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  • US 10th May 2012, 200 points


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    Looks like we're having twins

    Upon its western release in late 2010, Paul's Shooting Adventure was a pleasant surprise. It starred a flying baby named Paul, also known as The Ultimate Pacifier, who battled evil alien sea creatures because, hey, why not? It was a surprisingly fun game with colourful graphics and an upbeat soundtrack, not to mention...

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Paul's Shooting Adventure 2 Screenshot
Paul's Shooting Adventure 2 Screenshot
Paul's Shooting Adventure 2 Screenshot

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About The Game

Paul and his twin brother join forces to smash the Insectians in this explosive sequel.

The player controls Paul and his brother, twins of a super hero family who were born with innate super powers. The two brothers have the ability to take flight and attack with powerful projectile energy. However, most importantly, they are both gifted with the ability to take the form and seize the weaponry from fallen enemies.

The Insectians have vowed revenge for their defeated ally – the Oceanians. Paul is once again summoned to fight an alien invasion force bent of retribution, but this time Paul is not alone. It’s up to Paul and his twin brother to use their combined powers and weapons obtained from the aliens to fight back and smash the Insectians.


  • Two player cooperative gameplay mode.
  • New enemy alien race – the Insectians.
  • Enhanced graphics and unique locations.
  • Various difficulty modes.