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Project X Zone Fighting To a Worldwide Release This Summer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Crossing over from Japan

Project X Zone, the rather fabulous-looking crossover strategy-RPG featuring characters from SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai franchises, looked destined to be a Japan-only release, especially after underwhelming sales prompted a hefty price-cut. In surprising news, Namco Bandai has confirmed that the title is being localised to PAL regions and North America this summer, though no fixed date has been given yet.

With Monolith Soft in the development hot-seat we've had high hopes for this one here at Nintendo Life; below is some blurb about the game if, somehow, you've been unaware of it up to now.

Developed by Monolith Soft and Banpresto, Project X Zone features over 50 playable characters from 29 historic game franchises by three of Japan’s most respected video game companies. In Project X Zone players will use a team of two characters known as a Pair Unit to explore the world within the game. An additional character known as a Solo Unit can be combined with the Pair Unit to assist in battles with Solo Attacks as well as augment the attacks available for players to execute. Throughout the game, epic battles are waiting to erupt at a moment’s notice. Players will have to master an array of screen-busting moves including Solo Attacks, Support Attacks, Cross Hits, and Finishing Moves in order to defeat a multitude of foes.

Project X Zone takes place in a world surrounded by a hidden chaos with shadows and evil lurking beneath the peaceful cover of everyday life. When a rift in time and space suddenly appears, a doorway to various universes is opened allowing both heroes and villains from different worlds to cross paths. Players will be able to take control of a huge selection of paired heroes including favorites such as Jin and Xiaoyu (TEKKEN), Toma and Cyrille (Shining Force EXA), to X and Zero (Mega Man™ X) and discover the cause of the rift and stop evil from coming through and spreading into their world.

This 3DS exclusive is one we're looking forward to trying out; below is a lengthy old trailer that shows the game in all of its promisingly colourful, barmy goodness.

Are you excited about Project X Zone getting localised?

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goldbricks23 said:

So happy this is making its way to UK. I thought it wouldn't have a chance but maybe a wider market will give it better sales. The summer is a good time to release as well so it isn't overshadowed by better known IPs. If its a good price on the eShop I'll probably download it.



Legodavid18 said:

Best news I heard all month! I really enjoyed Banpresto and Monolith Soft's previous works (Endless Frontier and Xenoblade, of course), so will get this at launch, just to show Namco Bandai how much I appreciate this!



sandwhich said:

So hell froze over?

EDIT: Wait, this is a strategy RPG? Like Fire Emblem? The (rather confusing) footage I've seen made it look like a brawler.



Epicnessofme99 said:

I just had a Nintendo 64 kid reaction when I read this, the 3DS sure has a great year planned out already.



Inev said:

Well, this is a nice surprise! If sales weren't very strong in Japan, I wonder if the international releases will be eShop-only?



hatehaerferage said:

A crossover RPG? And it's done by one of the few JRPG companies left with actual TALENT? Well damn, sign me up.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I just woke up! I just woke up, and I already need a new pair of pants?!?!

Holy cow YES! YES! YES! I never thought this would come over here! Day friggin' one baby!



HandheldGuru97 said:

This looks awesome! I think Nintendo's only goal this year is to make my poor wallet bleed. How many games am I up to? Like seven?! Anyway I am not complaining keep it up!



Dragmedown said:

If this can get done in a reasonable amount of time... I.E. this year. Then the 3ds may just have one of the more memorable years for ANY console, let alone a handheld!



moomoo said:


This is looking to be an awesome year for 3DS.



Pogocoop said:

Am..Am I dreaming? This is fantastic!
Next you'll be telling me Project Mirai is on it's way over aswell



ejamer said:

This game looks absolutely ridiculous in the best possible way. Not sure how big the interested audience is... but I'm thrilled that this is coming out worldwide.



fredtoy said:

I think there are two ways of releasing this game in America / PAL regions.
1- They go the niche / special edition way. Something similar to the Last Story release on Wii.
2- They go the download only way.



PinkSpider said:

This could end up being one one of those rare games that no one buys and then is impossible to find a resaonable price, ill most likely buy day of release



CrazyOtto said:

Namco Bandai's been getting alot better at localizing lately. First, they the start localizing Tales games more, then they start up Shiftylook, now Project X Zone is getting localized.



Icefreak45 said:

I think I scared my brother with my outburst XD, But who cares WERE GETTING IT!!!! Honestly didn't think it would come out of Japan. Now if we could just get Bravely Default Flying Fairy...



