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Tue 29th Dec 2009

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blurays commented on Some Club Nintendo Coin Values Will Change on ...:

Most older games are going down in coin value. This is definitely going to discourage survey and pin code hoarding just for getting platinum status each year.
This is another step Nintendo is taking to combat this behavior after they
reduced the expiration dates.



blurays commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update:

The new Find Mii 2 game also has some additional options such as being
able to select different paths. You can also create teams of two that can do combo attacks.
The opponents in the game also now have magic abilities.



blurays commented on European Ocarina of Time Soundtrack Offer Exte...:

The way in which the Club Nintendo offer is worded in Europe would suggest that everyone who registers by June 30th, 2011 has a chance to get the music CD and isn't guaranteed (maybe random draw selection). The North American Club Nintendo is giving the OoT CD to all that registered within a small window due to demand. If NoA did a similar deal as Europe they would have an issue with server loads processing requests so close to the end of the CN year.

Edited for clarification/

@below - When the order is processed does Club Nintendo Europe give a CD shipping confirmation?