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DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms"

Posted by James Newton

According to review aggregator Metacritic, that is

For all the talk of fantastic games released on Nintendo formats this year - including, y'know, Little King's Story - keeper of the review scores crypt Metacritic claims that the DS and Wii had the worst all-around software of 2009.

Collating review scores from hundreds of sources on countless games - interesting fact: there were 362 reviewed Wii releases in 2009! - the Metacritic machine crunched the numbers and came up with the disappointing conclusion that the average Wii game scored 67%, whereas the DS fared slightly better at 69%.

The top-rated Wii game of the year was the stellar Metroid Prime Trilogy, with an average of 91, but it wasn't enough to bring up the average Wii review score. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars came out on top of the DS's ratings pile with 93, but they were the only two Nintendo titles all year to average over 90%, compared to ten titles on PS3 and seven on Xbox 360.

It's a shame to see the overall review scores for Wii and DS dragged down by some of the less polished titles released this year, but there's still been a bumper crop of excellent releases this year. Don't forget you can vote for what you believe to be the best Wii, DS, WiiWare or DSiWare game of 2009 until December 31st, and check back in the New Year to see who walks away with the coveted Nintendo Life Reader's Game of the Year Award!


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JayArr said:

Metacritic says what!? Oh yeah......shovelware.
Reggie pic is awesome



hobbes said:

Every system has its crap at the bottom... A better way to compare systems is to compare how many quality titles are released in a given year... You know, how many titles for each system came out that the majority of people who have the system would want to play.



maka said:

Well, as long as no one is forcing us to buy crap software, I don't really have a problem with this. There were some excellent games this year and I'm looking forward to some really interesting games next year. That's all that really matters



bro2dragons said:

i've never trusted metacritic, anyway. so many of the review scores they include are biased, or impossibly harsh. i suppose it has its uses, but it seems to me like if you want an accurate account, go check nintendolife instead.



Bass_X0 said:

At least when I disagree with Nintendo Life, its always only a point or two out of the score I'd give the game. And I put that down to my personal preference.



warioswoods said:

Metacritic is fatally flawed by treating all reviewers in a certain domain as equal. Out of the many, many game reviewers out there on gaming blogs and commercial sites, you can maybe find one or two intelligent writers if you dig long enough. Just like the great Wii games getting buried quantitatively by shovelware, the good reviewers are hopelessly outnumbered by idiots. Hence, adding up and averaging scores across reviewers is a terrible, terrible idea from the start, and Metacritic tries to give the impression that this aggregated number is somehow more objective than reading a single reviewer.



James said:

Actually Warioswoods, Metacritic gives increased weighting to experienced professional reviewers, so the scores from IGN, Official Nintendo Magazine etc. carry more weight than those from other, smaller websites. That seems more fair to me



warioswoods said:

That's a start, except giving IGN weight is about the worst thing you could possibly do. Actually, most of the "established" gaming review sites tend to be oriented towards a certain gaming lifestyle / outlook in the way that IGN is (an outlook I abhor), so that kind of weighting could potentially be an even bigger issue.



warioswoods said:

The real issue I'm getting at is this: in some domains of journalism, there is a clear hierarchy of legitimacy and expertise, so that one actually can identify writers with a much higher level of credibility with regards to their subject matter, and who should be taken much more seriously than random blogs. In the gaming world, however, that simply doesn't seem to exist. The "established" publications are often those that are simply most successful as far as marketing to the young-male gamer demographic, not based on any true meritocracy the way the world of printed scholarship or journalism can be. Then you also have a billion blogs that vary unpredictably in quality. So, either a purely averaged score or a weighted one based on "established" gaming publications is doomed to fail.



