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Fri 18th Mar 2011

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thiagoauler commented on Feature: The Potential of Wii U and Amazon:

@rjejr "I read the article and I didn't see 1 mention of the large white elephant in the room - the Gamepad has to be connected to the Wii U to work. Why would anybody make an ebook app for a device that has to be attached to your tv?"

What?!? The connection happens wirelessly!



thiagoauler commented on Alone in the Dark:

I really enjoyed this game!!!
It's not spooky as Resident Evil or Silnet Hill franchises...
But for those who played the original Alone in the Dark games, won't be disappointed.



thiagoauler commented on Monster World IV:

I just bought the game... and it's amazing!
A game very well designed...
It's so nice to see how well Wonder Boy evolved



thiagoauler commented on Developers: Wii U "Less Powerful than PS3 and ...:

I think it's pretty funny watching people argue about what it's better...
It's not "power" that matters... but QUALITY really does!
Sony was successful back in the years with PS1 and PS2... but anything other than that was a total fiasco.
Even Microsoft is doing a great job!
Nintendo gave us great hardwares and softwares for almost 40 years. So please, don't say bull.