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Sat 29th Aug 2009

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Trevor_Fox commented on DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms":

There's a few sources where I can find games that would interest me on the Wii. That would be Nintendolife, IGN (sometimes), and the Nintendo Channel. I've never been to the Meta-Critic website.



Trevor_Fox commented on Review: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (Nintendo 64):

This was such an awesome game. If there are any more Rogue Squadron sequels to be had, I hope they do like this game and focus on the expanded universe. There's two things I would love to have on the Wii, and that's StarFox and Rogue Squadron.

The co-op addition of the entire Rogue Squadron II game on the Rebel Strike disc was an awesome inclusion. I hope Factor 5 is still working on a Wii game, and is able to deliver something great. =D



Trevor_Fox commented on New Zelda Advert Takes Different Track:

Wow, so many references to Zelda pop up for about a second then it's on to the next thing! I've seen the commercial before, but never scrutinized it. Anyone notice the "Subway Map" is actually a map from the game?



Trevor_Fox commented on Talking Point: How Does The DSi LL Compare To ...:

Well, I'm okay with the bigger size. I still got a DS from when they first came out. But if people are upset about the size and weight, then...okay? If you're not going to get one anyway I don't really see how this is bothersome.
Anyway, if I'm ever able to pick up a DSi, then I'll probably go with the original. It's screens are larger than the one on my current DS, so it seems to be the right way to go for me personally. I'm sure there are people who'd enjoy a bigger screen, though.
It's kinda funny; everyone wants a bigger HDTV to display their games on, but smaller handhelds. (I understand why; it's just humorous to think about).



Trevor_Fox commented on Make Miyamoto Smile: Show StarFox Love:

I love Starfox. I am looking forward to the next one, whenever it comes out and however it may play. It would be really cool to have Assault-like online multiplayer, but regardless, I'm sure I'd enjoy the next iteration.



Trevor_Fox commented on Starfox: To be, or not to be?:

It'd be awesome to have a Starfox on the Wii. I've liked all of the Starfox games I've played (since the 64), so I can't wait to see what Fox's next adventure will be (and how his personality will change). =)