Bulbousaur said:

Hell yeah! I was just thinking about this game yesterday when I tumbled into the Namco X Capcom trailer. Can't wait for this, day 1 purchase for me!



DePapier said:

Damn, it's as crazy as Super Smash... Probably as good as I heard about, I'm definitely gonna get that when it launchs!!!



MagicEmperor said:

Coincidentally, last night a bud and I were saying things like, "There is no way this game's coming to America, what with the low sales and Namco x Capcom never released in America and all." And, today, this announcement comes up. Figures! Well, I'm happy as a clam. Whether physical or digital, I'm getting it for sure.

Also, there's no way Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney is getting released tomorrow! waits



BakaKnight said:

A wonderful news!!!
Spring with Luigi Mansion, Summer with Project X Zone and autumn with Pokemon.
That's the kind of "plannings for the year" that I like ^O^



Marakuto said:

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! This is the year I'll fling out cash on 3DS games! Finally I can't believe it is coming!!!



SamSan37 said:

Amazing news. I was starting to get scared that this wouldn't make it overseas. Now it's Square Enix to make their move with BD and DQ7 confirmations.



AceSpadeS said:

I would probably pay $40 just for the nifty pixel art of all these characters and the music. The fact that it has gameplay too is just a bonus.



CanisWolfred said:

@Collision_Cat Agreed, lets hope people actually buy it over here. I actually liked NXC and SRT: OG Saga, so I'll be looking forward to this quite a bit. Plus...what else is coming out this summer that I could want?



-KwB- said:

Oh man, I soo would want Dragon Ball Z Characters to be included in this game -_-



lightbringer said:

So much win. I was playing Namco x Capcom not too long ago, and man, is it a addicting. The roster for this game isn't as big, but there are a lot of sweet additions.



DarkKirby said:

Considering the low sales, I'm surprised by the localization. I'll be buying it though, I hope they'll opt to keep the Japanese voices in the game as an option.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Woohoo! Finally, another retail 3DS game to get this year. Until now, the only ones I've wanted have been "Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing Transformed" and "Pokémon X/Y"



Emaan said:

This continues to affirm the fact that 2013 is the year of the 3DS. Looking forward to it! Nice surprise that it's actually being localized!



ajcismo said:

Good deal. Lets hope some more Japanese titles make their way across the Pacific.



gavn64 said:

3ds is king this year this just tops it off YYYEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Senate_Guard said:

Eh... RPGs aren't my thing. Wake me when Nintendo and Sega make a action/adventure crossover.



Gen0neD said:

So pleased. I agree with the others here, it'll probably be download only. Welp, fine with me.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I'mma be buying it day 1 just because it was made by Monolith Soft More money they get closer I am to Xenoblade Chronicles II

& of course it's going to be an awesome game too So glad this is coming outside of Japan



KnightRider666 said:

I don't believe it! I never thought we would be getting this after the lackluster sales in Japan. I'm definitely checking this out when it's released in the US!



Araknie said:

I will be ecxited when they will announce it will go on physical support here in europe and i will have a date.

Will fest!



Nintendawg said:

I had a feeling this would happen, so glad it turned out true!
Thank you Namco Bandai!



Mattiator said:

Oh my god. After Capcom confirmed that they weren't localizing E.X. Troopers I was concerned this one also wouldn't make it over. Unfortunately, depsite how excited I am for this game, I don't have the money for it so I'll probably save what I have for Bravely Default and Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney.



Mattiator said:

Waitaminute... At 4:23, that's Zephyr and Leanne!? Holy crap! I never thought those two would make it in. WHY MUST EVERY COMPANY WANT MY MONEY!?



DarkKirby said:


Thanks for the info! While I'm sure the lack of English voices is to save money on localization, as I prefer Japanese voices for Japanese games I'm very happy to hear this.



Henmii said:

They probably thought this was the only way to still get some revenue from this game, since it failed in Japan!

But it's great news! Maybe I'll buy it too!



Schprocket said:

The only beat 'em up ever liked was the side-scrolling Golden Axe and I've never been into button-mashing madness but this.... this game is soooo over-the-top insane that it's harpooned me and is dragging me aboard.

I actually like it the way that it is presented here, untranslated...
Give me the Japanese Special Edition as is, and just bundle in the English translations for the instructions.

Instant Happiness!!!

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