Raylax said:

Metacritic is flawed, even going on what Prosody said about weighting. They work on a 0-100% scale, which many places they use reviews from (like this) don't. So if NLife gives a game 9/10 it only gets 90% on Metacritic, whereas another reviewer might say it derserves 96%. Both reviewers meant the same score, but it makes a 6% difference on Metacritic. And if a reviewer uses an out-of-5 score, something they rate as 4 out of 5 (ie; excellent) only shows as 80% on Metacritic, which tends to be seen by most as 'above average.' Not to mention the variety in reviewers using 70% or 50% for an average, 'it just works' game. A 6/10 here might be worth buying if you're into that sort of thing. A 6/10 elsewhere generally means stay the hell away.



paulcmnt said:

First of all (to all the fanboys) let's not pretend this isn't true — there is a lot more shovelware on Wii than on other current gen consoles. That being said there are some very high quality games on this platform that have no problem competing against the best of the other consoles and, I would argue, even top them in a few cases.



Quint said:

I thought you were going to tell me what the worst platformer game was... (cid the dummy on wii)... I was getting hyped up for you to review some trash...



warioswoods said:


Absolutely, no one is disputing that there are more crap games, quantitatively speaking, on the Wii. However, here's the part which I find to be utter nonsense and that can be blamed on Metacritic's model:

"...but they were the only two Nintendo titles all year to average over 90%, compared to ten titles on PS3 and seven on Xbox 360."



Percentful said:

@warioswoods I wonder what they think NSMBW got. And what about BIS?
You know, it's kind of funny, because Wii sold more than PS3 and 360, and they are saying that it is the worst platform of the year.



Ren said:

Yeah, this means nothing to me. Theres tons of great stuff I'd like to get from this year. Because it got less than 90% from a bunch of cheesy gamer sites means little to me. As long as I get a well written review from somewhere I know what to expect and I'm happy. Ans I know theres more good Wii games than I even have time for.



Viper6391 said:

I really wish that Nintendo would do something about these third party developers (DDI) from releasing these awful games onto the Wii. There's so much shovel ware that it hurts the reputation of the Wii despite the amount of good games there are. Although that doesn't seem to be having that much of an effect on sales, but the Wii would sell better if it did not have so many awful games. Also, the Wii could use some more Mature titles to attract those "hardcore gamers" , just not ones like Escape from Bug Island and Onechambra.The Wii does have some good mature titles such as No More Heroes, Madworld, Dead Space Extraction, etc.



ueI said:

This is wrong! Flipnote studio got a 93, tieing with GTA as the highest scored DS game of all time. I know it's not really a game, but metacritic counts it as one. New Super Mario Bros. Wii got an 87, and Bowser's Inside Story got exactly a 90, by the way.



theblackdragon said:

apparently this has been an awesome year for games in general, then, if us Wii and DS owners got the short end of the stick, lol.



Percentful said:

Don't hate me everyone, but I think that IGN and a lot of other Gamer websites are sort of geared towards 360 and PS3. In a lot of their reviews, they've called nintendo games "for kids" It's like they only like rated M games, which wii does not have a lot of.




Not bothered. There is fair amount of shovelware on the wii, but there is a lot of outstanding software too. Also, there are a few game reviewers who hate the wii concept of gaming because they are out and out, sweaty palmed, joypad, political hardcoreists (eg. ign).



Cheezy said:

The Wii I can understand, since it has more crappy games then not. It doesn't really have a whole lot of good games. Of course it has a good amount, but less than it should. The DS, on the other hand, is surprising. That actually has alot of great games, so it's kinda stupid seeing the DS at that rank.



warioswoods said:

...and Flipnote Studio has a 93 on Metacritic, so that one sentence in the article is even less comprehensible, unless that game doesn't count because it's not game-y enough, or because Nintendo was crazy enough to give it away for free. (oops, uel already pointed that out, I see now)



Varoennauraa said:

What is Metacritic? Does it tell you, what game suits you? No. Does it tell you what console you might like? Well, at least HD-Industry wants you to believe so. I have favourite games on all platforms, and they have gotten arbitrary scores from Metacritic-able media. Reviewers have their own agendas and so does the "readers", and neither does not gauge anything!

Does the tweaking of %'s for some consoles advantage make a console more reasonable choise, or would it be more fruitful to consider the actual quantity of the games?

