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There's plenty of other new stuff to discover in the 3DS system update: StreetPass Mii Plaza just got some extra games and tweaks, too.

StreetPass Mii Plaza

One of the more engaging reasons to take your 3DS out and about is the ability to pass other 3DS owners and exchange data automatically. Here's what's new.


The biggest change to StreetPass Mii Plaza is the ability to use SpotPass to receive new content. Eagle-eyed users might notice their Plaza population increased after playing Mario Kart 7, and now you can get the same effect without playing MK7.

This also means Nintendo will be able to add extra content via SpotPass in future.

StreetPass Quest II

You can only embark on StreetPass Quest II (Find Mii II in North America) if you have already collected every hat in the original quest.

Starting out with an hilarious opening skit, you then quest out to rescue three royals and recover 56 new hats along the way, but there are some key differences.

Get Potion

You can use your Play Coins in battle for various effects:

Vial of Valour — 8 Coins — Calls back heroes who have left.
Power Potion — 20 Coins — Boosts levels of heroes in the queue.
Dispelling Draught — 2 Coins — Disperses gas spewed by enemies.
Bottled Barrier — 2 Coins — Wards off enemy magic.

Hire Old Allies

Is there someone in your past who particularly impressed you with their fighting ability? Using Play Coins you can now recruit them to your cause again. You can hire up to three warriors at a time, and the higher their level, the more coins they'll cost.

You can still hire wanderers for 2 Play Coins.

StreetPass Puzzle Swap

To make things even more challenging with StreetPass Puzzle Swap, the new puzzles are bigger than before, requiring at least 24 rather than 15 pieces to complete.

There are also pink spaces that are impossible to fill by using Play Coins: you'll need to get lucky and find someone else with this puzzle piece in order to fill these new puzzles.

There are new puzzles featuring scenes from the following games:


StreetPass Mii Plaza now has the Achievement-like Accomplishments, which you've probably already encountered if you've dipped into the Plaza by now.

Some Accomplishments are rewarded for making progress through StreetPass Quest, whereas others are for meeting specified numbers of Mii characters.

There are 78 Accomplishments in total.

Music Player

If you really like the StreetPass music, now you can listen to it at your leisure with the Plaza's music player.

StreetPass Map

As you StreetPass people from regions of the world, the maps of their countries fill with colour, with the idea being to complete all regions of every country. It's not perfect — the United Kingdom is divided into country only, whereas others are sectioned into counties and prefectures, and some countries don't have maps at all. Still, it's good to brush up on your geography.


See your completed StreetPass Puzzle Swap puzzles in 3D here. Move with the Circle Pad, advance to the next one with A.

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