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Thu 18th Aug 2011

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bricabrac commented on Sometimes Finding a Wii U to Buy Ain't Easy:

I'm also from Poland. As you can see we are looking information about Nintendo on foreign sites and that is not without a reason. In all of the polish main gaiming sites there is nothing but brutal Nintendo hating and praise for Sony. Sony's fanboys are everywhere. They are like parasites.

As for the stock in shops. There is absolutely no Nintendo in highstreet shops. But there was a time when you could bought nintendo stuff but prices were very high. I sometimes see in comments of Brits who complain about game's prices but imagine that Nintendo games in Poland were always more expensive than in the UK and you have also take into account that avarage salaries are 4 times less in Poland. And that sux.

So most of the games that I have I bought on Amazon UK and I'm not the only one. So UK's sales rankings also includes Polish gamers I also buy on ebay from British sellers to be sure to get proper UK releases of the games (in full english).
We have got the Allegro (something like ebay) where you can buy Nintendo stuff. Sometimes even cheaper than in the UK. People who sell there import stuff from the West. Some of them are Polish that live in the UK and send from there There are also internet shops which sells Nintendo games and consoles but prices are usually higher.

So if you want you can buy Nintendo games in Poland. But is more like buying alcohole in arabic countries. Anyway, it's not easy to be Nintendo fan in Poland but probably in Somalia is even worse.



bricabrac commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

I'm waiting for 3DS XL since release of original. I'm VERY happy that it is SO big (touch screen same as in DSi XL) but I really can't understand why there is no second analogue.
I wonder if they ever release another version, let's say 3DSi XL.

As for now conses are:
1. Lack of second circle pad - as for me it isn't a big problem but what with MH 4 ?
2. Colours - none of them match my taste - I'd like to see something like Mario ed. DSi XL, which I thing is simply beautiful
3. No bundles on the day of release - something like recent Super Mario 3D World bundle would be great (great collector's item).



bricabrac commented on Pandora's Tower Limited Edition Laid Bare:

Oh... and I forgot to mention... It is awesome that Nintendo kept Japanese boxart including black box and background behind the 'Wii' text. It would look soo stupid with white box. And I do hope it isn't any mistake...



bricabrac commented on Nintendo Promises 3DS DLC for Next Year's Titles:

I really can't understand why you all want DLCs. Paying for pseudo-extra content, which should be included in game at the moment of releasing is nothing good. I want to buy full games and not 'demos' upgradeable to full version by DLCs.