PS3 games of 75 points or more: 78
XO games of 75 points or more: 88
Wii games of 75 points or more: 101

Also, PS3 seem to have at least some games released, that XBox already had earlier, so wouldn't they count as left overs? And most of the other games are better on XBox, and still the PS3-version got better score in Metacritic. Like Street Fighter 4, which fails even HD-Ready standards:

"Firstly, you’re going to notice more jagged edges in the PlayStation 3 game, since it doesn’t feature any anti-aliasing. This is in contrast to the Xbox 360’s 2xAA. PlayStation 3 suffers slightly in another area. During the close-up sequences, generally used with special moves, the PS3 game’s rendering resolution drops from 720p to nearer 630p, which is then up-scaled for output.

I was rather surprised to see that despite the RSX-NVIDIA link between the PS3 and arcade hardware, the Sony console once again sees a measurable drop in image quality compared to the Xbox 360 version. Meanwhile, owners of Microsoft’s console get a conversion that is actually noticeably superior to the original arcade game.

The PlayStation 3 version mirrors the coin-op in that it’s rendering its visuals without the aid of anti-aliasing, whereas the Xbox 360 code gets the benefit of its more usual 2x multisampling edge smoothing. Both are running at an absolutely rock solid 60 frames-per-second, but it’s clear that Capcom has had to nip and tuck the PlayStation 3 version in a number of ways to meet this goal.

Moving on though, the closer you look at the game, the more changes you can see between the two versions. Xbox 360 boasts superior lighting and higher resolution textures on a handful of the backdrops, and the characters have additional self-shadows not seen in the PlayStation 3 game. Speaking of shadows, they’re smoother and better defined all-round on Xbox 360 too. Other omissions only found in the PS3 build are somewhat odd too – for example, while mountains are reflected in the water, boats aren’t.

Xbox 360 = 720p, 2x AA
PS3 = 720p/630p, No AA, Downgraded Textures/Lighting/Reflections"



moomoo said:

The Wii is the most successful system. Thus, more developers will make games. Quite a few will be trying to make a quick buck. This happens to all of the successful systems. Look at the NES and the PS2. They had way too much crap because they were so successful.



Trevor_Fox said:

There's a few sources where I can find games that would interest me on the Wii. That would be Nintendolife, IGN (sometimes), and the Nintendo Channel. I've never been to the Meta-Critic website.



edhe said:

They may call it the "year's worst platform", but that's not taking into account those casual games actually sell quite well. Who are IGN et al to tell the families who bought those party quiz games they are any worse than Steroid Soldiers 3 or Criminal Simulator.It's all relative to what people enjoy.

If the Wii only offered realistic FPS and sports games, they wouldn't be selling so many systems.

Like Sony.



CanisWolfred said:

I'm not surprised, a lot of $h!t's been filling the shelves these days. If you go anywhere other than a major game retailer, it's pretty tough to find a decent Wii or DS game anymore.



Xkhaoz said:

Well, 1. IGN NEVER gives games on Nintendo systems a good score, and stupid developers that just make crappy games.



OverlordMao said:

I don't know why the Nintendo Wii is offically shovelware material. Anyone who thinks hey can develop games can release a craptastic game and expect people to buy it.
This sucks, cuz there are actually some really good games on the wii (I had to be INSANELY picky with my choices).



The_Fox said:

@post 36 Xkhaoz
Far be it from me to call you a liar, but the facts speak for themselves:
RE: Darkside Chronicles--8.1
Super Mario Galaxy--9.7
Metroid Prime 3--9.5
Twilight Princess--9.5
Metroid Prime Trilogy-9.5
Guitar Hero 5--9.3
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition--9.0
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure--9.0
Rock Band 2--9.0
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10--9.0
Muramasa: The Demon Blade--8.9
Super Paper Mario--8.9
And I could go on and on.



