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I have a 3DS, PS3, WII, and a Gameboy. I love Nintendo, Media Molecule, and Square Enix. I have 50 friends on PSN. My friends are great people, and most of them I don't know.

Fri 6th Jul 2012

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Link-Rogers commented on Talking Point: The Possibilities of New Super ...:

@Marioman64 I want the FF VIII The Extreme, and the FF VIII Force Your Way sounds pretty amazing. I have FF 9 Battle 2, FF 7 Boss Battle, FF 7 Cosmo Canyon. I want:
FF5 Battle 1
FFX Battle 1
FF4 Battle 2
They need to add:
FF8 Battle 1
FF8 Winhill Village
FF8 Balamb Garden
FF9 Chocobo-Riding Theme
I'll tell you more in the Theatrhythm section



Link-Rogers commented on Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy:

Does anyone have a copy of theatrhythm so someone can play with me online? I want to get past this really annoyingly fast dark note. It's judgement day from final fantasy seven and battle one from final fantasy four. It sounds good but it goes way too fast



Link-Rogers commented on Nintendo Land:

Nintendo land looks pretty sweet but I don't exactly get what it's supposed to do. Are you supposed to have fun, or is it a game for family to play together?



Link-Rogers commented on Interview: 5th Cell - Scribblenauts Unlimited:

kitty says, " It looks fine, but if played the franchises before and part of it is really easter eggs. In scribblenauts 2, type chocolate brown pickle and it looks like a poo. " also cthulhu...just typed a random word then it corrected me. i saw cthulhu and i clicked it. it was a weird mythical creature...make it gold or invincible. when you fight something invincible, its like pausing your game but it makes noise.