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Wed 6th Jun 2012

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soracloud28 commented on Review: Balloon Fight (Wii U eShop / NES):

While it is a classic game I have to agree with the 5/10 rating. I've always only had an average enjoyable experience with this game. It's not the best game and its not the worst game. It's an average game. Average being 5/10. While it is totally worth .30 that should not effect the rating of the game



soracloud28 commented on How Did GameStop's 500,000 Wii U Reservations ...:

I was working at GameStop from August to last month and we asked every customer if they wanted to be on the wait list. About 60% of people that were asked said yes and we're not required to put any money down. This did not ensure they would receive a console, but instead they would receive a call and/or email letting them know there were extra consoles in stock should they wish to go ahead and purchase one



soracloud28 commented on Data Analyst Firm Expects Discs to Remain as C...:

Thomas I'd just like to say that you become a better writer with each article you produce. And it's also good to know tht consoles and discs will still have a place in the world of gaming. I know I personally enjoy those experiences far more than any steam-type service



soracloud28 commented on New Pokémon Nintendo Direct Appearing On 8th ...:

Reggie said in an interview last month that we shouldn't think we know every title in the launch window for the wii u. I'd like to specualate that it is indeed a Pokemon title for the wii u. It would be the perfect thing to drive sales through the roof.