TKOWL said:

Famitisu and the Japanese are the only people who know what proper games are. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a billion times better than 20 FPSes on the 360. Which is all XBOX has anyway. FPS. The Wii has every genre on the planet, and each has excellent titles. Nintendo has been scorned ever since the Genesis days, the Playstation days, even the Master System days. But theres been only one generation weve lost: the Gamecube Generation.

So what i'm saying is that review sites dont control the way you think about games



ganondwarf16 said:

if you ask me ign are so biased towards wii games they shouldn't even review them and they are not the only site that is this way. So I say that this means nothing



The_Fox said:

@post 39 ryanknight
"Famitisu and the Japanese are the only people who know what proper games are"

Well, at least you didn't go and type something stupid.



The_Fox said:

@post 42 ganondwarf16
Who knows? Different reviewer? Maybe they didn't rate it higher because it was a collection that didn't add anything new?



Croz said:

In IMO i don't feel as if theres been anything worth playing on 360 this year but then again online fps isn't my thing.



KanrakusPizza said:



Yup, thats what I said when I read this. Nintendo FTW!



AVahne said:

theres been plenty of awesome games that came out this year for Wii and DS,the only reason that it seems bad on metacritic is all the shovelware and all the review sites who are biased



Adam said:

Metacritic isn't flawed; attributing scores to games is flawed. The site just does the best it can with a flawed system, and the conclusion this year isn't unbelievable. I thought all the systems had a terrible year, personally.



TheKingOfTown said:

@ .39
"But theres been only one generation weve lost: the Gamecube Generation."
Actually, we sadly lost to the ps1 in the N64 era



MasterGraveheart said:

Let's not forget that Wii and DS are the cheaper platforms for developers to develop for. Now, if a company doesn't have resources to perfect their games and just puts them out for a cheep buck, who will they go to first? More of the developers who pinch their pennies will develop for the more inexpensive developing sites and thus more bad games get made for them. I personally believe that the Wii and DS have had the best years by far, especially with Punch-Out's glorious return. It's an unsung Game of the Year candidate to be sure.



Mandoble said:

Too many fanatic fan boys all around. The fact is that possibly the best gaming platform atm is the Nintendo DS (between portables), and the worst gaming platform for your big TV is the Wii, obviously this doesnt mean that all Wii games are plain crap, but 90% or more of them are.



TanookiMike said:

That's because it's an averaged score, and DS and Wii got all the shovelware.

It doesn't mean there aren't good games for it.




Oh yes, because saying that there is better games on a PS3 makes me want to buy those games. The only game that im interested on the PS3 is katamari. And on the XBOX 360, hmmmmm. There is like 1 or 2 arcade games. So this just shows how these calculations and standings mean NOTHING. They are not going to do anything. It is just a bunch of relatively related numbers put together to make innacurate results that prove nothing, serve nothing, and are absolutely flawed. A review number doesnt make me want to buy the game. Ill read a review of a game im interested in. This is it. And its a real thriller how people actually take this as fact. Ill just go buy the games i become interested and i go beat it.(puns intended)



Pfft. Who cares what the moronic hardcores say anyway? they are in the brink of shrinking and that's good.

I think that by now we should know that reviewers hate Nintendo and Metacritic only shows that. Honestly, I don't give a damn. It has great games available and more to come.

@Mandoble - That's not a fact, that's an opinion. Many of the "masterpieces" on the HD twins are terrible boring to me with only a couple of exceptions but not enough to buy one. And for someone else is the opposite.



warioswoods said:

There's two conversations here, one about shovelware and one about reviewers not recognizing top titles on the Wii. As for the scores overall for Wii games being low, yes, most realize the sheer volume of shovelware brings that down tremendously. However, this nonsense about "only 2" games breaking the 90 barrier on either platform this year only shows the uselessness of Metacritic and the vast majority of reviewers.

So--- most objectors here aren't denying shovelware, they're talking about the quality Wii/DS games getting scored down, while less-than-brilliant entries in established series on the HD consoles are often given 90+ for doing little more than being flashy looking and always including online play.



astarisborn94 said:

This list sucks major airplane. The Playstation Portable and Xbox 360 have been placed ABOVE the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. I call this disgraceful and an insult to the legendary Nintendo. Obviously, Metacritics hate the Wii.

