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Europe's Club Nintendo Gets Real-Life Mario Kart Trophies

Posted by James Newton

The race is on

You might not be a real-life Mario Kart medallist like some people, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little silverware of your own to put on display.

Europe's Club Nintendo just updated with three snazzy Mario Kart trophies — Shell, Leaf and Special — at just 5,000 Stars each. They're miniature versions of the trophies being offered at various competitions around the continent: at 12cm by 10cm, the Special cup is the largest, if you're considering size-per-Star value in your redemption decision.

We could see them lining up nicely on our desks at Nintendo Life Towers, but what do you think?


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Koos said:

Wow these would look awesome next to the Wii. Wish it was the NA platinum award
I think I'll want these on eBay they're that cute.



LordJumpMad said:

Just take all my gold coins nintendo! I really hope this comes to the US, this will give me a reason to spend all of my 2000 coins.Untitled



chewytapeworm said:

I'd love one. I consider myself a mean opponent on the racetrack but I won't win one of the real ones, not while I'm not entering any of these tournaments anyway. And still, I need another 3000 stars. I can always dream!



sykotek said:

European Nintendo fans, you win. Now, anytime I hear any complaints from you about anything, I'll think back to these trophies...and how much I hate you guys...I jealous I feel. (not really)




Late said:

They look really nice. Unfortunately Finland isn't exactly part of Club Nintendo so I can't get those...



Drawdler said:

Going to buy them off eBay whenever I can. Times like these remind me I need to to sign up still



Gridatttack said:

Wait, only in Europe? I guess ill resort to ebay sometime in the future...
They look friggin awesome. Also, why not thundercup...or better yet, why not all cups?



alLabouTandroiD said:

Just when i was close to having enough for Game & Watch Ball.
Couldn't resist the shell trophy though. So beautiful.



hYdeks said:

is it just me, or does europe been getting everything while the NA fans are REALLY getting screwed over lol Lucky u guys, but come on Nintendo, I want trophies too! Get rid of the terrycloths and fans and weird rewards like that, and put this in it's place instead!



SilentHunter382 said:

I keep all my star points slips because of the nintendo rule where they will disappear after 2 years, I rather keep them incase something I like shows up.. Lucky I have 5250 stars points worth of slips. Now I am either thinking of getting the leaf or the shell. I don't like the special trophy. Now I have 20+ slips to register.



edcomics said:

What's the conversion between UK stars and US coins? Regardless of that, those are some nice rewards. I like having something tangible from a video game. While Mario Kart isn't my cup of tea, these trophies look great all on their own. (Granted, this is likely an airbrushed photo) I hope the United States get to see some rewards like this in the near future. I cashed in some coins to get a small present for a friend's birthday, and the best thing they had was Mario shoelaces. dies One of these trophies would have been so much better.



RupeeClock said:

Oh maaaan, I only got 3090 stars.
I'm planning to buy a fair few titles though, and the 3DS XL, maybe I'll...get there?
Nah, probably not for months. :



blueboi87 said:

Awesome. I hit 5000 stars just last week. Stuck on which one to get though. I'm thinking the Shell Trophy.



Shworange said:

What?! And I'm only getting a deck of cards in north America?!! It would be great with my swag collection!



Mk_II said:

im at 3500 points right now but still have a Zelda 3DS to unbox and i will be getting a 3DS XL on release day so one ofthose cups will be mine!



ajcismo said:

I'd like to thank Reggie and NoA for once again having us in the States get shafted. We get cards or posters and Europe gets Kart Trophies?
Hey London, need a new resident? Shine your shoes govn'r?



Highwinter said:

@sykotek We very rarely get things like this and when we do, they tend to be very limited and expensive. Look at the rest of the stuff on our store, compared to everything you guys get on a regular basis.

These will most probably come to NA eventually too.



CrispyGoomba said:

HOOOOLY Shovel! I want them so bad, alas, I don't leave in Europe. Hope to see a stateside release



RedYoshi999 said:

I hope these come to Australia soon but I hope they cost a lot less than 5000 stars or it will be impossible to get one!



sykotek said:

@Highwinter: I'm trying real hard to read and comprehend your comment, but all I can see are European exclusive Club Nintendo Mario Kart 7 trophies. XD



TourianTourist said:

I had 5000 stars last month... but Nintendo took 500+ of them away this month, I hate them so much right now...



