon, Dream Team, and Super Luigi U.

Hooray for the Year of Luigi!



AtomicToaster said:

It's really just a way of releasing a bunch more mario games without looking like they're releasing a bunch more mario games! I mean, how is New Luigi U any different than the extra levels where you can play as Luigi in Mario 3d land? At this point, even I have to pick and choose which mario games I wanna play and which I don't since there's so darn many and I wouldn't mind playing something else besides a mario game every once and awhile! If you add the potential of a Mario Kart U and Mario Galaxy (or whatever) U well, that's a lot of darn Mario games! I'm sure these are quality products, but time will tell if the brand holds up from all this saturation!



Araknie said:

Luigi as Lone Ranger
Mario as Billy The Kid

Luigi "i'm gonna put you down!"
Mario "holy maccaroni!



MathChamp said:

@AlbertoC I'm talking about the present, not the past
EDIT-Also, my brother works at Wal-mart, and I checked with him for the reasons and he said those were the main reasons



brandonbwii said:

Luigi's Mansion is innovative regardless of being tied to Mario. I can see originality coming from the new Mario & Luigi as well.

At least Wii U games are moving past Mario a little bit.



Marioman64 said:

@LordessMeep it's not just paying for a character swap, it's 80 ALL NEW LEVELS, it's MASSIVE. i'll be getting the Super luigi U day one no matter what the price is



Captain_Balko said:

"but honestly in the last 10 years, Nintendo didn't make even one new IP that will aspire to be a memorable series"

I'd have to disagree. First of all, why don't Brain Age or Nintendogs count? Because they are 'casual' style games? I don't see what that has got to do with anything. You didn't leave any reasons for excluding them as a new IP that will 'aspire to be a memorable series'. Personally, I had tons of fun with both Brain Age and Nintendogs when they came out, and fail to see why they are not considered valid. Also, there are a few series that you neglected to mention. What about the "Wii" series? You know, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Play, et cetera. Personally, I find those games incredibly 'memorable'. Furthermore, Dillon's Rolling Western, though a tad difficult, garnered positive reviews and was a pretty excellent game. A new Dillon's Rolling Western was announced at the last Nintendo direct. This is a strong sign that Dillon's Rolling Western will become a memorable series in times to come.



sinalefa said:

Well, I hope the Year of Luigi does more than a couple of games (one of which had been announced already) and some DLC. Luigi is my favorite Mario Brother.

And if someone has noticed, Nintendo has recently released new IPs: Pushmo, Rolling Western, Sakura Samurai. They are all downloadable because Nintendo knows the risk that every new IP brings, in the commercial sense. Of those mentioned, only Sakura is pending a second game, so I am sure they have had success. If people expect instant classics, then they are asking for too much, whether Nintendo makes them or not.



Tsuchiya said:


I wouldn't really describe Brain Age as a New IP especially not Nintendogs. That's just a glorified Tamagochi.

Wii Sports wasn't anything too exciting. It's a sports sim. We have thousands of them.

New IPs on par with the big hitters mainly Zelda, we've had nothing noteworthy. The finest minds in gaming have become a little slack these past 10 years.

Maybe Zelda U will help change this. I'm not holding my breath though. Nintendo seem far too content these days releasing endless clones and rehashes of old games.



Captain_Balko said:

Why can't you describe Brain Age as a new IP? There should be a reason given. Because it mainly targets casual and non-gamers? So? That doesn't change the fact that it's a new IP.
And I wasn't specifically speaking about Wii Sports. I was speaking of the "Wii" series. Wii Fit, Wii Play, Wii Music, Wii Party, et cetera. They are all decent games that have a specific style. New IP.
Finally, you completely neglected to mention Dillon's Rolling Western, which I believe to be a phenominal game filled with noteworthy characters.
And, by the way, Zelda isn't a new IP. In fact, it's as established as any other one of Nintendo's franchises. I'm sure you knew that, but the discussion was about if Nintendo did or did not create a single 'lasting' IP in the last decade. I argue that they did, and provided some strong arguments to back up my points.



MoldyClay87 said:

@DrSlump You know, I used to ask this as well, but then I actually realized Nintendo's been all over that kind of stuff.

I mean, what do you think the new Monolith game is? Pushmo/Crashmo? Dillon's Rolling Western? HarmoKnight? There have been a lot of new IPs, especially on downloads (like Spotto! or A Kappa's Trail and stuff for DSiWare).

Just because they aren't the games you're looking for doesn't mean they haven't been making them.



MoldyClay87 said:

@Captain_Balko Don't think they were saying Zelda was a new IP.

The idea was "new IPs on par with Zelda". Nintendo's been making new IPs, but none of them have established themselves or become as strong as something like Zelda. This is actually the main problem with people. We've been getting tons of new IPs, but they don't exist to them because they aren't big adventure games, and a lot of them are downloads.


Just because you and I don't care for Brain Training/Nintendogs does not mean they don't count.

Nintendogs, Brain Training, Spotto, A Kappa's Trail, Dillon's Rolling Western, Pushmo, Sakura Samurai, Wii Series, Xenoblade, Captain Rainbow, Hotel Dusk, Trace Memory, Disaster, some Pokemon spin-off series (like Ranger and PokePark), Pikmin, Mario vs. DK, Golden Sun, the rebirth of Famicom Wars (Advance Wars), WarioWare, Baten Kaitos, Eternal Darkness, Luigi's Mansion, Legendary Starfy, Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, Fluidity, Endless Ocean, Chibi Robo, Steel Diver, Flingsmash, etc. The list goes on. These are all IPs or vastly different spin-off IPs that emerged in the last 10 years.

Sorry bro.



MagicEmperor said:

After the colossal disappointment that was Paper Mario: Sticker Star, yes, I would say a new Mario & Luigi title was very due.



Grodus said:

Hopefully this means Nintendo is going to stop the whole "luigi is a moron and mario is way better than him yeah!" thing that was going on.



Brotagonist said:

Luigi is my favorite Nintendo character and all, but is some DLC and one game really deserve the title "Year of Luigi"? If they're this ambitious they'll recognize Luigi as the god that he is!



CaptainBones said:

Oh man, I am just so pumped for the Year of Luigi! Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is easily one of my most anticipated games of this year (along with Pikmin 3). New Super Luigi U also looks very interesting, seeing as how it is downloadable content for New Mario U that effectively DOUBLES the entire game. I am a bit worried about the price for it, though. I really hope it costs around 20, maybe 30 dollars. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team looks pretty neat, though I'm not entirely sure if it will top the masterpiece known as Bowser's Inside Story. But, to the game's credit, YOU CAN TOUCH LUIGI'S FACE OMQ AMAZING!!! Also, I don't care for Mario Golf: World Tour, ok? So yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to Year of Luigi, because really, the poor guy deserves a bit more attention from Nintendo.

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