And beside, 67% is still a decent average score. This list is much better then Metacritics's:

1. Nintendo DS
2. Playstation 3
3. Nintendo Wii
4. Xbox 360
5. Playstation Portable.

Why would I score the Playstation 3 above the Nintendo Wii? Because it has more universally acclaimed games. However, the Nintendo Wii has more great exclusives then the Xbox 360 and Playstation Portable combined.

Nintendo fanbase has been going downhill ever since 1996 and in 2009, they have nearly hit rock-bottom. The only good part of the fanbase left is Nintendo Life and even then, god knows how long that will last. I can only hope Nintendo Life continues to be an non-bias, intelligent, and entertaining site where I don't have to deal with professional people that don't like the system (Like Matt from IGN, it's truly sad that he left, but he seems to turn his back on Nintendo too).

If Nintendo is destroyed soon, a few months later, most of the fanbase will pretend the company never existed and make a full seamless transition to Sony's and Microsfot consoles. I however will be devastated. Nintendo is one of the very few entertainment companies that has remain loyal to it's fanbase and having to see there reputation being ruin is just quite sad, scratch that, patheic. Losing them, I will go into a depression and will never play video games ever again. Video game is my favorite hobby for a reason and I don't want Nintendo to be killed off by a bunch of angry former fans.



^yeah sometimes I don't get those "fans" either. They can be as absurd as the HD fans.

If Nintendo hasn't made ANY game for the core base, I'll understand it, but that's not the case. On the other side they cannot stand to see new gamers on their treehouse club.

Is pathetic indeed.



SwerdMurd said:

yawn think this might be the last time i read the comments...i swear i could've predicted with 99% accuracy what everyone was going to write before they wrote it.

Wii and DS had a comparatively worse year, according to this group of statistics, than other platforms. That's all this article conveys.



AVahne said:

@ Super Smash Bros. Fan1999
well it'll be a long time before this site goes down. and Nintendo will not be destroyed anytime soon. they're a huge company and they have some pretty smart people with them. i estimate Nintendo will die when the sun explodes or when the Earth becomes lifeless. Nintendo is faithful to their fans, even if the "former" ones are too blind to see it.



MetalMario said:

The Wii and DS just have more shovels to pile on the shovelware.

Freaking Ubisoft and their crap games. IMAGINE that.



Viper6391 said:

On a positive note, the Xbox 360 kicked the Playstation 3's ass in sales, however Nintendo is still on top! It's funny to see Sony get their asses added to them. If Sony can't beat the Xbox 360 then what makes them think they can beat the Wii in sales!



bro2dragons said:

@MetalMario: don't blame it on Ubi... you have to keep in mind that while they produce some of they worst... they are also responsible for some of the best 3rd party games on the system. the Rabbids series and mouth-watering upcoming Red Steel 2 come to mind.



Token_Girl said:

Meh, shovelware brings it down. And AV club, though all of their reviews for games are very poorly written, no matter what the system. IGN gets lots of hate, but for a fair amount of games, including NSMB Wii, their score is actually higher than the Metacritic average. If they have an HD bias (I think they do to a certain extent, though I believe their reviews are geared towards multiple console owners trying to decide what to spend their money on), it's not as bad as many other sites on Metacritic.



JimLad said:

#33 edhe, pretty much sums up my thoughts.
Despite how you label them, these two machines have undeniably injected some serious life into this industry over the past few years.
By their reckoning, yes they probably are the worst, but their reckoning is flawed. (DS: 2nd worst all-round software, what are you smoking?)
By my reckoning, it is actually the HD systems that have the worst all-round software. That is considering the narrowness of variety on offer and the familiarity of last generations interface.
We may not have had much, but what we have had has stuck because it wasn't just replaced by a newer model 2 years down the line.



