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Thu 27th Dec 2012

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CazTheGamerGuy commented on Video: Atlus Serves Up an Early Look at Person...:

Combining the poor combat of Persona 4 with the awful exploration of Persona 1, with a pinch of impure pile of dredge that is the Etrian "why wouldn't I just play Shin Megami Tensei" Odyssey series?

Goodbye interest, it was nice knowing you. Music sounds good though.



CazTheGamerGuy commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

"If I was still working at Microsoft I would be self-harming." Oh Molyneux, don't be so rude. Everything you do is self-harming.

Yeah, indies aren't a trend or fad, they've existed in some capacity before the seventh generation, it's just that digital stores like Steam has allowed widespread distribution of said titles. Once again, Molyneux has been given more attention than his credentials deserve.



CazTheGamerGuy commented on Review: AeternoBlade (3DS eShop):

@retro_player_22 Basing the entire game's offerings off a demo which contains only a fraction of its content is not a good judgement of its quality. I've played through the entire game and can safely say that for $15, you're better off buying all the Guild01 games on sale or the Mighty! series. This title is electronic trash at its finest... or.. worst.



CazTheGamerGuy commented on First Impressions: Shantae and the Pirate's Curse:


You're free to have your own opinion, but...
1 - That's early work and the game is a year's way at earliest. It is not representative of the final product whatsoever.

2 - Its "GBA predecessor" was never released and as such, all that we've seen of it has been conceptual or a small demo with placeholder assets. It's about as complete as the original Playstation release of Shantae.
3 - Wario Land: Shake It! was done by Good-Feel, not Nintendo, who merely published the title.



CazTheGamerGuy commented on Weirdness: Uh-Oh, That Guy Who Likes To Microw...:

@fchinaski Better him than me/sarcasm

In all seriousness, I don't mind the microwaving so much as the gall to charge over $2,000 for a burnt, microwaved, unusable, un-salvageable Nintendo 2DS for over 15 times the amount of just buying a working 2DS! Who in their right mind would be so wasteful as to spend two grand on a hunk of melted plastic?



CazTheGamerGuy commented on Exclusive: New Instalment in SteamWorld Dig Se...:

Considering how great SteamWorld Dig was, i'm really curious to see how they'll follow it up. Will it be a similar style game that takes place after the original a la Metroid II or a completely different genre like it was for its predecessor (SteamWorld Tower Defense)?



CazTheGamerGuy commented on EA Executive: Shigeru Miyamoto is 'Falling Dow...:

I can never tell if the executives at EA are stupid, trolling or just like poking the bear. Then again, why should they? They've lost all credibility to the gaming public for their recent acts and letting us down with their sub-par output of AAA titles. How's that for irony?



CazTheGamerGuy commented on Sega Sammy Acquires Atlus Parent Company Index...:

@Rief I would pay good money for a Halloween Persona spin-off. Were-sona: Night of Teddie.

To return to the original topic, this is worrisome, to say the least. Most people seem concerned over localization and not seeing their great games coming out to the West. My main issue is the possibility of lower quality products to be released by Atlus, as well as their horrible management over them. Take for example the recently released Rome: Total War II and the dead horse that needs to be beaten once again, Aliens: Colonial Marines. True, neither of them were made by SEGA, but they were both funded and published by them. Both of them were developed by an outside source, be it contracted by a separate entity or subsidiary within them. SEGA had a responsibility to make sure that the respective developers were and would have ample time to develop he game and not used those funds for other projects like Gearbox did. Twice. They failed to do their part for both games and as a result, we got one of the worst Aliens games to date and a poorly launched PC sequel to a highly successful strategy series.

To be clear, it is miles above, say, Konami buying them but either way, having XSEED or NIS would have been the superior choice in my eyes (Even though they likely didn't have the cash for it).

Also SEGA, when are you going to let me buy Valkyria Chronicles 2 on my Vita without borrowing a friend's PS3?