Also Known As
Adventure Kids: Paul's Adventure (Japanese title)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 1st Nov 2010, 200 points
  • JP 14th Jul 2010


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    Nobody puts baby in a corner!

    No two superhero babies develop just alike. Superman, for instance, was mostly helpless as an infant and couldn't even fly until he was sixteen years old. Franklin Richards, the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, could warp the very fabric of reality as a toddler. The Powerpuff Girls sprang into existence...

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Paul's Shooting Adventure Screenshot
Paul's Shooting Adventure Screenshot

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About The Game

Super Baby Paul, the Ultimate Pacifier, stars in this classic side-scrolling shooter.

The player controls Paul, the son of a super hero family who was born with innate super powers. Paul has the ability to take flight and attack with powerful projectile energy. But, most importantly, and unique to Paul is that he's gifted with the ability to take the form and harness the weaponry from fallen enemies. Paul is summoned to take on an alien invasion force bent on conquering Earth's oceans.

It's up to Paul to use both his own powers and the weapons obtained from the aliens to fight back and protect Earth's most vital resource. His action-packed adventure goes from the seas to the stars themselves. Let's hope Paul can save our oceans before nap time.