Mandoble said:

BTW, this is not an opinnion, this is a fact. Considering only two relatively old games that are present (I think) for both, 360 and PS3 which are Oblivion and Fallout 3 (Bethesda softworks), only these 2 will be 2 points higher than anything the Wii has and anything the Wii might have for any non-biased reviewer site. We can keep singing our games are the best or our Wii is the best forever, the rest of the world thinks the opposite, period. As a good measure point I always check "GAME", in my case where the players vote for the games, and Wii ones are usually far far below the others.



Percentful said:

@mandoble If they don't vote for wii games, it's their opinion. And the fact that you said the world thinks the opposite, that's a very mislead opinion. Did you not notice that Nintendo had more sales worldwide? No one can deny the fact that a lot of games out for wii are really terrible, but no one can deny the fact that a lot of Wii games are good also. OH, and BTW, saying that the games are relatively old is an opinion, and your grammar in that sentence didn't make sense either.



Percentful said:

@mandoble I was going to check, but it's in spanish, so I really have no idea what I'm reading.That means that the Spanish community doesn't like Wii games as much, not the entire world doesn't like Wii games as much.



RichieTheSignPainter said:

It just comes down to the number of bad titles released for the systems.
I quite like that you have to hunt out the great games for the Nintendos.
I'm an ex Xbox 360 owner and I think the Wii just has soo much more to offer but I can see how some games don't review well.



Varoennauraa said:

Wii's heterogeneous library is a great asset for a gamer, irreplaceable even, if you are older gamer not in need to have a ton of teenage blockbusters. In fact my PS3 is the one, that is collecting the dust. For higher definition kicks I have mostly moved from HD-Ready(with no aa, filters etc.) to Full HD on a PC, with far more suitable controller to play the games, that the HD-Ready consoles seem to almost exclusively have. And Pc games are cheaper even! Ofcourse I would be even happier if someone finally took a Wii seriously, and made a big budget FPS-game for a Wii. Wiimote is very suitable for gun play, especially immersion-wice, accuracy-wice...and otherwice. MW Reflex is enough while waiting for a Wii FPS-fulfillment.

You have to have a Wii, if you are a gamer. I don't care how much there is crap, it is unique console and has a ton of essential games.



ueI said:

AV Club is part of the Onion. Doesn't that paper give fake news? How could metacritic take them seriously?



Varoennauraa said:

"AV Club is part of the Onion. Doesn't that paper give fake news? How could metacritic take them seriously?"

Because of this:
New Super Mario Bros. Wii C+



MiiMiiMii said:

After several years spent away from gaming I was bought a Wii last Christmas - it bought me back from the dark and into the light. It's been a joy, and this Christmas my list to Santa contains rather a lot of Wii games! However, it has become clear through the year that Wii is relying far too heavily on the shovelware the good folk on this site rightly abhore. Also too many companies using Wii for cheap and shoddy ports (far far to many 'Wii-makes'). Those other two systems are getting the best games right now, even with a lower user base. Not to say Wii isn't getting good games (hense the Chrimbo list), but we should be worried by the proportion other systems are getting compared to us.

It would be an awful shame if Wii biught newcomers (or returnees) to gaming just to shed them to the other systems.



ueI said:

@Varoennauraa: Was that sarcasm? NSMBW deserves much more than a C+! It just proves my point that you can't trust the Onion.



caprica said:

the ds is definitely the best platform for those of us who prefer the more off-the-beaten-track kinds of games like feenie/hotel dusk/art style series/korg/etc... plus it still has its fair share of excellent more 'gamey' games, like BIS, MMvDK, mariokart, GTA, etc - so i guess the whole metacritic analysis methodology is kind of geared towards gaming in the mainstream, so if, in their eyes, ds/wii are the worst platforms... meh.



CH405K1N6 said:

Every system has their piles of sh*t, and the Wii and DS seem to have more because a large chunk of their 3rd party supporters can't get their f*cking act together.

