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MoldyClay87 commented on Here's a Handy amiibo Compatibility Infographic :

@ryan3ds -
As you can see in my chart, SSB, Ace Combat & One Piece on 3DS will all support amiibo. Currently, you can only do so with a New 3DS (Japan/Australia), but they're also releasing an adapter to wirelessly scan amiibo to the current 3DS models. Nintendo said details would be provided early 2015.

@vitalemrecords -
Hopefully they add themed stages, so it wouldn't even matter if you beat it. I want costumes as well, but they'll be useless if you beat it already. Considering their functionality wasn't ready at launch, I can only hope it will be something big.

@Finntendo -
Zelda's amiibo gives you the Dominion Rod if you have it via DLC. The idea is, the Zelda amiibo give you any Rank 3 weapon you have access to for that character. So if you don't own the TP DLC, Zelda will only give you Baton & Rapier drops.

The icon I put next to the non-Zelda amiibo is the Weapon bag, Rupees & Material bags.

@TwilightV -
Announced in November, been up for preorder a while now. Comes out within February.

@Uberchu -
Link's is the only one that does anything significant. Zelda & Sheik drop their own weapons.

Link/Toon Link gives you Spinner the first time, then gives you any Lv.3 Link weapon from then on.
Zelda, Sheik & presumably Ganondorf give you any Lv.3 weapon of that character.
Every other amiibo gives you any Lv.3 for ANYONE, rupees, and materials.

@BulbasaurusRex -
Yoshi is also compatible with Yoshi's Woolly World & Mario Party 10. I believe Peach, Mario & Luigi are also compatible with MP10. Maybe Bowser.

I did not include those lists in my chart because we don't know what they do yet. My chart is primarily a guide for what the amiibo do so you get a good idea of the content each figure provides. MP10 & YWW would just be figures & question marks, so I'll add them when we get news.



MoldyClay87 commented on Here's a Handy amiibo Compatibility Infographic :

Glad everyone liked my chart! I wasn't expecting this to get posted on a Nintendo news site, haha. I will be updating this periodically as new amiibo are announced & new functionality/compatible games are announced.

Something I didn't include was the unintentional use of amiibo with Pokémon Rumble U. I don't know all the info about it, and I can't test myself. Probably gonna stick to official use though.

@Inkling -

This interview:

Miyamoto says he can't discuss amiibo support with Zelda or Star Fox, but that they are planning something for them. The way Trinen says it kind of sounds like it will be more of a fun bonus and not very significant, though.

@lividd3ad -

As of right now, Toon Link appears to be compatible with anything Link is. Mario Kart & Hyrule Warriors recognize Link & Toon Link as the same character, so presumably (aside from SSB) this is the case with any game. So if you don't like the Link amiibo, you could feasibly skip him & get the Toon Link one with the same functionality. This isn't 100% confirmed, but seems to be the case.

@KillerGBH -

Yeah, that's driving me nuts.



MoldyClay87 commented on The Pokémon Company Teases "Special Announcem...:

You guys are setting yourselves up for disappointment.

It's going to be the Gotta Catch 'em All website that leaked by accident a week ago. Which seems to be related to the anime, not the games. The teaser image is the same one from the trailer.

So unless there's more than that, it's just the unveiling of whatever that website is for. You shouldn't be expecting new games or new Pokemon.

If there are, that's icing on the cake, but yeah.



MoldyClay87 commented on Review: The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves (3DS...:

@Zodiak13 Kid Icarus, Resident Evil (Revelations & Mercenaries), Nano Assault EX, SSF4, DoA: Dimensions, Sonic Generations, Pokemon Rumble Blast, Pokemon Dream Radar, Soul Hackers, LEGO Star Wars III, The Sims Pets, Samurai Warriors, all built-in games except Face Raiders, SwapNote and Animal Crossing New Leaf.



MoldyClay87 commented on Shadow of the Eternals Will Cost $5 Per Episod...:

There's 12 episodes. The total will come to $60. That may be the going rate for retail games, but I'd much rather wait for bundles to pay less. Eternal Darkness wasn't worth $60, I doubt a crowd-funded, digital sequel will either.