RupeeClock said:

@Red_Kinetic Aside from Club Nintendo UK not having Elite Status like Club Nintendo US, yeah, these would have made good Elite Status Prizes for America.

All you guys got for Platinum Status were some goddamn posters or playing cards. Japan got a cushion in the shape of a Super Mario Bros sprite!

Let's see, 250 stars for two packs, so that's 40 packs of cards.
They sell for £1.50 a pack now, so that'd cost £60 to buy the packs instead.
Considering it takes one game to get 250 stars, usually, and a game can cost upwards of £30, that's like £1200 worth of stars used for £60 worth of cards.

Bad call. Good thing I only got the one pack of cards from Club Nintendo.



SilentHunter382 said:

Damn 3 of my slip have expired. I hate nintendo having an expiration on both the cards and when you register the product



SilentHunter382 said:

Wow by counting the rest of my cards and what I have registered I am going to be short 50 frecking points. D:



Banker-Style said:

I just brought the Koopa one.
I hope they keep all three of them up for a while,so I can get all three.
Just 9000 points to get the other two.



Emaan said:

How come the United States doesn't get something like this? That's super rad. I would definitely get one of them as a reward.



NintyMan said:

I'd get the special cup trophy. Too bad this is Europe only. Something like this should've been a platinum reward for NA's Club Nintendo. It is a shame that just because NA is a bigger area that we get cheaper rewards. You Europeans should consider yourselves thankful.



Victoria said:

They haven't had anything good in EU's Club Nintendo in a very long time. Those people complaining that we're getting something here that you're not getting in your region should stop and take a look at the junk available in EU.
My friends in NA are always going on about the great things they picked up with their points. Yet my Nintnedo points are piling up because there's nothing worth getting with them. For a long time the only thing I ever picked up were Wii Point cards.
In NA you guys talk about different levels of rewards, but they don't even do that here. So it's nice that we're finally offered something decent.



Nokstromo said:

It would mean something to me if I could actually get those awards here in my little country... Argh, so angry...
Too bad they aren`t sending these awards all across the Europe..



Tasuki said:

Wow wish they offered that for NA I would have had no problem choosing a reward than. Looks like I will be doing some ebay shopping here soon.



Nanoline said:

This only makes it more aggravating that in America, we're expected to be excited about POSTERS.



Mayhem said:

As noted already, I certainly would have taken these if they'd be offered as the Platinum gift for Club Nintendo in the US! (I have a US Wii and DS, hence I get US games mostly)



SilentHunter382 said:

Well I resorted to buying a cheap star points code online just to get the 5000 points.

Shell trophy can't arrive at my house fast enough.



FluttershyGuy said:

US rewards: Notebooks, shoestrings, etc.

As wide a gulf between quality in Club Nintendo (and arguably the Nintendo branches themselves) is as wide as the talent gap in American and European soccer (or football, whatever you call it) teams. Nope, I don't see us ever getting these either.

At any rate, congrats! Prized video game objects-turned real life like that are amazing! My, how long ago it seems that Nintendo Power here gave a special sword as a Final Fantasy contest grand prize! I'll "look forward" to our soon-to-be-announced New Super Mario Bros. 2 pencils (barf).



Drewroxsox said:

@Victoria We complain in NA because the coolest thing our club nintendo offers are Mario shoelaces, and they aren't that cool. My coins are piling up because I have NOTHING good to spend them on. We just want to see something like this come to the states, and it'll make us happy.



LAA said:

Damn! I want these! I'm 650 points away! Nooo. Getting KH3D next week so that may be 250/500 if they double it.
If anyone has a code they dont want, can I please have it?



Mayhem said:

And the eBay selling begins by someone, opening price... 50 Euros each...



Shock_Tart said:

so japan or some other countries get cool nintendo based polo shirts, europe gets awesome mario kart 7 trophies. and what does america get? a deck of friggin playing cards. x_X



UnseatingKDawg said:

@SilentHunter382: Hey, believe me pal, free games aren't what they're cracked up to be. I spent my points to get Super Mario Kart, and the code didn't work. I tried at three different houses with perfectly fine Internet, and I even called Nintendo for help. They claimed it was my Internet. A week later, I bought a points card and downloaded that and two other games with my slow Internet (which usually konks out halfway through a download). Sure, it took an hour, but the games downloaded no problem. I haven't gotten a free game since.

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