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MiiMiiMii commented on Pachter: Wii U is Too Late, 'Dumbest Name Ever':

I am excited about WiiU, but... and I know Nintendo isn't all about processing power but... I just hope the console is powerfull enough to take Ninty into the next generation. If Xbox and PS come up with something with more power than this it could quickly become completly swamped.



MiiMiiMii commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

@146 - the UK comedian Richard Herring did a bit on one of his podcasts about a gamestore clerk who refused to sell him CoD on Wii as it was against his human rights to play it on Wii when he could get it on PS4 or X360!

I love my Wii still. That little box still has more personality than any other console I've ever owned. But it has lost a large proportion of the gaming community, who have gone over to the bigger systems. Those gamers though will all be keen to see what Wii2 offers. I just hope it doesn't get blown immediately away by PS4.



MiiMiiMii commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Try to Recaptur...:

Wii did capture the Hardcore gamers. But it then lost them to higher-spec systems which offered more hardcore gamers more of the games they were after, while Wii game producers tried to get away with endless lightgun games.

Wii had/has some great games hardcore gamers love. Zelda, Mario, Resident Evil, Okami, Brawl. The ones it has it did very well - thats why so many hardcore gamers above are standing up in defence. But the higher-spec hardware won out - Wii just couldn't deliver a GT5 or a full blown CoD. Wii2 needs subtle changes, keep innovating, keep going on the Wii direction but offer the ability for developers to give the more some more of the hardcore fans the experience they are after. It'll be all for nowt if a year after Wii2 PS4 jumps in with another step up.



MiiMiiMii commented on Child Pornography Law TKOs DOAD Release in Swe...:

"knives should be illegal to own, cars should be illegal to drive, baseball bats should be illegal to own, because they have to potential to cause harm if misused or used irresponsibly."

Sorry but this is a rubbish argument. Showing young girls as sexual models (which Dead or Alive makes its living from, you all know it) is not right. Ok so in many countrys the age of consent is under 18 - but the laws on showing women (and men, but its never men is it) in certain situations which are sexually revealing say they should be 18.

Personally I find Dead or Alive and other games which just puff boobs up like ballons are silly and childish. But hey, if there's a market for it who am I to judge. But come on, at least keep the women in it women, not kids!



MiiMiiMii commented on Child Pornography Law TKOs DOAD Release in Swe...:

Not one commenter I've seen has asked the question, 'why does a game feel the need to include a scantilly clad 17 year old?'.

Its not about under 18s playing the game - would you say child porn was ok if they only let over 18s see it? No.

Its not about saying she isn't real. She is drawn to be 17. 17 people. Designers are sat in a dank room deciding hown big to make the norks and how much pants you are going to see on a 17 year old character.

It's also not so much about potential monsters playing it.

Its just about designing a game to have a titilating 17 year old is just a touch seedy.



MiiMiiMii commented on No Love for Super Mario All-Stars in UK Top 20...:

@41 - you don't pay for a gift. If you get charged for something, it is not a gift.

Plus 'Mario History Booklet and CD', is a very weak excuse to make you cough up for this lazy half-arsed effort. A booklet that is basically a printed out article from Nintendo Magazine, and a CD only 1% of buyers will put anywhere near a CD player.

As previous posters have said, a proper celebration of Mario would have aimed to thrash the Sonic Collections.



MiiMiiMii commented on No Love for Super Mario All-Stars in UK Top 20...:

I'm with some of the other posters on here - there should have been more games. As a birthday celebration of the plumber, this is a lazy cash-in (or it would be if it sold more!) - Mario deserved better.

If they'd added more games (pre-NES, SNES and spin-offs) the production costs wouldn't have been much higher, and sales on VC/elsewhere wouldn't have suffered. And it would have become a £30 instabuy.

As its is, I have SMB 1 & 2 on VC, so won't buy this. I know some off you will and argue a leaflet is worth the money (you crazy sausages!), but you have to admit a collectable Wii disc with more games would have been a proper classic for many more folk (could have had a Gold version for those wanting rarity).



MiiMiiMii commented on Jedward: The New Face Of Nintendo UK:

But Jedward. Jedward. Oh lordy. Can we please all write to Ninty and say we promise to overload their coffers with cash if something tragic should happen on their first shoot?



MiiMiiMii commented on Jedward: The New Face Of Nintendo UK:

Nintendo's advertsing really gets worse and worse. Really poor celebrity mock-TV shows, and those horrid 'target-market' pics of urban-go-getters having the time of their lives eagerly consuming Wii Fit.

But then the 'other' consoles just have - buy this game, its got boobs n guns n killings n more guns n blood.




MiiMiiMii commented on Archie Writer Reveals Sonic Colours Comic, Hin...:

@41 technically Iizuka makes it clear that he believes WRT Sonic Colours* that 'the team is really confident from the gameplay side'. Note he said gameplay. Not no new characters.

I agree with other posts - if the game rocks we'll accept new characters. We took on Tails and Knuckles because the games they appeared in rocked.

