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Wed 29th Feb 2012

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Jamix012 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 eShop Bonus Confirmed ...:

Gonna digital buy it, I always lose cartridges because I'm clumsy. Also in an unrelated point I wonder if Wario Blast featuring Bomberman will ever make it to the 3DS virtual console. It was basic but fun. Also Wario and Bomberman in the same game!



Jamix012 commented on Nintendo Download: 24th May 2012 (Europe):

Here's a question: Will you be re-reviewing Mighty Switch Force with the new levels? Or will you review the extra levels seperately? Or just no review at all? The game will have fundamentally changed with 5 extra levels so I think maybe a slightly revised review is warranted?



Jamix012 commented on Interview: Michael Inglis - Building LEGO Zelda:

Why are people getting mad? From what I gather they seem to be mad because this will be an insult to Zelda fans? But it's just a lego set, it's not like this is being made into a Lego Zelda game or anything.



Jamix012 commented on Nintendo Download: 10th May 2012 (North America):

Another nothing week for me. It just bugs me, to me it looks like Nintendo is just letting the Eshop slip into a similar rut that the Wii Shop is going into. We should not be getting 1 thing a week.
Here's a question, why isn't the Wii Virtual console list available on the 3DS? I can understand holding back some NES/SNES games in order to make them 3D classics but really, the lack of titles is disturbing. I question why we can't have games from more consoles, Game Gear was a step in the right direction, but what about the Neo Geo Pocket and the Virtual Boy? I can't even buy DSiware these days because the system memory is full.



Jamix012 commented on Talking Point: Why Skyward Sword Sales Failed ...:

I see a lot of people disliking Skyward Sword here which honestly suprises me. I found it to be the best game I'd played in atleast 8 years and it really re-ignited my passion for quality games. Since I finished it though I haven't picked it up again. Story based games like that are one time experiences and turn in to fond memories.
Anyway, there'd been a similar article a while back on Zelda Universe and it was discussing how Zelda simply changed too much to be accepted by the masses. Each new Zelda reveal would be different enough for the last that it would lose more fans than it would gain and as a result Zelda sales as a whole have declined.



Jamix012 commented on Nintendo Download: 15th March 2012 (North Amer...:

Holy damn, Shinobi is so much fun, I've been playing it most of the last hour so this isn't a full review or anything but I'm throughly enjoying it. As for Sonic, I'll be honest I've tried to force myself to like the old 2D sonics and I just can't, this is no exception, I'll get back to it but it's boring me for now.