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I love Nintendo! XD

Male, 16, United States

I love to play the 3DS i've racked over 1,000 hours if it! Favorite Game Of All Time: Shadow The Hedgehog

Thu 27th Sep 2012

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EpicBlaze commented on Review: Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS):

My first Fire Emblem game!! I'm getting it this week on the eShop because it came out last week. I don't want to be late on a well talked about and popular game like this. Eshop here I come.....



EpicBlaze commented on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed:

I loved the first one for Wii. I wonder what it will look like on Wii U? Or the 3DS XL? But this game seems a whole lot more action-packed that the first one. With a whole lot more stages. Plus a variety of characters. XD