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Sun 11th May 2008

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Jave commented on In Fire Emblem 3DS, Death Isn't Always Permanent:

Here's something a lot of people don't know. In FE12 (the 2nd DS FE) if you play on Casual Mode, any characters that you let die will have their scenes missing from the ending. Meaning that even though you still were allowed to keep the characters as playable units, they're still removed from the story.



Jave commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS eShop Demos:

@vvaluigi Yes, copy all your files from the old SD card to your PC, then to your new SD card. Insert the new SD card into your 3DS and everything should work exactly like before.

This is all in the 3DS manual, BTW.



Jave commented on Nintendo Working On New Zelda Game:

I think he's likely referring to Zelda on the 3DS, which he confirmed is going to be a completely new entry, and likely the next one released.



Jave commented on Prince of Persia to Include SNES Remake of Ori...:

I wouldn't call the SNES version a remake of the original. The levels are designed from scratch and they're different entirely. Some of the early ones are similar, but it's an 100% different experience.



Jave commented on Big Nintendo News Incoming:

@Corbie @Gavin Rozee

Man, GB/GBC/GBA games on the DSi is something I've been waiting for so long. I don't want to get too hyped, though.

As for DSi XL, I suppose they could use Super Game Boy styled graphics with borders.



Jave commented on Nintendo Wins Another Piracy Court Case:

Every time Nintendo busts one of these guys, I get this mental image of Satoru Iwata spotting the pirate through a monitor, and then doing the "Agents are... GO!!" bit from Elite Beat Agents.



Jave commented on Review: Escapee GO! (DSiWare):

This game is a dream for Speedrunners. Really. If you love those type of challenges then this is the game for you. And for two bucks the game is a steal.



Jave commented on Guides: Everything You Need To Know About Impo...:

@Earendel68 Yeah, I know. I usually keep it on Chile (my home country, after all), but I change to Mexico whenever I want to deposit money (another thing is that some countries don't have a credit card option, only Nintendo cards) or download something that's not in every country.

Kind of sucks, I know, but I'm used to it by now. At least the country setting can be changed. If it used IP detections, I'd be pretty much screwed.



Jave commented on Guides: Everything You Need To Know About Impo...:

Definitely don't set up your imported Wiis to Chile. Nothing Sega-published is available. Some DLC isn't available either, such as FFCC: My Life as a King/Darklord, although FFIV: The After Years is, for some odd reason.

Also, if you want to benefit from Club Nintendo, you have to set up your Wii to USA or Canada. No other country works.



Jave commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii):

You guys should have pulled a Spinal Tap and give an 11 just this once.

I won't be able to get the game until Tuesday. These are going to be the two longest days of my life.



Jave commented on Nintendo Download: Zombies, Ghosts, Monkeys, A...:

ZAMN is awesome. Definitely one of the best on the SNES ever. I used to play it all the time before my SNES and games were stolen. Good times. (Not the stolen part).

I agree Nintendo's description for the game is stupid. They never say "shoot zombies" or "rescue your neighbors" in it! It doesn't even tell you what you're supposed to do! There's even a fake spoiler!