(thanks for the 'u' in the UK version SEGA, nice little touch, most games don't bother!)



MiiMiiMii commented on Lovefilm Streaming Heading to Wii:

I have Lovefilm, and with a subscription you can watch loads of films and tv shows online for free. If you can use your normal subscription to watch the free stuff on the wii that would be faaaaaaaaantastic!



MiiMiiMii commented on Nintendo's European Release Schedule Offers Fe...:

I do like the look of A Shadows Tale a lot. Its hardly a thrilling line up though is it? The Official Nintendo Magazine is really struggling to find anything to review at all at the minute, the last few I've bought have only had a couple of games reviewed. So sad. I bought a PS3 but my current Wii collection has kept me too captivated. I just hope when I exhust my collection there's still some new games being released.

I nearly said excepting Disney, but I'm cautiously optemistic about that new Mouse one...!



MiiMiiMii commented on Fragile Dreams Come True in March:

This does look to be very interesting. Another game slightly from left-field that Wii devs do so well. I've got my fingers crossed for good reviews on this one. Lost in Shadow I'm looking forward to too.

My new PS3 (it was free, don't hate me!) is fulfilling it's intended role - its a fancy Blu-Ray player. Hard Rain does sound intriguing though.



MiiMiiMii commented on Nintendo Wins Another Piracy Court Case:

I'm not about to say the following to justify pirating. I don't pirate, and I won't pirate.


In my group of friends (enough to call it a group - I'm as shocked as you!) I am the only one who doesn't download pirated games. I am also, by a long way, the one who spends the least money on official games and merchandise. Many, many people who download pirated games/ROMs actually spend a very high amount of money on proper retail games. My friends go into town most weekends and regularly spend over £100 on games.

This doesn't justify pirating. But it does highlight an irony in the issue.

If games publishers/companys treat all pirates like hardened criminals they will lose them full stop, not just make them only spend real money too. This will lose the industry even more than it thinks it currently loses to piracy (the companys say 'if 100 people download we've lost 100 times the profit on that unit - not true, the majority of those 100 downloads would not have been converted to purchases if the download wasn't available).

This issue is more tricky than just stopping downloading. New technology is changing the perception of what constitutes a product and something to cough up dough for - publishers need to try and understand this, not just go in with a giant lump-hammer and alienate large swathes of the people who do contribute a huge amount of money to the industry.



MiiMiiMii commented on Unleash Your Inner DJ With Rytmik:

It is nice to see a developer take time to answer questions. It will be great if the final songs can be exported somehow. Although, as you state, something like this ap should be seen as a fun tool for practicing, not something to get you to Number 1 (but stranger things have happened!), it's still good to be able to get the music out.

I remember playing Music on a PS1 demo, and loved it - spend hours playing just the demo. Then I clocked that my music (ish!) would never get past a memory card - and an instabuy got screwed up and thrown over my shoulder!



MiiMiiMii commented on Review: de Blob (Wii):

I do enjoy this game alot. It's not one I've played through, but rather one I stick on every now and then and just enjoy the blast of playing through the levels. I've not completed yet, but it is a touch repetative, but has so much style and soul I can't help but just smile as I play. And a nice challenge to meet all the goals too. The music is great. The graphics full of character. I love things like 1984 and We etc, so love the story, which is handled very well - and the cut scenes are often really funny. Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Okami etc I sit and play as I get so engrossed - De Blob is more just a great game to have for a really fun couple of hours now and then.



MiiMiiMii commented on Luigi's Mansion to Get Sequel?:

The reason I think these ports are lazy is because so many games on the Wii seem to think taking a game thats five years old at best and adding a WiiWaggle on it justifies charging folk again for it.

There is plenty of other software, but look at how many of Wii's games are ports and/or re-makes.

I love my Wii and defend it to the death, but its hard when people at work you talk to with PS360s laugh because a previous generation game with added wii remote pointer control is what we get!



MiiMiiMii commented on Luigi's Mansion to Get Sequel?:

Please not another port of a previous console's games, please Nintendo make a new one for Wii. I'm so fed up of being passed marginally improved SNES/PS2/GC etc games on Wii and DS. Lazy lazy lazy.

Make it a proper sequal and then have a special edition including a NPC Luigi Mansion 2! I have my eyes on the first one on eBay, so I'd buy a special ed with both a new and old revamped game in.

But I'm not coughing up for another lazy port.



MiiMiiMii commented on British R4 Card Importer Shipping Off To Prison:

Seems to me that going after the flashcarts is an easier way of trying to deal with the issues (piracy) than trying to shut down the actual sites allowing pirated ROMs. They are taking the easy road and affecting what should and could be a thriving community of devs. Nintendo should befreind these people and help that community - although much homebrew is free, there's always more profit in keeping a bunch of people on board instead of alienating them. We all love WiiWare (hurry to me Meat Boy!), and its one area Wii is really doing well to attract some indie developers - but the way they are cracking down on flashcarts will only alienate the next generation.