Besides, name me one intelligent person who actually listens to Metacritc.



gameaddict247 said:

I dont know why people give Metacritc so much credit - to take all the reviews of a game and get an average from that is an interesting idea but far from the true measuring stick of success.



EagleSoul said:

I just can't believe people are so dumb. You can't label a system because people made bad games for it. That's like saying the NES was terrible because there were all of those crappy games for it. You can't base the console on every game for it, cause nobody's forcing you to play the crappy games.




If everyone would be so kind as to turn fanboy mode off, that'll be great. Your whining over what ratings shovelware recieves is as annoying as the console war between Xbox 360 and PS3. Besides, did the title of this article honestly come as a major surprise to anyone?



JakobG said:

2010 will be a good year.
Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Meat Boy, and maybe even the new LoZ-game.



TeMPO said:

I kick myself once again as I am now far dumber for having taken the time to read some of these comments. Given the title, the fanboy reactions were pretty expected, but I don't see how anyone can really refute the article for what it is...that being the truth.

If I'm going shopping for a console game, there is maybe one Wii game to every 10 PS3 games (and that's a generous estimate) that I would consider buying.

There are some great Wii games on the market, but the majority of the its library is generally comprised of rubbish. That's all the article is saying.

As a side note, I love the comments that I find about "bias" from posters on this site. The irony is overwhelming.



Kevin said:

Not surprised at all with these crappy casual games getting released left and right. You hear that Nintendo?! Stop releasing casual crap! Whether the scores are true or not I'll admit this year was definately a disapointment for both systems. Only four Wii games and three DS games peaked my interest this year. Next year definately sounds better for Wii with Zelda, Metroid, Mario Galaxy 2, Sin and Punishment 2 and Pikmin 2 (hopefully) being released. I'm crossing my fingers that Tales of Graces comes to NA but knowing the series track record releasing entries outside of Japan I'm not holding my breath.



colmtheperson said:

10 games for PS3 and 7 for xbox 360, while 2 nintendo titles get 90% or more...

Seems a bit fixed considering I can't even name 10 ps3 games...



Varoennauraa said:

It's infuriating how fan boys accuse others of being fan boys. I think it is perfectly suitable to comment on Wii's utterly negative image, that the media tries to create. There is a lot to be happy about in Wii! It is unique and essential gaming platform for gamer, with lots and lots of good games.

Ofcourse it is annoying to have so many bad games(that you don't have to buy though), but it is not as big problem as not having certain games at all. You buy the good games and not percentages! I have PS3 and in fact I marvel at (HD-)medias unability to find anything to complain at in recursive, homogenous and old fashion HD-Ready consoles! Sure it's nice that the (massively big budget)games on those systems get soothingly sweet and kindly review scores from reviewers, who has been sponsored by the makers of the games. BUT, I'm not AT ALL as contented on those games as the media seems to be!!! The holy HD-Ready-bubble seems to be almighty and untouchable in the eyes of the media. I can comment on this perception, and not be a fan boy. I'm gamer, and like to play on all kinds of games.



TeMPO said:


Yes, the 150+ gaming sites Metacritic gets these results from are all obviously consipring against the Wii. It's totally rigged. I'm positive it has nothing at all to do with most Wii games being worthless.

And your inability to name 10 PS3 games says more about your lack of interest in other consoles than it does about the PS3 library. Especially considering the amount of incredible titles released this year.



Trevor_Fox said:

.Lol. Ah, so much that I could say, but I think I'll refrain for now. Just know that, not everyone's opinion is the same.



3230ru said:

f**k Metacritic. Though N could really cut off some crap, sort games better and release some Japan releases faster in US and EU to get more positive reviews in English



NoSeriously said:

Home video game consoles have a long history of cheesy or just plain bad games, going all the way back to the Atari 2600 (yep, had one when I was a kid). There was Custer's Revenge, for example. I've never played it myself, but I've never read anything good about it. And there was a fairly large catalog of games for the 2600, of which I owned a small fraction. There's no way they could all be gems. I can't even say all the games I owned were brilliant.

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