Much of the world is currently enjoying the hot new 3DS fighter Dead or Alive: Dimensions, but thanks to a child pornography scare, fans in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are forced to miss out.

Nintendo of Europe's official explanation for not releasing the game in Sweden, made jointly with official distributor Bergsala, is as follows:

Nintendo of Europe have decided not to release the game in Sweden, for various reasons. However, they do not want to list any details regarding their decision. ...We are sorry for how this impacts the Swedish fans of Dead or Alive. Thankfully, it's extremely unusual that these things happen.

This comes after a forum poster published a report discussing the game's Figure Mode, which allows players to view scantily clad 17-year-old characters Kasumi, Koroko and Ayane from any angle. The author did so, in fact, to support the argument that the Swedish pornography law should be changed. Following the scandal over a manga translator's recently being charged with possession of child pornography, however, distributor Bergsala pulled the title from release.

Check out our review to see why it's so unfortunate that so many gamers will go without. What do you make of this decision?