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25, Greece

As my name suggests, I love gaming. I prefer portables for their versatility and because I find they have a certain charm- maybe it has to do with the fact that my first gaming device ever was a GameBoy. Maybe.

Thu 13th Dec 2012

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ilovegaming commented on Konami Explains Why Castlevania: Lords of Shad...:

So the 3D was what stopped them from making a Vita version but an HD version is definitely possible? I like how the game looks, I'll probably end up getting it later and I understand that they want to be in good terms with everyone, but at least don't contradict yourselves so clearly if you want to make an excuse...



ilovegaming commented on Review: Ikachan (3DS eShop):

@Windy Well, I live in Europe and I appreciate your choice to boycott this game-even if you don't need to- very much. All I want is to play Cave Story on a portable system but it seems I'll never get to do so...And I would most probably buy all the other games Nicalis hasn't yet released in Europe if given the choice.