@DESS-M-8 From what I understand, Nintendo wouldn't want to be a part of this after Silicon Knights' previous fiascos involving money and so on.

@Peach64 If Episode 1 gets funded, they will have the engine and everything needed for the game done. From there, they only need to make new characters and new locations, but built on the same game. It'd be like DLC. It won't cost nearly as much and they would presumably make the addition episodes from money gained out of stretch goals and people actually buying Episode 1.


1. Nintendo's not making this.
2. There are episodic games already on Wii & DSi from other publishers.
3. Even if they were, what mistakes do you believe they'd be learning from? The Walking Dead was episodic and it sold millions. People loved it. You calling that a mistake?

And do you realize how much DLC is sold, even though people whine about it?

You not liking trends that are around is one thing, but they aren't "others' mistakes" if they are successful, bro.



MoldyClay87 commented on Mario Kart, Wii Sports And Animal Crossing Nam...:

Anyone in this article whining about the violent game thing clearly didn't actually read the linked article, and I have to wonder if Nintendo Life really did either or if they really just wanted click bait.

The article never calls Mario Kart or Animal Crossing violent.

It's just a list of the top 50 2012 games (ACNL for Japan) and what their ESRB descriptions include.

That's the ONLY reason these games are mentioned.



MoldyClay87 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th February 2013 (North A...:

This is the 3rd sale, not 2nd. First was Bit.Trip Complete, then Crashmo and now Fractured Soul.

All I am getting this week is the Castlevania demo. Already own Retro City Rampage, don't have FE:A yet, don't have a Wii U yet (and I can get Runner2 on XBLA, but I'm not dropping $15)

@Mr_Trill281 I am convinced they sren't doing Kirby 2 because of Dream Collection, since you can get it there. Maybe eventually, but for now, I am betting on that being why.

@UnseatingKDawg I am pretty damn sure Nintendo said that the 3D Classics they did were the only ones they planned to do.

I forget who, SEGA I think, is making their own. So the only way we can get more is if a company decides to.



MoldyClay87 commented on Nintendo Facing Lawsuit Over 3D Technology On ...:

@TheRavingTimes First off, he was FORMERLY with Sony. He can't add 3D to a company he isn't with.

As for why now? Because 3DS is selling well now, unlike at first. And because he probably thought it wouldn't interfere with his trying to sell his technology. Since it did (predumably), he decided to attack now. Or whenever he filed the suit.



MoldyClay87 commented on Talking Point: The Year of Luigi Could Bring a...:

@Captain_Balko Don't think they were saying Zelda was a new IP.

The idea was "new IPs on par with Zelda". Nintendo's been making new IPs, but none of them have established themselves or become as strong as something like Zelda. This is actually the main problem with people. We've been getting tons of new IPs, but they don't exist to them because they aren't big adventure games, and a lot of them are downloads.


Just because you and I don't care for Brain Training/Nintendogs does not mean they don't count.

Nintendogs, Brain Training, Spotto, A Kappa's Trail, Dillon's Rolling Western, Pushmo, Sakura Samurai, Wii Series, Xenoblade, Captain Rainbow, Hotel Dusk, Trace Memory, Disaster, some Pokemon spin-off series (like Ranger and PokePark), Pikmin, Mario vs. DK, Golden Sun, the rebirth of Famicom Wars (Advance Wars), WarioWare, Baten Kaitos, Eternal Darkness, Luigi's Mansion, Legendary Starfy, Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Heaven, Fluidity, Endless Ocean, Chibi Robo, Steel Diver, Flingsmash, etc. The list goes on. These are all IPs or vastly different spin-off IPs that emerged in the last 10 years.

Sorry bro.



MoldyClay87 commented on Talking Point: The Year of Luigi Could Bring a...:

@DrSlump You know, I used to ask this as well, but then I actually realized Nintendo's been all over that kind of stuff.

I mean, what do you think the new Monolith game is? Pushmo/Crashmo? Dillon's Rolling Western? HarmoKnight? There have been a lot of new IPs, especially on downloads (like Spotto! or A Kappa's Trail and stuff for DSiWare).

Just because they aren't the games you're looking for doesn't mean they haven't been making them.