Nintendo, IMHO would be better advised concentrating on a solution to how to stop sites allowing illegal ROM sharing.

I'm on the fence regarding the rights and wrongs of Nintendo blocking access in the way suggested above (morally/illegally). It's a bit shady under competition, but then DS is a product within a market (video games) not the market in itself - though I suspect thats a huge greay area under law! But I think it would be advised to bring the dev community in from the cold and provide them help. It will benefit in many real ways from that.

And those pirating games can still get what's coming to them.



MiiMiiMii commented on EA Makes NBA Jam Wii Officially Official:

@ V8 Ninja, if you have to ask, you'll never know.

I remember my cousin having NBA Jm and me being determined to hate it, until about 30 seconds of play then I was hooked! I hope they don't try too hard to mimick the original, as when things try too hard they seem a bit souless.



MiiMiiMii commented on Capcom Reaffirms Wii Commitment:

A clarrification even if it doesn't nail down 'we will wii' is still heartening. I never intended to become a Nintendo fanboy, but my lovely Wii (and Gameboys!) really have got me back into gaming in a way no other console could have.



MiiMiiMii commented on Nintendo Hits Rock Bottom In Greenpeace Rankings:

@slapshot - ! my lord, some people really do have their heads very firmly buried in the sand!

I'm not a Greenpeace fan - but people really are in complete denial. Anyone that actually knows anything about Climate Gate knows that it was a smear attempt by a lobby that really does have a vested intrest.



MiiMiiMii commented on Capcom Growing Less Keen on Wii?:

Everyone seems to be concentrating on the 'we don't buy lightgun games' argument. But that's not the case - as the article suggests Capcom have also released Okami and Zack & Wiki - both games which are right up there in most sources top Wii games. Both sold poorly. Its not just that light gun games aren't working.

I don't know what to believe at the minute. On one hand we seem to get devs daily saying they are pulling back from the Wii, which is worrying. On the other hand I read an article yesterday at An Other Place comparing the most exciting 360 & PS3 games of 2010 to see which of those would win. I thought there were a greater number of Wii games to look forward to next year, rather than countless Generic Shooting Bloodthirsty Game.



MiiMiiMii commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

There's a lot to be said for gore, sex and profanity - I love a bit of it. Developers need to remember to include a game somewhere in there too though. I liked HOTD and Dead Space looks good - but developers clearly think the only way the Wii (or Wii gamers) can handle something 'adult' is by putting it on rails. It's like adult-lite.

I've just been reading about Dear Esther, and it sound brilliant, but it's a pain in the proverbial to get hold of (need Quake II first!) - I'd love to see something like this on WiiWare - something adult in the sense of no 'Krazy Kolours' all over the place but something new and innovative without the need to resort to just explicit gore.



MiiMiiMii commented on Sega to Abandon Mature Wii Audience?:

Hopefully Sega mean there's less chance of 'mature' games (as in blood and guts) rather than 'hardcore' games. Mario Galaxy and Zelda were more hardcore than a boat load of HOTD Overkills. I do love playing HOTD, and Dead Space is still on my list, but I'd rather great games than 'mature' games per sey.

I do keep hearing rumblings from mags, devs and etc about the Wii's suitability for hardcore games outside Nintendo's core package however. I hope 2010 can scotch some of those rumours - but all the hype seems to be about Mario 312 and Zelda 423.

I've always withheld from the 360 and PS3 because their games seem too much aimed at 20 year old blokes - guns, war, cars, scantily clad ladies. Very sterotypical and boring. Hopefully the Wii can maintain the way it brings out such great off centre games - that Lost in Shadow looks great.

Not something I suspect the good folk on here are guilty off, but an awful lot of wii hardware sales went to families with kids who just want the Big Beach Sport type pap-fests.



MiiMiiMii commented on Metroid is the Citizen Kane of Games:

It might be a weird comparrison, but lets get to the jist behind it - that a computer game can evoke feelings and moods like the greatest feature films.

Now, that's old news to us - we knew that the first time we picked up a pad. But the wider media tends to run with the whole 'video games are evil' story. So we should be glad that even in a weird way a commentator is showing 'our' medium has an awful lot to offer, instead of teasing the writer for a slightly odd (but not that odd?) story.



MiiMiiMii commented on DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms":

After several years spent away from gaming I was bought a Wii last Christmas - it bought me back from the dark and into the light. It's been a joy, and this Christmas my list to Santa contains rather a lot of Wii games! However, it has become clear through the year that Wii is relying far too heavily on the shovelware the good folk on this site rightly abhore. Also too many companies using Wii for cheap and shoddy ports (far far to many 'Wii-makes'). Those other two systems are getting the best games right now, even with a lower user base. Not to say Wii isn't getting good games (hense the Chrimbo list), but we should be worried by the proportion other systems are getting compared to us.

It would be an awful shame if Wii biught newcomers (or returnees) to gaming just to shed them to the other systems.